Tips on attracting a japanese woman


Many foreigners living in nhật bản dream of getting a Japanese partner. Do you know how Japanese guys and girls flirt? It might be different from your country.

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How vì chưng Japanese Guys Flirt?

If you have talked khổng lồ local Japanese, you will notice that Japanese people have chất lượng cultures & characteristics that you cannot see in other countries. To lớn understand the nature of Japanese, you need lớn study a lot of complex ideas, such as uchi & soto, honne and tatemae. That is why when I talked to many foreign friends, they all said that it is challenging to lớn touch the core of Japanese people and get along with them. However, if you are going khổng lồ stay in Japan, I bet you don’t want khổng lồ leave without getting a Japanese partner.


Japanese People Are Not Shy

Most of you might think that Japanese people are shy. It is true that compared to lớn other nationalities, Japanese people are shy, và they hesitate to express their feelings. However, there are also many Japanese who are very outgoing.

If you have Japanese friends who like to hang out with foreign people, most of them are much more open then other Japanese. Based on my personal point of view, those who love to hang out with foreigners tend khổng lồ be ‘pari pi‘, các buổi party people. They are bored with life in Japan, and they start khổng lồ seek new challenges. They want lớn enjoy a more ‘Westernized’ lifestyle; lượt thích most international students do, they start going lớn clubs. They also go to lớn British Pubs instead of Izakaya and start listening to lớn English R&B Songs. What I am trying to lớn say is that if you think that all Japanese boys & girls are quiet và shy, it is not true. There are many outgoing people that want khổng lồ date a foreigner because some of them think that foreign culture is really cool! Getting a Japanese partner is not that difficult, because they are also looking forward khổng lồ getting a foreign boyfriend or girlfriend.

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How lớn Know If a Japanese Guy or Girl Likes You

Getting a Japanese partner might not be as hard as you think, but understanding them might be more difficult. Now I am going lớn talk about how you can tell if a Japanese guy/girl likes you or not. As a Japanese guy, I am going to lớn tell you how the Japanese behave when they have a crush on someone based on my own & my friends’ experiences. Although this cannot be applied khổng lồ all people, it will give you a general idea of how Japanese people act.

When He/She Asks You Something Through Message

When the Japanese fall in love with someone, of course, the first thing they want to do is to lớn text their crush. However, Japanese people don’t usually text their crush for no reason. Japanese people always 3d some excuses; They ask about homework, work, or even tomorrow’s weather khổng lồ have a reason lớn talk to them. Therefore, if someone asks you ‘What’s tomorrow’s homework?’ or ‘Are you ready for your test?’ through LINE, there is a chance that he or she has some kind of special feeling towards you. Of course, there is a chance that he or she just thinks that you are the right person khổng lồ ask because you are smart. However, it is always good khổng lồ start some conversation after he or she has finished his or her questions.

When He/She Does Not Text You Back Too Quickly

When you start a conversation with a guy/girl through LINE, you might think that if somebody likes you, they may want to text you back asap, but Japanese people tend to lớn intentionally wait a few minutes after they have noticed a new message. This is because they are trying khổng lồ hide their feeling. They vì chưng not want you khổng lồ think that they are always looking at their phone and waiting for your message. On the other hand, if you get a reply very quickly, it might mean that he or she has no lãng mạn feelings towards you. If you wait for 2,3 days and still can’t get a response, he or she may think that you are annoying! This also really depends on the person, so it might not apply to lớn some people!

When He/She Does Not Ask Your Last Train

When you go out & drink with your friend, and he or she does not ask you for your last train, it means that he or she wants to stay with you as long as possible. You need lớn be careful if where you two meet and drink is close to lớn his or her house. They might try to get you lớn drink more! Therefore, if you get a chance lớn drink with your Japanese friend, try to lớn mention the time of your last train & see what kind of reaction you get.



After reading my article, I think you have understood that sometimes Japanese people act exactly the opposite way as they feel, & that makes many foreigners confused because they have no idea what Japanese people are thinking about. Understanding Japanese people is difficult, & it becomes much more complicated if you want lớn date a Japanese. If you get a Japanese partner, you will be able lớn have more chance khổng lồ touch Japanese culture. On vị trí cao nhất of that, your Japanese life will be happier!

If you have any concerns with your Japanese crush, you can leave your questions in the comment, & we can answer your questions through another article. Just feel không lấy phí to ask any questions you felt when you were hanging out with your Japanese friends, boyfriend, or girlfriend! I hope you all have a happy Japanese life!


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