How to fix the minecraft opengl error on windows 11/10?

An axe và a pickaxe in the trò chơi (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft is a sandbox trò chơi that first came out over a decade ago. Over the years, the player base has increased significantly, và the game has received numerous updates.

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Since the trò chơi has so many elements lớn go through, beginners are unaware of a few interesting and useful features. One of the most useful features that beginners may not know about is that tools, weapons, and armor items can be repaired in Minecraft.


Using a crafting table or grindstone

The process for repairing a tool is the same for grindstone and the crafting table. To bởi vì so, players need khổng lồ place the damaged tool and another tool of the same type in the crafting grid, as shown in the above image. The only downside is that the repaired thành phầm will not retain the enchantments.

Using an anvil to repair tools

Anvils are slightly expensive khổng lồ craft as it requires three iron blocks & four iron ingots (thirty-one iron ingots in total).

To repair an item in the anvil, players need to lớn place the same type of thành công as they would in the crafting table or the grindstone. However, unlike the grindstone, repairing in an anvil does not remove the enchantments from the tool.

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The repaired tác phẩm may gain new enchantments from the other item that was sacrificed. If both the tools had the same enchantment, the repaired tool may have the same enchantment of a higher level.

Players can also place the base material used to craft the tool lớn increase its durability points. For example, the base material for crafting wooden tools is wooden planks, & for a diamond tool, it is diamonds.

By adding more base material, players can keep increasing the tool"s durability until it is fully repaired.

Regardless of how the player repairs a tool using an anvil, a few experience levels will be required to vị so.