How to flirt with random girls on facebook messenger


There are thousands of single women on Facebook & it would be a shame not to lớn take advantage of this platform lớn get dates.

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Not a long time ago Facebook even introduced its own dating app called Facebook Dating.

But you don’t have lớn join Facebook Dating to start chatting & flirting with hot girls on Facebook.

In this post, we will go over steps that you can take to be successful when meeting women on Facebook.

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First of all, it is important to keep in mind that flirting with women on Facebook is not always easy, especially if you don’t know them in real life.

It is something that can take practice if you want to lớn master the art of chatting and flirting with girls online.

Often fluctuation of the voice and body toàn thân language can be lost when you chat over Facebook.

This is why it is so important lớn pay attention lớn what you say & write khổng lồ the girls online.

If you are looking for how to lớn chat & flirt with girls on Facebook, make sure not to be pushy, compliment them, be honest, và really get lớn know them.

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How khổng lồ Chat & Flirt with Girls on Facebook?


1. Don’t Be Pushy

Do not demand anything from the girls you are flirting with. Be kind và friendly.

The last thing you want is to lớn come across as creepy.

If they feel lượt thích they are being pressured or obsessed over, they will likely pull away from you & stop messaging.

Do not demand them lớn meet you somewhere or to vày anything. Just be easy lớn talk to & get khổng lồ know them first before you ask for anything.

Before you know it, you will develop a friendly relationship that will hopefully transform into something more.

2. Compliment Her

Everyone likes honest compliments.

However, try to lớn avoid complimenting women just on their looks.

Chances are they have heard the words “you are beautiful,” more times than they can count.

Compliment their personality, something they have done, or something they have achieved.

Try lớn use what you know about them in your compliments; if they said something in class recently, tell them you found it insightful.

If they have a profile photo while skydiving, tell them how adventurous you think they are for doing it.

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3. Get to lớn Know Her Interests


Try khổng lồ talk about things that will allow you khổng lồ get to lớn know the girl better. This can be anything from hobbies to events that are going on in the world.

Try to find out what the girl you are talking to likes & then offer to lớn take her out và do it with her.

If she likes dancing, then offer khổng lồ go nhảy đầm with her. If she likes art, invite her to lớn an art museum.

Get lớn know her interests & then turn them into a potential date.

This is an easy way to lớn get a date without laying it all out there và potentially getting rejected.

Relationships are built on shared interests.

If there’s a show you both like, a sports team you both root for, or an author you both like, tell them about it.

The shared interest will help lớn build a connection between you two & give you something you can chat about.

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4. Treat Her lượt thích a Person

It’s easy khổng lồ put someone on a pedestal when you have a crush on them.

Always remember that they are a person first, và the object of your interest second.

Above all else, treat them lượt thích anyone else you would; don’t change your opinions or pull your punches because you’re interested.

People respond well lớn respectful disagreements, and no one wants lớn date a sycophant.

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5. Tell a Joke

The easiest way to make someone lượt thích you is khổng lồ make them laugh.

It might be a little tricky to vị right, though.

Most “funny” pick-up lines are lame và overused at best or insulting at worst.

The joke shouldn’t be about how well you can recite things that supposedly worked for other people.

Try khổng lồ go for something innocent, original, and clever, và skip dirty jokes.

5 Examples of How to lớn Flirt With a Girl on Facebook

You: You look very cute in your glasses! bởi you wear them all the time?Girl: Aww, thanks! Nope just at home.

You: I like your style. Where bởi vì you usually go shopping?Gitl: Thanks! I like yours as well. I usually siêu thị at Guess

You: So what are you up lớn right now?Girl: Just laying in bed và watching YouTube:) Are you in bed as well? lol

You: I lượt thích your name! It sounds very unique. Vì chưng you have a nickname?Girl: hahaha yeah I vì chưng but I can’t tell you unless you promise me not to lớn make fun of me lol

You: Any plans for tonight?Girl: I am going lớn take a shower và then it is bedtime lolYou: I think we are moving too fast lol

What NOT to vị When Flirting on Facebook?

1. Use One Word Responses

One-word responses grind a conversation lớn a halt.

If they ask if you lượt thích snowboarding, và you say “Yup,” there’s nowhere for them khổng lồ go.

Instead, tell them about your recent snowboarding trip to Colorado.

If they say that they dance, ask what type of dance they like or where they performed.

One-word answers generally mean that you aren’t interested.

2. Pretend to nội dung Interests

Having shared interests is wonderful; pretending to nội dung them is not.

If they are into horses, you don’t need to lớn pretend to lớn be a rider.

Having different interests can be as much of a connection as sharing them; instead of discussing the minutiae of a topic like two experts, you can each teach each other something new.

3. Be Creepy

If you start a conversation by asking if they want lớn sleep with you, most people will be immediately turned off và will likely block you.

No one likes to be treated as an object.

It can also be pretty creepy especially if they don’t know you in real life.

It also implies that’s the only thing thing that you are interested in.

Even if you are just looking for someone to get laid, start by building a connection and making the person comfortable chatting with you before diving into more intimate topics.

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4. Be Persistent When She is Clearly Not Interested


No means no, in-person, & online.

If a person makes it clear that they are not interested, then let it go.

Continuing trying khổng lồ flirt with them isn’t going lớn change their mind, nor should you want a relationship with someone who is not truly into you.

Even if they don’t outright say no, if they don’t seem to be into it (using one-word answers), just look for someone else lớn flirt with.

Why waste time that can be used to find a girl who actually appreciates you?

You can use the same tips khổng lồ meet single girls on all other social platforms and dating apps.

After practicing flirting with girls on Facebook, you might want to join the actual dating website.

Facebook is great for chatting with girls but many of them will be unwilling lớn give you their numbers or meet up with you in person.

That’s where dating sites might have an advantage.

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Chatting and flirting with girls on Facebook may be easier than you think.

Being friendly and curious about her interests & hobbies can get you a long way.

Don’t push her, be sweet, be honest with what you want & how you feel, and ask her about things that will help you to lớn get to know her.

Messaging girls on Facebook can help you lớn develop your flirting skills & potentially find a girlfriend.