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Developed by social media giant “Facebook” initially as its chatting feature—Facebook Messenger is an instant messenger application for mobile phones that allows users to lớn exchange text and voice messages along with photos, videos, & GIFs with your contacts including friends và family.

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And, definitely, when it comes to online instant messaging, Facebook Messenger emerges as one of the most popular platforms to-date. But, despite this popularity, the Messenger phầm mềm also lượt thích any other sturdy app, gives in to various types of issues.

Therefore, if you’re having issues with your Facebook Messenger then relax, it is just not you. Mostly, all the điện thoại cảm ứng users out there, love lớn use Facebook Messenger on their android or iOS điện thoại phones. There’ll be very few from us who can claim that they don’t have a separate Facebook Messenger tiện ích on their devices along with the mother-app Facebook. And, because the user-base of the Messenger tiện ích has increased to lớn a greater extent in the recent few years, the following ‘Messenger not working’ issues started occurring on a more frequent basis—

Facebook Messenger tiện ích freezes & keeps crashing.FB Messenger tiện ích shows errors while loading truyền thông media from your phone’s gallery.Facebook Messenger ứng dụng won’t load on your điện thoại thông minh properly.FB Messenger tiện ích not showcasing the chat messages.Facebook Messenger ứng dụng not working after the update.Facebook Messenger app not able to install on your device và etc.

We understand that nothing is more annoying than the issues that are restricting you from accessing the favorite ứng dụng on your phone. Isn’t it! So, instead of panicking what all you can bởi about these random errors and technical glitches that your Facebook Messenger encounters, just read the below-mentioned measures that can in turn help you in fixing the Messenger issues that you’re encountering:

Solution: Restart your Phone

This is the most obvious step you should take whenever you face issues with any of the apps installed on your phone. Restarting your phone is the universal solution to most of the minor glitches that you may encounter while working on your smartphone. The reason is, it resets the phone memory.

Most smartphones can be restarted by simply long-pressing the power key or after pressing the nguồn key for a few seconds, you will see the nguồn menu. Tap ‘Restart’ & let your phone reboot và see if this fixes the error.

Solution: Force Stop the Messenger App

If rebooting your phone doesn’t help, you can try lớn force stop the Facebook Messenger app by following the given steps:

Open the ‘Settings’ on your phone và then go lớn the ‘Apps’ section.Look for the Facebook Messenger app & tap to xuất hiện it.Hit the ‘Force Stop’ option and see if doing this brings the messenger back khổng lồ its normal functioning.

Solution: Give a Restart to lớn Wi-Fi

If you are able khổng lồ launch Messenger on your device but cannot send or receive any messages, this can be the result of a network problem. To lớn fix this, you can simply try to lớn restart your Wi-Fi. Turn it off for a few seconds và then wait for some time before you turn it on again. If you are using your di động network, turn it off & on to fix the network issue with Messenger, if any.

Solution: Update your mobile Device

Most of you might not be interested in updating your smartphone device from time to lớn time. But to lớn your surprise, updates are really important và they can actually strengthen the security of your di động device, improve performance, fix bugs, & install some new features. So, you can try updating your phone if the Messenger tiện ích is still going through bugs và glitches.To update your thiết bị di động device, go khổng lồ Settings> System> System Update.

Solution: kiểm tra for Facebook Messenger hệ thống Outage

In case, if you’re greeted with only a blank, trắng page & even refreshing don’t solve the issue then, to lớn assure yourself about this question ‘Is Facebook Messenger down,’ you need to first xuất hiện your preferred website browser.From your preferred website browser, visit any of the following sites:Down Detector— you visit any of the particular sites, what you need lớn further vì chưng is click inside the ‘Search’ text bar & simply type ‘Facebook Messenger.’Then, click on the ‘OK’ option or press the ‘Enter’ button to know the status of the Facebook Messenger Server. Also, if you want you can directly click on the ‘Facebook Messenger’ option from the list of apps & domain names available there on the site.If the tìm kiếm result shows that ‘Facebook Messenger is down’ only for you, then liên hệ the local administrator khổng lồ fix it & aren’t the only ones experiencing server issues then, wait till Facebook Messenger fixes the same itself for all. On the contrary, if the report depicts that there’s no vps outage issue then, simply move on to the next below-mentioned solution.

Solution: Clear Unnecessary Data và Cache of Facebook Messenger Application

The purpose of clearing unnecessary data & cache of the applications is khổng lồ improve and enhance their performance by reducing the data processing and fetching. Thus, as the most common and recommended solution in most of the cases, clearing the data & cache of the ứng dụng should solve the issue. So, in case if your Facebook Messenger tiện ích not working on your android or quả táo device then, you can try this solution simply with the help of the following steps—

Steps for app android DeviceSteps for iPhone Device
1. xuất hiện your game android phone ‘Settings’ và go to the ‘Apps or mặc định Apps’ section.1. Similarly, to clear cache & to delete unwanted phầm mềm data of your Facebook Messenger on iPhone, you need lớn first tap on ‘Settings.’
2. Then, tap on the ‘Three-dotted’ icon from the upper-right corner of the Apps menu and then, select the option of ‘Show system apps.’2. Then, navigate to the ‘General’ tab in order to open your ‘iPhone Storage.’
3. From the available danh sách of apps, just locate the ‘Facebook Messenger’ option and tap on it.3. There, when you scroll down, you’ll see the danh sách of apps available on your iPhone that are arranged as per the amount of space they have taken up.
4. After that, tap on ‘Clear Data’ as well as the ‘Clear Cache’ button. Now, simply reboot your android device and mở cửa your Facebook Messenger ứng dụng to retry sending truyền thông media again.4. Now, simply, tap on your ‘Facebook Messenger App’ & in continuation, tap on the ‘Offload App’ option to không tính phí up storage used by the app’s cache. And, don’t forget lớn give a quick reboot khổng lồ your iPhone device.
Note: Doing so will prompt you with a warning message that the application data will be deleted but do not worry. This will not delete your photos và videos data as it will only delete how your phầm mềm remembers your media and from where khổng lồ find them in the phone’s gallery.

However, if this won’t work in your case then, try our guide’s next lined up solution i.e., try resetting your Network settings because the problems that you’re encountering with your Facebook Messenger could be even due khổng lồ some network error on your Android or tiện ích ios Mobile. Thus, these are the following steps lớn fix the same—

Resetting tiện ích ios Network Settings: Navigate from the ‘Settings > General > Reset” options to “Reset Network Settings.” Doing so will reset all your Wi-Fi networks, passwords, và cellular settings that you’ve used before.Resetting apk Network Settings: to lớn begin resetting, navigate from “Settings & Backup và reset” option lớn “Network settings reset.” After resetting all your WiFi & internet connection settings, vị not forget khổng lồ reconnect to lớn your WiFi and other networks again.

Moving on further, if this also won’t help you in fixing the issue that you’ve encountered with your Facebook Messenger, vì chưng not worry at all because we’ve already gathered other effective solutions in our mind that are worth mentioning here!

By personal experience, let us tell you that when your Messenger application is not updated then also there are high chances that it can encounter errors và other technical glitches. Therefore, the best way to avoid the same is to lớn keep the tiện ích updated on a timely basis. Doing so will increase the phầm mềm speed and your chance of utilizing the app’s new features to lớn the fullest.

So, if you haven’t updated the Facebook Messenger yet then, you should update the phầm mềm immediately and in case, you need a helping hand for the same then, simply have your attention here at the following steps for updating Facebook Messenger.

Solution: Update Facebook Messenger Application

For apk UsersFor iPhone Users
1. to lớn begin, open the ‘Google Play Store’ ứng dụng on your device.1. open the ‘App Store’ on your điện thoại homepage.
2. Then, tap on the ‘Three-horizontal lines’ icon from the upper-left corner.2. Then, hit the ‘Update’ tab which is there at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
3. Select the ‘My Apps Games’ option.3.

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After that, scroll down inside the ‘Available Updates’ section lớn locate Messenger app.
4. Navigate to lớn the ‘Update’ section và scroll down to locate the ‘Facebook Messenger installed App.’4. Similarly, tap on the ‘Update’ button as well as the ‘Open’ button to download the updated Messenger on your phone.
5. Tap on the same in order to open the app’s store page.5. Now, after ensuring that your Messenger update has downloaded và installed, tap on the phầm mềm icon to mở cửa it for the purpose of using.
6. There, hit the ‘Update’ button to lớn begin downloading the latest update.——
7. Once the tải về finishes, wait for the app to be installed on your phone và you’re good lớn go.——

Once you’re finished updating the Facebook Messenger App, examine whether the message is working or not! If your ‘Facebook Messenger is not working after Update’ also then, try this solution which is next in the queue.

Note: You can use this solution even when you’re having difficulties in downloading and installing the update for Messenger without worrying about the loss of data as all your data is stored on your Facebook account.

Solution: Uninstall & Reinstall the Facebook Messenger

Steps for android UsersSteps for iPhone Users
1. To bởi so, again mở cửa your ‘Google Play Store.’1. khổng lồ remove Facebook Messenger app from your iPhone, return to lớn the ‘Home Screen’ from wherever you’re on your phone.
2. There, search for your Facebook Messenger, and once you’re able to locate it, tap on the same to open its individual phầm mềm page.2. Then, press & hold any of the available phầm mềm icons on your home screen until & unless all your apps start to wiggle.
3. From there, tap on the ‘Uninstall’ option & the ‘OK’ button khổng lồ remove the ứng dụng from your phone.3. After that, look for the ‘Messenger App,’ and once you’re able to locate it, tap on the ‘X’ sign which you’ll see in the corner of the Messenger app.
4. Now, go back to lớn the ‘Messenger phầm mềm Page’ on your Google Play Store of your android phone and tap on the ‘Install’ button lớn again download the Facebook Messenger app on your device.4. Doing so, will pop-up a box in front of you that contains two options i.e., either you want to lớn delete the tiện ích or you want lớn cancel your decision.
——-5. Tap on the ‘Delete’ option to confirm that you want to lớn remove it.
——-6. Now, go to the ‘App Store’ of your iPhone and download the Facebook Messenger ứng dụng again.

That is all about the possible solutions that you can opt to effectively troubleshoot the issues that your ‘Facebook Messenger App’ has been encountering. However, even after performing the above-given solutions, if you further suspect any problem with your Facebook Messenger then, what best you can bởi is report the same và let Facebook deal with it.

Solution: Enable Background Data

If you are not receiving notifications after switching from Messenger to lớn another app, this could be due lớn the background data might be turned off for Messenger. You might have restricted background data for apps lớn cut down their di động data usage. That’s why they only connect to lớn the mạng internet when you are using them. So, if you have mistakenly turned on background data restriction for the Messenger app, you can turn it off as follows:

Open ‘Settings’ on your di động device & then go khổng lồ the ‘Apps’ section.Look for the ‘Messenger’ app and tap it to open.Press ‘Mobile data và Wi-Fi’Make sure ‘Background Data’ is turned on.

Solution: Reset All the Settings

The next step you can try is resetting phầm mềm preferences, as doing that will re-enable apps & app notifications, restore mặc định applications, reset background data restrictions for apps, and reset any other permission restrictions as well.

Do not worry about losing your data by resetting all the settings, as it will only bring every setting to its mặc định position.

If you have done any major change in your settings and you don’t remember doing that, resetting them will fix it; you can follow the given instructions:

Go lớn ‘Settings’ on your điện thoại device.Then tap ‘System’ and further tap ‘Reset All Settings’

Note- The option ‘Reset All Settings’ may be located differently in each mobile device; you can use the search bar if you are not able to lớn find it.

Solution: Use Safe Mode

It can also happen that an app that you installed before is creating issues with the Messenger app. If you are not sure about this, booting into Safe Mode on game android can help you diagnose and fix it. Booting into Safe mode will only load the essential system apps & block all third-party apps for the time you restart your phone again.

To boot into Safe mode:

Long-press the nguồn button to xuất hiện the power nguồn options.Next, tap and hold down the ‘Power off’ or ‘Shutdown’ button until you see a pop-up.When you reach the ‘Reboot to lớn Safe mode’ window, tap Reboot & wait for your phone to lớn restart.Check the list of apps you have installed before lớn uninstall the ones that might have caused the problem.Reboot your phone after the process to lớn exit Safe mode.

How to Report an Issue with Facebook Messenger?

To report a problem, you need lớn first open your ‘Facebook Messenger Application’ on your smartphone device be it app android or iPhone.Once you launch the app, all your ‘Chats’ will appear in front of you, và from the same screen, you need to lớn tap on your ‘Profile Picture’ which is there in the top-left corner.After tapping on the ‘Profile Picture’ a side-menu bar will open on the screen và under it, you need lớn scroll down khổng lồ the bottom khổng lồ finally select the option of ‘Report a Problem.’In continuation, select the ‘Type of Problem’ that best describes the issue that you’re facing with your Facebook Messenger. Along with that, you can also địa chỉ a mô tả tìm kiếm of the steps that you took lớn encounter the issue (if applicable).Now, to lớn submit the report, all you have to vì in the end is to tap on the ‘Send’ button.

That’s it! Once you perform the solutions explained-above in this post, you’ll be able to lớn definitely fix all the potential issues that might be hindering your messenger app’s usage.