There are many message apps available


A lot of people have written to us about meeting Vietnamese ladies, and trying to lay their hands on getting a Vietnamese lady, especially after our viral post, "Seven reasons you should marry a Vietnamese lady". So in this new article, we are going to tóm tắt one of the popular apps you can use to get a Vietnamese girl if you really serious about dating one.

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While a lot of people will opt for popular apps like Tinder, Skout or Okcupid in getting a girl khổng lồ date, you will be surprised that the best phầm mềm to be open in dating và see a lot of Vietnamese girls is downloading the mobile/desktop app, Zalo


Zalo is the mobile không tính phí app in Vietnam that allows both boys và female lớn register & chat with people close to lớn their proximity. I get to lớn know Zalo first for an investigation, & at first, I must confess i really don"t like it because it was all Vietnamese, but i needed to bởi the exact reason i downloaded it.

Download Zalo for Android (App comes with English version)

Download Zalo for iOS

Download Zalo for Windows Phone

Download Zalo for your hãng nokia Java phone

Download Zalo for Pc (Works on Windows, MAC, Ubuntu, or just use it on your website browser, read the instruction here)

But 10mins using the app, it was all groovy, as it looks like all the Vietnamese girl i ever known, live in the Zalo paradise, i forgot my mission và was all flirty, the replies were flying in, i had tied down two girls for coffee after office work, and one is asking we see a cinema in the weekend, Yeah, my avatar looks good and you will love it too.

So, since then, i had gotten a thing for Zalo & its been with me all the way. Zalo is the wechat of Vietnam & Tinder of the other part of the world. If you want lớn date & be sure you getting the Vietnamese ladies in a particular zone, Zalo is a good way to go.

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A lot of Vietnamese don"t even know Tinder, Skout or Okcupid, just a few of them that have been up và about

. But some sweet ones are all around in Zalo, trust me, you don"t want lớn go back trang chủ or miss on all this lovely "dating" app.

Don"t waste much time or money on or looking for Vietnamese girls. You can bởi the same thing you do on Tinder on Zalo...Go figure...

A friend of mine got some few hours ago, another friend of mine got married to lớn someone she had met on Zalo...