10 ways to flirt online without being creepy


Flirting in person is easy. Just flash a playful smile, make some light-hearted jokes, and feed off the energy và you’re off to lớn the races. Flirting online though? Yea, that’s a different story. When you’re hidden behind a computer or phone screen và only have your keyboard to work with, it can feel impossible to lớn know how to lớn flirt.

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Good news, though. It’s not impossible. In this guide, we’re going lớn show you how lớn flirt online with a new match. We’ll show you the steps and tips you need to know lớn build attraction & excitement without going overboard and coming across as weird or desperate.

Let’s get into it.


1. Understand that online dating is different than in person.

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s an important realization. When you’re just talking lớn someone online as opposed to lớn in-person, the interaction is going to be (and should be) different. Why is this important? Several reasons.

Flirting is much easier in person.The same flirting tactics that work in person aren’t necessarily going lớn work online.Flirting is (and should be) less intense online than in person.

If you can approach these upcoming tips on how khổng lồ flirt in online dating with that mindset, it gets a lot easier.

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2. Understand the goal of chatting online.

There’s one more thing we need to lớn clear up first. The entire purpose of talking with a new match online is just to lớn build enough interest khổng lồ get khổng lồ that first date. You really shouldn’t be talking to people for months online before deciding if you’re interested in moving to meeting in person.

What does this have to bởi vì with flirting? Well, if your sole goal is to get to the first date, you don’t need to lớn build a huge amount of chemistry. You don’t need to lớn flirt like crazy & get them to be head over heels for you. All of that can be taken care of in person.

A lot of people who struggle to lớn flirt online are struggling because they’re carrying on too much conversation online. If that sounds like it might be you, your solution very well might just be khổng lồ shift khổng lồ the first date sooner than you currently are.

If that doesn’t seem like the case, though, keep reading as we share some tips khổng lồ help.

3. Exclamation marks & emojis are your friends.

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, using exclamation marks & emojis can be a great way to lớn inject a little excitement into your messages that can come across as flirting. For example, read these two sentences and take chú ý of how they make you feel.

“Hi, nice to lớn meet you. I saw that you’re interested in dogs. That’s great.”

“Hey! It’s nice to meet you