11 tips and examples: how to flirt with a girl over text


In this day & age, learning how khổng lồ flirt with a woman over text is probably one of the most important skills to learn. While it’s still possible lớn meet women in person, most of your interactions will probably happen over text. So if you blow it when you’re texting, you’ll lessen the odds of her liking you.

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Let me give you several examples of actual texts you can use today. While you can use the exact examples I’ll be mentioning here, I encourage you lớn change it up to lớn suit your style. After all, you can’t rely on copying và pasting when flirting with a woman over text, right?

I’ll also be explaining the theories behind why these example messages are so effective, so you’re able khổng lồ come up with our own flirtatious messages in the future.

So, keep reading for my masterclass on how khổng lồ flirt with a woman over text.

How Every Guy Should Be Flirting With Woman Over Text

Now before we start, I want to nội dung with you the golden rule of messaging women. Before you press send, ask yourself: "What is the goal here?"

Now, honestly, if you’re texting a woman you’re attracted to, your goal should be to lớn meet her in person. So before you send that message, ask yourself whether that message is getting you closer towards that goal of meeting up. If it’s not, it’s probably a bad message khổng lồ send.

A lot of guys get in the habit of sending messages that aren’t leading towards a date. They’re making small talk (though some text topics can be flirty). They’re asking “how was your day?” Or they"re talking about their day at work. Honestly, these messages aren’t increasing your chances of getting her khổng lồ meet you.

Yes, you need to get to know each other a bit, but most guys spend way too long doing this over text. The best way to get khổng lồ know each other is by meeting in real life. So you want to move the conversation towards a meet-up at all times.

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This is especially true when you want to flirt over text with a woman you lượt thích but she"s often busy. She has a lot going on in her life. Perhaps she has a career that takes up a lot of her mental bandwidth or she has a busy social calendar.

They’re not going to lớn want to lớn be glued lớn their phone sending messages back and forth for days & weeks lượt thích a 19-year-old college student might be. Women in their 20s or older would rather cut to lớn the chase. They think differently, và it’s sometimes harder (though more rewarding) lớn flirt with them over text.

If some other dude is intelligent enough to invite her out quickly rather than boring her with pointless small talk, then there’s a chance that he’s going to lớn win her over before you even get a chance to meet her. It’s not nice khổng lồ think about, but that’s the way modern dating works, especially with time-pressed professional women.


How to Flirt with a Woman Over Text: Examples

Here are some examples of how to lớn flirt with a girl by text khổng lồ really let these lessons land. Use these text flirting examples when you’re just starting out then try to showroom your own spin lớn these messages.

A push-pull message

Flirting with a woman over text requires a little pushing and pulling. You push her away and reel her back in subtly. Here are some examples:

When she says something funny: “and that’s why you’re my third favorite woman to lớn text.”

When she sends you a picture: “wow, that’s the cutest picture I’ve seen in the last 10 minutes”

Any compliment paired with a slight push is a good way khổng lồ tease.

Flirt with her using exaggeration

When she tells you what she’s up to and it’s quite boring: “Wow, I never knew you were so wild!”

If she teases you: “I can"t bởi vì this anymore… we"re breaking up. You"re too much trouble."

Often, this will cause her khổng lồ reply lớn defend herself and try lớn get on your good side.

Make assumptions about her

“I bet you could drink me under the table.”

“I am guessing you’re the kind of woman who likes unique & adventurous dates.”

These are good because they are leading towards actually meeting this woman for a potential date. Remember, your ultimate goal is khổng lồ meet her (and knowing how lớn build up the texting before your first date is a key part of that.)

Flirting with a woman over text isn"t that hard when you know how lớn set a mood. Be a little flirty, exaggerate a bit and send her the occasional photo. And most importantly, while you"re flirting, make sure that you keep the end goal in mind: getting her to meet up with you ASAP!