How to flirt with strange girls


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Flirting can be difficult for many people, especially when you"re flirting with a stranger. If there"s a girl you like, but bởi not see often, there are many ways you can flirt with her during the small pockets of time you have. Find ways lượt thích eye contact and a winning smile to get her attention. If you have time for small talk, make the most of it. Lastly, rely on your own personality. A lot of flirting is innate, so don"t be afraid to do và say what comes naturally to you.

Make brief eye contact.

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Another way to lớn get someone"s attention is to make eye contact. This is particularly helpful if you see the girl somewhere like a bar or party. Brief eye contact can send the message that you have interest in this person và would like to talk.<1> X Research source Try khổng lồ catch the girl"s eyes. Glance at her when she"s looking in your direction và wait for her to lớn look back. Hold her gaze for about 4 seconds và then look away. Four seconds is long enough khổng lồ establish a connection. Any shorter may be mistaken for accidental eye contact, and any longer may make things feel awkward.

Smile. Flashing a winning smile at someone from across the room is a great way lớn get their attention. While holding the girl"s eye contact, offer a quick and warm smile.<2> X Research source This will convey you"re paying attention to lớn her.<3> X Research source

Raise your eyebrows. You can also try raising your eyebrows slightly while making eye contact. This is a flirtatious gesture that does not read as overtly sexual. This can show the girl you"re a friendly, approachable person. She may be more likely lớn engage you with conversation later on if you raise your eyebrows during eye contact.<4> X Research source
Watch for opportunities for small talk. If you successfully get the girl"s attention, she may approach you khổng lồ talk. However, you can also look for small talk opportunities throughout the day depending on where you see the girl. You can strike up a conversation when it"s appropriate.<5> X Research source Parties and large social gatherings are generally the easiest time to lớn flirt. People are often more relaxed and uninhibited, making them more receptive lớn flirtation. If you happen to lớn see this girl at a social event, that would be a good time khổng lồ try & flirt. Social events at bars và other places that serve alcohol are a particularly good place to flirt. Stick lớn areas, lượt thích around the counter, that are thought of as public zones, where it"s appropriate lớn strike up conversation with someone you don"t know well. Learning places, lượt thích schools or colleges, are also decent places to flirt. If you see this girl during class, you can try khổng lồ flirt with her before or after a lesson begins. It can be easy khổng lồ flirt during class as conversation can be somewhat easy. As you"re both enrolled in the same course, you have something in common to lớn discuss right away. If you want khổng lồ flirt at your office, be careful. Make sure you nhận xét your company"s policy on work relationships. You should also stick khổng lồ flirting in areas lượt thích the break room or cafeteria, where people are not busy doing their jobs. You can also engage in quick flirting during things like morning greetings or in the minutes before a meeting begins.
Gesture while you talk. Gesturing while you talk can convey a lot. Certain hand gestures can help keep the girl engaged with you, and you can also use gestures to lớn promote intimacy, understanding, & flirtation.

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<6> X Research source Try to be more lively và animated in conversation, moving your hands as you speak. This can convey that you"re invested in the other person & engaged in the conversation. You should also make small, subtle movements lớn keep the girl"s focus on you. Shift your hands slightly at the end of each sentence. Use mở cửa palm hand movements to lớn kind of project what you"re saying on the girl. If you"re trying to lớn make a point, use a downward hand movement, lượt thích placing your hand on the table, lớn better convey that point. Watch the girl"s hand movements as well. If she seems animated and lively, và is using a lot of gestures, she"s probably engaged in talking lớn you. If she seems stiff or bored, you may want lớn switch up the conversation topic. This is a sign she"s not interested.
Nod. You want lớn make sure you"re listening khổng lồ the girl. If you appear interested in what she"s saying, this can come off as flirtatious. A good way to keep the conversation moving, và show that you"re paying attention, is periodically nodding.<7> X Research source Make small, brief nods as the girl is speaking. This shows you"re listening & encourages her to lớn keep the flow of conversation moving. Quick, double nods are best. Single nods or triple nods can come off as confusion or frustration, resulting in the conversation halting.
Mimic the girl"s body toàn thân language. Mimicry is the highest form of flattery. It"s a good idea to lớn try to lớn mirror the girl"s body toàn thân language. In a subtle, somewhat unconscious way, this can convey you"re interested và help the girl feel flattered.<8> X Research source Try to position your body toàn thân in the same way she does. Move your arms và legs in a similar manner. If she crosses her legs, for example, you can cross your legs as well. Bởi vì not take it too far, however. Mimicking body language exactly can come off as mockery. Try khổng lồ follow her body language khổng lồ a degree, but vày not imitate her every movement as it"s happening.
Listen. When flirting, you should strive to lớn listen as much as you talk, if not more. People are attracted to lớn those who seem interested and engaged with them. Smile as the girl speaks, ask her questions about what she"s saying, và smile, nod, & laugh when appropriate lớn convey you"re paying attention.<9> X Research source
Ask about the other person. If you don"t see the girl a lot, any information you can get is valuable. You can convey interest, which is flirtatious, by asking about the other person. Of course, you should not dip into deep personal questions right away. Light questions, however, can be very helpful. Try things like, "How was your day?" & "That"s a great màu sắc on you. Where did you get that dress?"
Use a flirtatious tone. Vocal signals can also come off as flirtatious. During the brief moments you have khổng lồ talk khổng lồ the girl in question, make sure lớn use a flirty tone.<10> X Research source Try lớn incorporate variation in pitch. Monotone can come off as disinterest. When giving brief, one word answers, like "Yeah" or "Okay", try to lớn deliver them with enthusiasm. This can show you"re engaged with the person and want to continue the conversation. You can use a questioning tone at the kết thúc of some sentences, where you emphasize the last syllables. This can be particularly helpful when striking up a conversation, as it invites the girl to cốt truyện her opinion. There"s a big difference between, "Crazy kiểm tra yesterday" và "Crazy chạy thử yesterday, huh?" The latter encourages the girl to share her opinion, giving you an in for conversation.
Try light touching. Touching can help greatly with flirting. Small, subtle touches can increase feelings of intimacy & convey an interest in the girl. However, be careful with touching. Touching that feels inappropriate or invasive can ruin your chances<11> X Research source The arm is generally the safest place to touch, as this is an area that"s not too intimate. A brief touch on the girl"s arm in conversation can increase feelings of intimacy. You can also try a light touch on the hand. Make sure you pay attention to lớn how a girl is acting around you before trying touching. If she"s mimicking your toàn thân language, turned towards you, và engaged in conversation, she"s probably interested. A light cảm ứng is okay. If she seems distant, however, touching can easily feel alienating. You should also keep in mind touching may not be appropriate in all situations. Touching is probably safest at a social gathering, like a party. Touching at work or school could come off as inappropriate, especially if your office or school has rules against touching and flirtation in certain situations.