How to flirt with a girl: 8 tips that'll make you a natural


Who loves hair? People in Vietnam do! The hair category is one of the đứng đầu three categories for spending in Vietnam advertising.Yet we had our hair in a tangle as more than seven brands in this category had made communication highly competitive, leaving consumers confused.Sunsilk Shampoo enjoys moderate equity và has always been synonymous with “Soft và Shine” but for young girls in Vietnam, “make hair soft và smooth” has become a commonly owned platform diluting the differentiation.

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Mục tiêu

Sunsilk Shampoo wanted khổng lồ strengthen loyalty among consumers who also flirt with other brands by improving the perception of the functional advantage of Sunsilk “Soft và Smooth”.Increase Loyalty +1%

The Sunsilk young girl (20-28 year-olds) age group are constantly on the move & have a busy life. They are always doing something, working, travelling, chasing many interests in life, going out và wanting lớn look at their best at all times.

The young Sunsilk girl has a deep sense of national culture and prides herself in being successful on her own terms. She thrives khổng lồ be well groomed at all times. Having long soft và smooth hair has been an integral part of the identity of this young woman. She ranks her hair as one of the key influencers of her confidence và personality.


The growth of the digital and social platform is opening up her world to the Western trends. Being a young stylista, she wants to lớn be constantly in touch with và adapt to lớn new trends. Mobile, with 67% penetration, is a highly preferred medium for them to lớn seek and share updates with their friends. Mobile is her “always-on” ally with favorite activities such as uploading photos, reading daily horoscopes and online socializing with friends- an ABSOLUTE MUST.

Creative Idea

How could Sunsilk find something credible that could lead khổng lồ differentiationstrengthen relationship with its consumer in the cluttered category with common brand promises?

During research, we found that the way the girls cảm biến their hair reflects their immediate emotions. When a girl touches her hair, there are many reasons for the way she touches it.Eureka! An idea has been born!

Sunsilk Hair FingerComb language: a visual dictionary that decodes the meaning behind every touch.

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Hoạt rượu cồn thực thi

This is the 1st year of our campaign. The first strategic choice was lớn use thiết bị di động as lead medium for the digital campaign.Nearly 34% of the digital budget was invested on mobile. Based on research, the Sunsilk target audience is young và incredibly active on mobile.

Viral Clip

We kicked off the campaign with a little story about a geek who is attracted to lớn a xinh tươi girl, but doesn’t understand the HairComb language that she uses lớn express herself. The short film was broadcasted & promoted on YouTube, Zing TV, và Zing MP3.



We knew mobile was important. But how could we reach our audience?Zalo is the most popular social truyền thông media chat phầm mềm in Vietnam. Nearly 67% of our target audience – the Sunsilk girls (i.e 6 million) actively use Zalo to chat with friends và share their selfies và photos every day.Chibi is a Japanese slang word meaning a short person or a little child. And Chibi drawing makes a dễ thương mini cartoon version of a girl. This has become a trendy activity among Vietnamese girls.When users signed in to Zalo, they simply needed lớn send their photo khổng lồ Sunsilk Zalo page via Zalo chat, then our Chibi Maker Tool created a personal Chibi drawing lớn send back lớn them based on the photo submitted.

To increase engagement, A Chibi Maker Contest was launched lớn challenge the youngsters lớn incorporate their knowledge of Hair FingerComb languages into their Chibi drawings. The most special and lovable Chibis were selected và a Hair FingerComb Language Chibi Sticker Collection was released as a gift khổng lồ Sunsilk girls on the Zalo Sticker Store via an announcement on our Zalo page, sticky messages và other truyền thông media channels.