52 examples on how to make a girl laugh over text

The #1 rule for being funny over textAbout 69 screenshot examples of guys making women laugh over textA fun texting trò chơi to get lớn know her while making her laughHow to lớn make her smile with sexual innuendosA copy paste line for when you & your crush have something in commonA rule to lớn prevent yourself from looking lượt thích a fool when you’re jokingOne quick exercise to come up with powerful name jokes

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WARNING: Reading an article isn’t enough lớn turn yourself into a hilarious comedian. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Và probably trying khổng lồ swindle you out of your hard-earned smackaroos. What can reading an article give you? Familiarity. Familiarity with as many common texting situations as possible. Và that’s exactly what you’ll get here.

#1: Create inside jokes

Create a quality connection she has with nobody else, by creating an inside joke.

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Step away from any normal chat, và soon you’ll be having ‘conversations’ like this:


Obviously, this funny sequence was out of this guy’s control, but he chose to lớn build on đứng top of it.

His best course of action would be to lớn get off the respecting-train and change topics.

The good thing about this start?

The words ‘respect’ & ‘respecting’ will forever have a special meaning khổng lồ them.

Inside joke galore.

#2: Always be a gentleman

An essential question all good texters know the answer to

What bởi vì girls lượt thích more, a man who takes the lead or a gentleman?

The guy in this screenshot opted for number two.


Looks lượt thích this convo happened at 02:14 AM.

So it’s not farfetched to lớn assume this girl was feeling horny.

Either way, you can never be safe enough these days, even when sexting.

So this fine gent asked for consent.

Whether it cracked her up or made her unmatch him và switch back khổng lồ pornhub, we’ll never know.

Holy Tip:

When a woman even as much as hints at anything sexual, most men INSTANTLY bite.

Which most women expect.

So if you don’t take the bait, you’ll definitely stand out.

One of the rarest sights to a woman, is a man who has control over his donger.

If you can be the guy that has his manaconda under control, then your snek will be in pleasant company soon.

Anyway, this article was about examples on how khổng lồ make a girl laugh over text. So let’s get back on track!

#3: Be rude, in a witty way

Once you build up your texting experience, you’ll notice girls are CRAZY about two things:

Men who make them laughAstrology & personality tests

As you get better at texting, your conversations with women change.

Suddenly you’ll be answering questions about star signs & debating personality types.


As far as I remember, my personality type is ENTP-A, also known as The Debater.

Which is why I don’t mind debating with girls about all this pseudo-science.

If you’re like most of my readers, you’re more intelligent than the average Joe. And probably have a job that’s very ‘sciency’.

If so, you probably know the secret behind personality tests:

The tests seem true, not because the underlying systems are accurate, but because of the Forer-effect.

So how vì you hilariously say you’re not into all this mumbo jumbo?

Like so:

(If you missed the joke, IDGAF stands for “I don’t give a f#$%”.)

Never be rude for the sake of being rude.

But if you can be rude in a playful & clever way, you’re cheeky.

And women often appreciate cheeky men.

#4: The sexual innuendo

The only reason you’re reading this, is because…

The title includes the word ‘sex’.


On a more serious note, this tip is more valuable than you think..

Look at this screenshot example:


The guy in this screenshot abandoned the usual type of Tinder conversation.

Which shows me he probably knows his stuff.

He goes from serious to lớn sexual in one smooth plot twist.

Giving her a rainbow of feels in mere moments.

What’s the takeaway from this screenshot?

Innuendos are your friend.

Purposely misinterpreting her words is one of your strongest weapons of seduction.

Not only bởi vì you make her laugh over text, misinterpretation also steers the conversation into any direction you want.

#5: The sexual unnuendo

Although my writing skills are debatable, unnuendo is not a typo.

It’s a discovery.

And seeing how I’m the discoverer, I’ll give its definition:

When you undo someone’s innuendo.

Did someone sexualize something you wrote and you don’t like it?

Do an unnuendo.

And if you vì the unnuendo in a funny way, it won’t kill the vibe.


Pretty smooth comeback, m’lady.

*tips hat*

#6: How to lớn be lazy và funny at the same time

The next tip entrepreneurial trick saves you effort, but doesn’t skimp out on funny.

You see, most business owners don’t vị their own administrative work.

I sure as hell don’t vày mine.

Instead, the entrepreneur outsources the task.

How does any of this relate khổng lồ you?

Suppose you’re the businessman & ‘funny’ is your administration.

Outsource that sheet.

The internet is overflowing with jokes, memes & cat videos.

If you want lớn be funny & not work for it, get someone else to do your funny.

Find a jokeDownload it to your phoneSend it lớn the lady that grows your corpus spongiosum

GG WP. Easy.

#7: clip that makes girls laugh

A crucial insight that you must know if you want to mô tả hilarious content:

Short is better than long.

I don’t know about you, but when someone sends me a đoạn clip over a minute long.

I won’t watch it.

A minute takes up too much of my time và distracts me from what I’m doing.

But a 10 – trăng tròn second video?

Sure, I’ll watch that right away.

Because it doesn’t feel lượt thích it sucks up too much time.

And in my experience, women work the same.

So, you’re whalecum.

Besides đoạn clip length, here’s an extra tip lớn make your đoạn phim extra funny.

Don’t just send your video right away, build tension.

Abuse the power nguồn of clickbait and get better laughs.

And if you read further down, I’ll tell you how to lớn use clickbait lớn get more texts than ever.

#8: How NOT to lớn make her laugh through text

Here come two of the BIGGEST mistakes men make over text:

Taking things too seriouslyMaking things too serious

Why is that a problem?

90% of the time texting is supposed to lớn be LIGHT và FUN.


Life is serious enough, people socialize over text lớn take a break from life’s hardships.

And although deep và meaningful conversation is also fun.

Texting isn’t the medium for this. It’s too impersonal.

Plus, once you know everyone texts to raise their spirits, you’ll automatically write funnier messages.

#9: How khổng lồ make girls laugh over text

The lines I already gave you will get you better reactions, but it’s not enough khổng lồ get your dream girl.


You’re copying my lines.

Lines that didn’t come out of your brain.

So even if my lines get you dates and bow-chika-bow-wow with hot girls, you won’t keep them around.

Because after one or two times of hiding the salami, she’ll figure out you’re two different people.

Hilarious và attractive guy over text, and Basic Bob in real life.

If you want lớn occupy Vagistan on the daily, or have a long-lasting thắm thiết relationship, you need to cấp độ up your flirt skills.

Where vị you start?

Get into the right mindset for funny.

The next đoạn clip shows you exactly how I come up with my jokes & make the ladies chuckle.

Check it out here:

Watched it?


Learned something?


Liked and subscribed and complimented me on my personality in the comments?


On khổng lồ the next tip!

#10: An easy way khổng lồ earn sexy points

A good tease is funny, but a good comeback will have people cheering & blowing their các buổi party horns.

A good comeback is fuggin’ priceless.

And will earn you lots of sexy points.


This line, my dearest reader, is not reserved for this exact conversation.

Are you talking to someone you have a lot in common with?

Bang, copy paste this line.

One of my coaches tried it on two female friends that he has a ton in common with. They both loved it.

And I’m going khổng lồ make it even better for you.

You don’t need lớn wait for her to say that the two of you are similar. Just vày it yourself.

Try it some time.

#11-20: Steal these 10 funny texts

Rumor has it you’re about to lớn get 10 funny texts RIGHT NOW.

Without having to pay a cent for them.

And let me tell you something.

Rumor is right.

I’m giving away 10 texts from my coaches & myself.

Now you might be wondering why I’m giving away some of my own juicy juicy texts?

Well, let’s just say I am somewhat of a saint.

Click this sentence lớn get instant access to lớn my 10 Texts That Always Work.

Onto a classic move, in the next tip!

#21: Make her laugh with evil children

The next comedy technique is incredibly easy và almost always overlooked by my clients.

When it comes khổng lồ humor, my clients tend to lớn gravitate khổng lồ written jokes.

Which works wonders.

But are also incredibly difficult to lớn create if you’re new khổng lồ texting.

If that describes you, I have a far easier way lớn come up with a knee-slapper.

You ready?

Store all jokes and videos onto your phone that remind you of a particular girl and…

And send them lớn her.

Obviously, not all in one go.

But sprinkle them in when your convo needs more energy & enthusiasm.

As for more ways lớn make your girlfriend laugh over text…

I just got a brilliant idea for a video clip you can send her right now.

Suppose she mentioned that she once did something bad.

If you want khổng lồ make her laugh over text, send her this:

Let me tell you, videos like that are pure genius.

And always get laughs if…

It is a video she can actually identify with.

Whatever funny clip or joke you send, make sure it’s relatable.

#22: Wordplay texts that make her laugh

Girls are attracted lớn humor for reasons you may not know.

A big reason is obviously that humor makes her laugh, và laughing feels good.

But another large part of it is more subtle.

Someone who can write good jokes is intelligent.

One kind of joke that particularly shows your big brain is wordplay.

Wordplay requires a quick wit.

And a quick wit makes women weak in the knees.

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Suppose a woman on Bumble opens you with the next line:


Now you’re both working together to make each other laugh.

#23: Fun trò chơi to make girls laugh over text

The trò chơi of this tip won’t only make her laugh, but it’ll also build a strong connection.

How deep that connection goes, is completely up to you.

So what game am I talking about?

A trò chơi you probably played ages ago as a kid.

The old classic…

Two Truths & a Lie.

In case you aren’t familiar, here are the rules:

The first person says two truths about themselves, & one lie.The other person has to lớn try và pick out the lie.

Dating app Bumble integrated this trò chơi into their profile text suggestions, because it works.

Examples anyone?

Let’s go!

Here are two examples I recently found:

All these conversations were from girls on Bumble.

Did you notice how every woman’s first text had flawless proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation?

That’s because the girls tagged in Bumble lớn help them.

Whenever a woman tries to lớn send a peasant opener like “Hey”, Bumble shows them a pop-up that warns her the opener sucks.

And offers a more successful opener of its own.

Pretty neat if I say so myself!

#24: Openers girls HATE

Almost every guy who wants to lớn be funny & original falls into the next pitfall.

Unless you’re on Bumble, you’ll almost always send the first text.

Which is stressful.

Send the wrong text & you may not even get a reply.

So most men work hard khổng lồ write a good opener.

An opener that triggers emotion.

Unless you read nhatroso.com, you’ll probably gravitate toward her name.

“Hmmm… If I can write a pun about her name, I’ll definitely get a response.”

Which isn’t a bad idea

As long as your joke is unique.

More often than not, name opener create situations lượt thích this:

A female friend named Jane gets these by the ton.


And every guy that sends them, sets himself up for rejection.

Don’t be the cliché name guy.

All you communicate by making the same joke as thousands before you is:

I think I’m a texting mastermind, but I actually lack the basic awareness to realize that I’m writing the same jokes as a kid from kindergarten who eats paste.

Holy Tip:

Whenever you get a name-inspired joke, take a deep breath and think:

Is this joke obvious? What are the odds she’s heard it before?”

If the odds are high, skip the joke và send her this:

That communicates you have a big brain.

Feel free to improve my line.

The more relevant it is lớn her, the better.

Want to lớn see a good name-inspired joke?

Check out this guy:


Want more screenshot examples on how lớn make a girl smile through text?

Fine, let’s cover more in the next 2 tips, so you can master the art of name jokes.

#25: Make creative jokes with her name

Make one cliché name joke and you’re out.

Game over.

Make one clever, original name joke and you’re in.

Game on.

I take my hat off khổng lồ the fine gent who came up with this clever clever CLEVER Tinder opener for a girl named Melanie:


I just rubbed over my crystal ball & have a prediction about you:

You’ve never written an opener that got as much praise as Melanie.


No worries, bro.

I’ve got just what you need.

The Clickbait Opener.

It’s the opener that has the highest response rate in our solar system. Và it gets you reactions lượt thích this:


Besides the opener, you’ll also get access khổng lồ a secret đoạn clip that gives you 7 screenshot examples và 2 follow-up texts.


#26: Make creative jokes with her name

Up next is an exercise that’ll put your wit to the test. Score high & you’ll 169% vày well with the ladies.

Suppose you match a girl named Mercedes.

Instead of making her laugh with any opener, you have khổng lồ write a joke about her name.

What would your joke be?

Please fight the temptation to scroll down to the answer.

Not for me, but for your own good.

I won’t always be there to whisper good lines into your ear.

But your brain will always be with you.

So make sure your brain works!

If you agree with what I say, take this moment to stop reading & start thinking about Mercedes.

Imagine she looks like this:


Do you finally have your answer?


If you came up with a joke relating lớn the car company, you’ve…

Failed miserably.


Because the snot-nosed brat from kindergarten would vì the same.

Did you playfully MOCK the guys who send her Mercedes jokes?

Then you did pretty good.

Curious about the answer that gets my thumbs up?

Take a look.


He sent her the empathy opener.

Which he followed up with a name joke of his own.

Not bad at all, good sir.

IMPORTANT: When a name-inspired joke is HYPER obvious, you won’t be the first to show empathy.

Many men will ask her,

Women won’t ever be that harsh, because they’re too nice.

The point is, empathy doesn’t always work.

If you can’t vị better than empathy, it may be better to do a different opener altogether.

#27: How to create suspense for your punchline

If you want lớn get your dream girl…

…then I hope you didn’t skip tip #25 where I gave you my best opener for free.

Because if you DID download my opener, then you also gained access to a secret video.

In that video, I explain exactly how to lớn use this opener, & why it works so well.

Let’s give you a hint.

My best performing opener ABUSES the psychological principle of curiosity.

The opener has two stages.

The first stage asks her an irresistible question.

Which gets you a reply.

The second stage of the opener makes her feel two opposing emotions at the same time.

Which raises her attraction for you.

I bet this all sounds a SUPER vague without an example. Too bad you don’t have one.

Oh wait, you actually get SEVEN screenshot examples right here.

Enjoy, brother!

#28: Say negative things in a positive way

I’m going khổng lồ give you one simple mindset lớn always be funnier.

First a little background on fun.

When you’re being funny, you’ll make people laugh.

And if you can make people laugh, they’ll be inclined to lượt thích you.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

If you often make people feel bad, they’ll be inclined lớn dislike you.

One of the most common ways to make people feel bad, is by complaining.

No matter what, a complainer will always find something lớn whine about.

And annoy everyone.

Pretty self-explanatory.

But I have something that may shock you.

You complain more often than you think.

After all, complaining is human nature.

So what would happen if you could eliminate all complaining?

You’d probably be a joy to lớn be around.

How bởi you stop complaining?

With the power nguồn of…


Let’s give you an example.

Suppose the girl you’re dating gave you a healthy vegan breakfast shake.

Now you could say :


Even Pauly D knows that’s just wrong.

Do you want her lớn accept your date proposal?

Check out the next video and you’ll know how khổng lồ get her onto the date:

By the way, I have an epic way lớn make her laugh.

More on that, in the next tip.

#30: The best way to be funny on Tinder

I’m about khổng lồ give you a rule that roughly shows you how many laughs your joke will get.

Here’s the rule:

If your joke makes sense to lớn everyone, your joke is…


If your joke only makes sense to one girl, your joke is…


That’s why I always preach about personalized openers.


Firstly, that profile is fake. No woman with a functioning brain would have a profile text like that. That’s a man who made a kém chất lượng profile with a bio constructed by man-logic.

But the above screenshot does illustrate my point.

That guy’s joke was written specifically for the woman from the profile.

And if she has a good sense of humor, she’d be in stitches.

#31: Give funny answers to lớn her boring texts

In the next 60 seconds, you’ll learn how to answer her boring texts.

If you spend a lot of time on Bumble, you’ll often get the next line:


Personally, I think adding lớn an already perfectly clear photo is a bad idea.

Minimalism, my dude.

#32: Be the playful idiot

Remember when everyone TeXTeD like tHiS on MSN messenger or ICQ?

Maybe you don’t because you were still wearing diapers.

Or maybe you don’t because every time you typed like you had brain damage, you got brain damage.

Anyway, that old skool way of texting is pretty ridiculous. Which is why it died down.

That said…

Because hardly anyone uses MSN-speak, it’s got a new function.

Adding levity.

Imagine you just texted your girlfriend lớn meet up at the café at 6 PM.

And she responds with:

By writing your message in a fUnNy và wEiRd way, it becomes obvious you’re joking.

Please don’t keep writing in MSN-speech if she legitimately wants khổng lồ hear your reason.

Then it becomes obnoxious.

The goal is never to be a jerk, just khổng lồ play with the emotions that jerks are so good at evoking.

#33-52: These 20 icebreakers will make her laugh

If you made it all the way here và STILL feel like reading more valuable nuggets of wisdom…

…then I’m sorry. I’m completely done with this article.

But I vị have a funny video for you, where I read 20 funny Tinder icebreakers to lớn my girlfriend.

She then decides, in the name of all women, whether those icebreakers are funny or not.

Watch it here:

Catch you in the next article, bro.

Blessings,Louis Farfields.

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