How to use cocky and funny correctly


(Photo taken of me in Sicily..plenty of flirting takes place on this beautiful island)

Did you know that most women love lớn be in the company of a flirt?

-A flirt makes the woman feel good without coming across as creepy

– A flirt gives a hint of his desire for the woman

– A flirt gives a hint of what might happen rather than a guarantee of what WILL happen

– A flirt enjoys being around women và making them feel good

So many men want to lớn achieve all the above points, but because they have a lack of experience or simply an unfortunate case of not knowing HOW khổng lồ FLIRT,they consequently decide that since they are not a natural at this, then it’s best khổng lồ stay well clear of flirting entirely !

But here’s the thing, YOU DO NOT HAVE to lớn BE A NATURAL FLIRT IN ORDER lớn FLIRT.and FLIRTING CAN BE COMPLETELY CONTRIVED and still produce effective results.

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In this đoạn clip I nội dung with you just one of the 4 points you need khổng lồ remember if you want to obtain powerful results with women by flirting.Having first hand experience of men flirting with me, I am now able khổng lồ break it down to lớn an exact format, which ANY one can apply..


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How khổng lồ flirt with women

You see, here’s the thing. Flirting is something that encompasses everyone and is a big part of the dating game. While it is often said that women flirt more than men because they know how to lớn flip their hair, bite their lips, and touch men when needed, men can also learn a lot about women flirting and use what they’ve learned for their own.

The first thing that you have khổng lồ keep in mind is that if you want to lớn flirt with women, your intentions have to lớn be a-sync with them. This means that you’re willing to be in the same wavelength as they are, and like in a computer’s parent node, you don’t just want lớn be a doom and control everything, although some guys function better that way, but you’re willing khổng lồ fulfill your girl’s dreams và allow yourself lớn make her more than just a page in your book, so she’d want to give you the time of day.

Start Right

You can start by cracking up jokes & being funny. Marilyn Monroe once said that it’s so easy for women khổng lồ give you what you want và do what you want them to bởi vì if you only know how khổng lồ make them laugh và make them feel good about themselves. They also like it when they get to lớn have a proper conversation with you where they get to learn something from you & vice versa. Sure, guys often don’t lượt thích to talk, but as a guy, it’s just right that you xuất hiện yourself up to lớn the woman you like and you find something you can talk about instead of just letting the woman bởi everything. In terms of talking, you can start with a simple text—and let it go on from there. The key is lớn follow through with your words and make sure that there’s some consistency.

Reading could also help you out a lot. You should read some tips about gaining confidence without being arrogant, and while making sure that you use the right words lớn get a woman’s attention. In a lot of ways, learning how khổng lồ read toàn thân language is essential, too. There are times when women wouldn’t lượt thích to talk to lớn you, or make use of gestures that may be confusing at first but once you understand them, you’ll know more about girls, too. All you have to do is give them your attention and they’ll think that you’re a good guy—and you’re willing to do what’s right for them, which they find attractive, and this way, they might think of inviting you home!

Follow Through

Next, in order khổng lồ attract girls, make sure that you don’t leave them hanging. Girls find it hard lớn trust to lớn begin with, so you have to make them feel that they’re your world not just through words but through actions. Don’t confuse them. If you want khổng lồ make them smile, then don’t give them the feeling that it’s all just a trò chơi between you two và that you no longer mind them. It’s important to lớn create a sense of consistency & make sure that you’re willing to lớn lend her a helping hand when needed because this is a big sign of love—and girls hate it when they can’t feel và sense love and when you send them mixed signals!

Then, in order to understand what they want, you have to put their priorities ahead of your own because they want undivided attention. Nội dung a piece of your heart with them instead of keeping all your feelings in a container. More so, there are also times when you should avoid talking to other girl’s online, or giving info to everyone about what you have. Some girls need privacy, too!

If you’re going to lớn meet up, do so in a location that’s favorable to lớn her so she’d feel safe. Get some advice from her friends or people who know her so you’d know what to lớn do, then make her feel special by setting up the date in an unforgettable way. Prepare her favorite food for her, watch a movie that she likes, và make her feel lượt thích the most important person in the world at that moment.

Know what khổng lồ do

Avoid touching her when she’s not comfortable yet, look her in the eyes so she’d see how sincere you are, và stop checking your phone! Remember that she’s with you now và that’s what you have lớn focus on, & you can just kiểm tra your social media notifications later. Notice everything about her & give her compliments—a true man won’t be afraid of making a girl feel special & is not afraid of being nice! and if you’re only starting dating, please refrain from saying negative, rude, or unnecessary comments. Most girls are sensitive & they hate hearing things that make them feel awful about themselves, especially from people they’re not that comfortable with yet. Don’t sabotage the relationship before it even starts!

You can also learn a lot from media. Watch movies or a video or two, read books, và listen khổng lồ songs và you’ll learn a thing or two about flirting & dating with women. The key is khổng lồ get some tips from these things then make them your own so your girl will see that you’ve actually taken time to lớn learn more about what she likes, và you don’t just stay as the jerk that you are. No matter what women say, it’s still romantic for them khổng lồ see that a guy’s willing to be a better man for them!

Go Big

Relationships are fun, but if you want lớn take them to lớn the next level, then make sure that it’s all not for sure. Plan what you want to do & where you want your relationship to go. And, make sure you’re willing to bởi vì the big moves and make grand gestures. No matter how cheesy they sound, girls love them, and if you want a girl to lớn like—and love—you, then you have khổng lồ be deserving!

Good Luck!

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