Hello in vietnamese: 27 easy ways you should know


Go Vietnamese, based in da Nang and Hoi An, offers Vietnamese language lessons for individuals and groups from beginner to advanced levels. Online lessons are also available. We focus on pronunciation and everyday language. All our lessons are designed khổng lồ be fun & practical in order lớn help you learn our language and culture effortlessly.

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We look forward to lớn welcoming you soon!




My wife và I & a few friends thought that it would be a great idea to get some Vietnamese lessons. So when we randomly bumped into Thuy at a cafe, we knew we had found our teacher.

She is super nice and likes lớn have fun which makes the learning process more enjoyable. She is very patient and make sure your pronunciation is correct. She can even teach you from your own home.

We highly recommend Thuy and her services. Not only have we learnt some Vietnamese, we have also made a friend.

I had lessons with Thùy và my goal was khổng lồ learn Vienamese for daily use. & because of Thùy, I can now speak so much that I can deal with almost everything in Vietnamese. My girlfriend is happy too because now we have a common language.

Thùy is a very good teacher, she is patient, she understands what student needs and teaches you things you want. She is also fun so lessons are not boring.

I would recommend her khổng lồ anyone interested in learning.

I can highly recommend Thuy - & her other teachers - if you want lớn study Vietnamese in Danang. The classes are totally suited for beginners (or more advanced if you've reached that stage yet!).

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You start with the basics of the tones and accents, pronunciation, simple verbs and vocabulary, & slowly build up your confidence.

Classes are also fun, informal và social. It's so nice khổng lồ be able khổng lồ communicate much more with the local people, & they really appreciate it (when they understand me!)Highly recommended....

Thùy, has been an amazing teacher & extremely warm. She makes our classes fun and entertaining. Rather than simply viewing her as a teacher, you are able to relate to lớn her as a friend which allows us to lớn learn more, motivates us và we can be immersed into her Vietnamese community. Thuy comes to lớn our trang chủ and she even takes us khổng lồ her favorite local dinner spots.

Her knowledge of teaching Vietnamese to lớn foreigners is exceptional. She really explains pronunciation & enforces local language rather than formal. It has been a fun experience learning with 2 Australians, 2 Americans and Thuy.

We highly recommend Thuy. We all have a broad knowleage of Vietnamese language - pronunciation and written.

Jesse EdwardJames

July 22, 2019

Oliver Page

July 22, 2019

Shannon Rochelle James

May 9, 2019