8 ways to flirt if you're a shy girl


When you meet girls, it’s not always easy to figure out what to talk about. But what if someone is shy? Here is how lớn talk to lớn a shy girl.

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If you’ve approached women before, you know how nerve-wracking it can be. You may get rejected, you may get her number, but never make it lớn a first date. There’s an endless stream of things that could happen once you approach her. Learning how lớn talk lớn a shy girl is something worth knowing as you approach women.

Obviously, you want her number & a date. So, for a girl that’s outgoing and talkative, it may come as a breeze for you. However, not all girls are xuất hiện for conversation. It’s not because they don’t lượt thích you, it’s simply because they’re shy.

Why are some people shy?

If you are an extrovert & a social person, you might not understand why other people are shy. You may want to know how lớn talk to a shy girl, but then again, you might misinterpret her behavior as a lack of interest, when in fact, the opposite could be true. Here are some reasons some people are shy.

1. Low self-esteem

Many people have low self-esteem, but not all of them are shy. Someone might be the “life of the party” type & still not feel good about themselves. And a shy person might actually like themselves.

But it is very possible that a shy person might be very self-conscious & have negative thoughts about themselves. It makes sense, if you think about it. If you don’t like yourself, you will probably hold back when interacting with other people because you fear they will judge you.

2. They were born that way

The age-old question of … “is it nature or is it nurture?” … is very much something that people have wondered for eons. In other words, are people just born the way they are, or were we “created” to be that way through our life experiences?

That is a very debated topic, but on some level, both are true. We are all born with chất lượng DNA và biological predispositions. Và one of those can include personality. So, it could be that the shy girl you are wondering how to talk to might just have been that way since birth.

3. Traumatic experiences in childhood

Not everyone has a good childhood. Some people were physically, verbally, or emotionally abused. If that’s the case, then it’s not surprising that they would be uncomfortable around people. They might look at everyone with suspicion in order to lớn protect themselves.

Even if they weren’t abused by their parents, they could have had a traumatic experience(s) in a different way. Maybe they were bullied or made fun of throughout their lives. That would also cause them to lớn be shy.

4. Lack of opportunities khổng lồ be social

Some families are what is called “closed families.” In other words, the parents are very over-protective of their children. They don’t let them go over lớn friends’ houses or engage in a lot of activity with other people.

If that was how someone grew up, then they might not have learned the social skills that are necessary to khung deep relationships. So if you want khổng lồ know how khổng lồ talk lớn a shy girl và get her to open up, know that it’s not her fault – it’s just a product of the kind of family she grew up in.

5. Learned behavior

Similar khổng lồ what was just mentioned in the previous point, they could have grown up in a family where her parents and/or siblings were shy. This is called the “social learning theory.” We imitate the behavior that we see around us.

So, if a girl grew up around shy people her whole life, then it’s “normal” to act shy when you talk lớn her because that’s all she knows.

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The difference between introversion and shyness

Most people think that introverts are automatically shy. This could be true, but it’s not necessarily the case.

Being an introvert could mean that you are shy, but there are also what is called “gregarious introverts.” In other words, they seem friendly, social, and outgoing, but they are really an introvert.

You see, whether someone is an extrovert or an introvert is where they get their energy and how they “re-charge.” Extroverts get their energy by being with other people và in crowds. But introverts get drained by that. They re-charge by being alone, regardless of whether or not they enjoy being around people.

Shy people may be introverted too. However, as strange as this may sound, there are some shy extroverts too. These people may enjoy being around people *and they feel “charged” that way*, but they may not know how to lớn start or hold a conversation with someone.

If this all seems a bit contradictory và confusing, don’t worry. It is khổng lồ a lot of people! But the important thing khổng lồ remember is that if you are really wanting lớn know how lớn talk lớn a shy girl, then you need lớn look at other aspects of her personality too so you can accurately assess who she really is.

How lớn talk lớn a shy girl

People think shy girls have some sort of complex or socializing issues but that’s not the case. The problem is assumingall girls are talkative và willing to lớn engage in small talk. This doesn’t mean shy girls have nothing lớn say, they have plenty khổng lồ say. They just don’t know you.

Around their friends, they’re chatty, but you’re a stranger, meaning you’re going to have lớn put more elbow grease into this girl và be patient. So, this is how you talk khổng lồ a shy girl if you want it to be successful and not suffocate her with your constant chatter.

It’s not hard, it’s just a different approach.

1. Don’t be too aggressive

Many men tend lớn take an overly aggressive approach when talking khổng lồ a shy girl. This is because you feel insecure about her feelings about you.

Who cares if she likes you or not? She won’t lượt thích you more if you’re suffocating her with your conversation & overall existence. Take a breath, relax, don’t become aggressive because you’re not getting what you want.

2. Invest the time

If you want lớn know how to lớn talk khổng lồ a shy girl, you should know that it’s going khổng lồ take a while for her to relax around you. There’s no rush, và if you genuinely like her, you’ll invest the time in getting lớn know her và allowing her the time lớn relax.

Don’t rush this because it won’t tốc độ up anything, rather, it pushes her away.

3. Don’t assume she’s not interested

She may be talking to you. However, just not at an amount that you’re used to. This doesn’t mean she’s not interested, she’s shy. Unless she tells you she’s not interested or says no khổng lồ you when you ask her out, she could be interested.

4. Don’t equate shyness with low self-esteem

Just because she’s shy doesn’t mean she thinks less of herself or has low self-esteem. Just because someone isn’t outgoing, don’t assume they have some personal issues.

She can be just as confident & happy or even more so than someone who’s loud. Don’t try khổng lồ stereotype her and make her into a One Direction song. She knows she’s beautiful.