7 tricks to flirt with a girl on facebook


The last blog was the first step on how to flirt on Facebook. Now let’s discuss the rest of the steps to meet great singles on Facebook.

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Start to be active on FacebookStart posting every few days something that is positive, inspirational, or fun in your life. Here are some ideas:• Post a quote you like.• Did you have a great workout in the morning? Great – post an status update about that.• Post a great article or a funny clip that shows your sense of humor. You want someone who has a similar type of humor. You don’t want to lớn be with someone who doesn’t think you’re funny.• About once a day comment or “Like” the posts of your friends or of someone that you would like to date.

BUT – Don’t be a Facebook Stalker by liking and commenting about everything the person you interested in posts. Vì chưng enough khổng lồ get his or her attention, but not so much that you look lượt thích you are watching everything that they post.

Find attractive people without looking lượt thích a creeper.You can find people using the “People You May Know” tool, by checking out your friend’s friends, or by noticing someone who comments or is in a friend’s photographs. The key is that you need to have a reason lớn message them. A simple way is telling them that made you want lớn get to lớn know them because you chia sẻ a common interest, have a funny photo, been khổng lồ an event you’ve been to or have multiple friends in common.

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Send them a message và don’t send them a “Friend Request”You don’t want to request khổng lồ be friends with anyone that you haven’t met in person or have exchanged a lot of messages with. Keep the message short, simple, & throw in a little humor, if you can. Stick to safe topics, like music, pets, sports, pop culture, or interests you share. This will just come off as weird or creepy.

Build comfort by messaging back and forth, but get their phone number sooner, rather than later.After you’ve done mutual likes, emails, comments, then it’s time lớn take it off Facebook. Find an event, concert, or something you’re both planning to be at or ask if she or he is going to meet up. If nothing is coming up, then do the direct approach that you’d lượt thích to talk on the phone. Keep it short & throw in a little humor at the end. If they send you their phone number, this is a huge sign that they are interested in you.—Keep your Facebook profile, interesting, positive, & intriguing, and you present yourself as a person that others would lượt thích to hang out with. If you complement that by sending short, witty, and genuine messages, then you have a good chance of scoring a date.

Have fun và let me know how it goes for you or what Facebook Flirting tips work for you.