Tips to flirt with an unknown girl on whatsapp


If you want khổng lồ open a girl’s heart and get a successful date, you need khổng lồ be able to lớn build a long-lasting emotional connection. Luckily, you can achieve this over text.

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So, there is this beautiful girl that has caught your eye. You have her on Whatsapp. You want to lớn take her out & make her your girlfriend. In this article, you will find the steps you need to follow lớn make sure the lady is all over you!


One thing that will make or break your relationship is the way you handle things and khuyễn mãi giảm giá with stress. So, there is a girl you like. & you can start talking to lớn her right way. Well, even if this is the case, you should definitely avoid one deadly trap.

You shouldn’t flirt with a girl straight away, you might even want to avoid complimenting her during your first text conversation.

This is a recent “phenomenon” I am continually observing day after day. Guys are trying their hardest from the get-go, trying khổng lồ pick the sexy lady. In almost 100% of cases, you will instantly creep the beauty out.

Instead, be a bit more elegant. You have the girl on Whatsapp, right? You can always send her a message. Và your best bet would be to vì precisely that- just start a normal, funny & exciting conversation the girl will look up to.

Women enjoy and prefer men who can provoke them, keep the talk going và make them feel special.

The last point is important.


Making a girl feel special is essential khổng lồ your success. What you are going after is building that emotional attachment.

And this will happen over a series of text messages.

Keep It Short and Simple

At the kết thúc of the day, Whatsapp is a texting app. Và what is the intention of texting a girl? To take her out on a date with you.

Do not forget your initial mission here. Keep your texts short & passionate, revealing enough about yourself to lớn make her want to lớn date you.

A mistake guys make is that they will go into unnecessary lengthy text messages because, since the conversation is already going, if you stop now, you can đại bại her attention.


Wrong! You are still texting the girl to impress her và hook up.

So whenever you feel the level of excitement has risen, just ask her to hang out. It might be an invitation lớn a date that begins with an invite khổng lồ chill.

Whatever the case, don’t go over the board by texting her & filling her Whatsapp with unnecessary messages. You want khổng lồ be her boyfriend, not texting friend.

Use Her Name To xuất hiện Her Heart

If you want lớn start texting a girl you like, và you have her Whatsapp, what would you use as an opener?

This might sound strange, but using her name while sending your first text provokes her subconscious mind.

“Hi Natalie, I was thinking about the tiệc ngọt last night…”

“Hey Monica, …”

The point is, start in a friendly manner & make sure to địa chỉ her name. If your girl is being hit on or chatting with other boys, chances are they will desperately try to lớn hook her up. Well, you can vì a lot better than them. & a great way to start texting her would be khổng lồ use her name. This is different, cute & sweet. Và trust me, you will see just how fast she will text you back!


Flirting With A Girl On Whatsapp

Remember, if this is your first time approaching her, you are still friends. Thus, you should always keep a friendly approach. Once she turns into your girlfriend, then you can start calling her babe, teasing her và flirting with her as much as you want.

At this point, however, your best bet to keep it a bit slower. Does that mean you shouldn’t flirt with the girl? Hell no. You need to build up an emotional attachment.

As we mentioned earlier, don’t go for a compliment straight away. It has proven lớn be quite an ineffective method to pick up girls. Instead, wait a bit or compliment her the next time you are chatting.

You can always throw in a flirty joke or two, tease her a little bit và be a bit playful.

You definitely need to lớn be a bit flirty so that your girl gets the right impression. Probably the most effective way lớn build her interest is by flirting. Not to mention, girls love being teased.

Just note that if you are just friends right now, the flirting aspect can"t continue for too long at the current stage.


Make Sure You Are Interesting

Okay, when it comes to attracting girls, be it over Whatsapp or whatever online method you want to use, you always need to lớn leave a good impression of yourself.

As they say, if your first impression isn"t on point, it will be your last.

The same goes for picking up girls. Women want khổng lồ see something more in the man they are dating, they want khổng lồ know his adventurous, intriguing, goal-oriented side.

Now, it differs from person to lớn person. But if you are constantly texting her on Whatsapp & sending message after message, you aren’t doing yourself a favor.

You need lớn have more going on in your life.

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The girl you want is also there, but that shouldn’t stop you from chasing your big bodacious goals. Và she will notice this part of you. And of course, she will love it.

Furthermore, if you stop texting her for a while, let"s say you have a project you are working on, you can thử nghiệm how your girl will react. Not only will this prevent you from being viewed as desperate, but you can also get a good feeling of the velocity of your relationship.

Make Her Smile & Laugh

What is a guy that can keep a good conversation going but can"t make a woman laugh?

In terms of building attraction, humor might be your best friend. Telling a joke or two can be an excellent way to break the ice if you think you have a problem connecting to her or even lớn simply fill the awkward moment of silence.

A really good indirect aspect a lot of people often miss is the subcontious effect smiling has on girls. Whenever she opens her Whatsapp, reads a joke from you and smiles, she is instantly programing her subconscious mind to associate you with positive thoughts and feelings.

Since we are going after addicting the girl emotionally, this is precisely what you should be aiming for.

Make Her Feel On đứng top Of The World

What vì chưng women want? A serious, good & charming man who treats them with repsect. But what makes the guy so damn attractive?

It is his ability khổng lồ make a girl feel lượt thích she is on đứng top of the entire world.

It is her and her only that you love. This is how you make a girl feel special. And what is an effective way khổng lồ provoke such a feeling và sparkle an emotion?

Compliments are the way to go. Now, the girl will know that there is something more between the two of you the moment you send her a good complement in the first few text conversation you have.

As I already mentioned, you definitely want to lớn avoid a compliment in the very beginning of the first chat between the two of you.

And this seems to lớn apply for dating online in general. If it were up to lớn me, I would probably go for something interesting at the over of the first text series and maybe as an opener khổng lồ the second chat.

For instance, let’s say you want to invite her to lớn a các buổi tiệc nhỏ or the mall or whatever during your first text messages. You can kết thúc the talk with something like:

“Okay, I will see you there, beautiful…”

Now, let"s say you have gone out somewhere together. This doesn’t have lớn be the case if you used a compliment in your first text. Now, in the second one, you can start with:

“Hey, gorgeous, I was just thinking about…”

This is a pleasant way lớn flirt with her and start revealing your intentions. If you don’t show the girl you like her and want her as a girlfriend, what was the point of beginning khổng lồ text her at all?

Furthermore, if you think this is a bit too “aggressive,” be my guest và compliment maybe a picture of hers that fascinated you. Just keep one thing in mind- when you are giving praise to a girl, be a bit more specific. For instance, tell her that she is not only beautiful but also how elegant và charming she looks in the dark dress in the photo…

As you can guess, there are high chances of other guys having a crush on your girl & wanting khổng lồ take their chances. So make sure lớn be different & effectively & elegantly get a date!

Think Twice About Grammar and Emojis

Ha ha, I bet you didn’t see this one coming!

The matter of fact is, many girls tóm tắt that they get annoyed when their significant other is constantly making grammar mistakes. Maybe strange, but poor spelling can definitely turn a woman off before you even had the opportunity to express just how amazing you are.

Typing and sending silly or dumb jokes is one thing, but totally different is when you can"t even spell correctly.

Not only that but also we have emoji. Emoji are often viewed pretty much as a must in our text messages. Nevertheless, they can also ruin your texting experience on Whatsapp.

Remember, don’t go over the board with them. Even if you lượt thích to use them, keep the amount lớn a certain minimum.

A good way lớn judge your girl would be khổng lồ pretty much mimic her style. What does that mean?

Pay closer attention to lớn the way your girl texts you. For instance, does she follow strict punctuation (and yes, for some women this is a factor)? How often does she use emoji? Is she using bad grammar?

Take a minute lớn figure out her style. She will be searching for a “reflection” of it in your own texting style. Thus, you will have a better understanding of what you should be aiming at.

When khổng lồ Seek A Date

Now, this might be a question you are asking yourself- when should I ask a girl I am texting on Whatsapp to lớn go out with me?

The answer? As soon as you can!

Well, almost. What you need lớn remember is that girls are emotionally driven. They want lớn feel and experience strong & thrilling emotions. This is why you would lượt thích to have a regular chill talk with her so that she can see just how great you are but also for you to have time to lớn start building some interest và desire in her.

So, it might be in your best interest lớn ask her out the no sooner than the second time and no longer than the fourth time you text her.

Especially if you manage khổng lồ throw a flirty compliment at her, the girl will know what is coming up.

So go for it!

Texting women should be something you are excited and passionate about.

If you think you need khổng lồ get a better understanding of the whole texting scenario, a great place lớn start is “Text That Girl”- an excellent guide that focuses on helping men get their dream girl over text.

So, if you are intrigued & eager to learn how khổng lồ charm women in a matter of a few clicks & several text messages, you can check out our full review.