How to successfully flirt with younger women

A relationship between men and women is a very interesting và funny thing. Do you remember how you looked at each other for the first time? What were you chatting about? Of course, you will never forget your first kiss. Flirting is a very important component of any relationship. Previously, humanity used letters in envelopes khổng lồ flirt, then we started khổng lồ use SMS for the same purpose, but now we have moved to social networks và instant messengers. But the rules of flirting have not changed & we are going lớn teach you how to lớn write flirty texts for your girlfriend.

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Nowadays people more often type text to each other rather than arrange a meeting. There are many ways on the mạng internet to meet real women. It means that it is important lớn master the skill of online communication. Because it plays a huge role in our daily lives so it is crucial khổng lồ know how lớn write a good text to your crush & know what flirty things lớn say lớn a girl. To lớn properly flirt with a girl over text messages you should be able to lớn fit playfulness, wit, and charm in just one or two sentences. There is no reason lớn be afraid: it is pretty easy.


Why knowing how lớn flirt with a girl online is important?

You may have been texting with your crush for weeks, but now you wonder how to lớn make your relations advance because time passes & nothing happens or she even may look like she is getting colder. With decent skill, you may turn your casual flirt routines into something new and special. The easiest way khổng lồ impress a girl is khổng lồ send her flirty messages. With those messages you lay your traps, show your girlfriend that you are interested in her not only as a friend.

There are not too many guys who have mastered the skill of flirting through the Internet, even less know how to vì it IRL. If you know how lớn flirt with a girl using text messages, then you have the upper hand. It makes you far more desirable and entertaining. Your girlfriend may also reread your messages when she is in a bad mood, you have no idea how strongly girls are addicted khổng lồ properly written flirting messages.

Flirting with text messages is a very subtle art. On the one hand, it is easier because you can hide your shyness & take as much time as you need to say something smart. You have all the resources khổng lồ put your text the way you want it khổng lồ be. But there are bad sides too. You can’t rewrite what you have already sent. & because of that, your message should be perfected before you send it. Flirting gives us an edge because the chances to hear a cold and sober refusal are close lớn zero. Even if she rejects your attempts, you still have the opportunity khổng lồ say that it was just a game and you had a pleasant time playing it with her. Flirting is far more flexible than direct confession. You feel happy when your girlfriend positively reacts lớn your flirt attempts and you are not as disappointed when she doesn’t as you would if you directly confessed your love or interest.

How to lớn flirt with a girl over text: key tips

We hope that you are not too scared now, you may already have a pretty decent flirting skill or you may have none. In both cases, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is never too late to lớn learn how to flirt with a girl online. Và we provide you with several ways to lớn flirt with a girl over text. Also, here you can find young women seeking men.

1. Be nice & sweet

Don"t try to flirt dirty. People say that girls like bad boys, indeed they do, but it is not the best way to lớn begin your relations. At some point, you may become the bad boy và the bad girl if you both want it, but it is not what we are talking about right now. You must show that you are a nice & sweet person who is always ready khổng lồ help & respects her. Be supportive when flirting. & don"t forget khổng lồ be a good listener. It is important for a girl khổng lồ know that her boyfriend cares about her thoughts & ideas. So, be ready khổng lồ listen a lot và be listened to.

2. Make her smile

You can say that you won a girl if you made her smile. If you can make her smile, then you automatically look better and rate higher than the other boys who bombard her phone with messages. You should be a funny and interesting guy who is easy to lớn text with. If you make the right jokes và don"t over text her then she will feel the chemistry between you two. But be careful with sarcasm. It is better lớn avoid sarcasm at all if you are not 100% sure that you can properly use it.


3. Be spontaneous

The worst mistake that you can bởi vì is khổng lồ be predictable. You should never start your dialogue with standard questions. That’s because she receives standard questions from many other guys. In order lớn be someone special, you must find a chất lượng topic that makes her want lớn answer you first. If you know your way into humor, then you should definitely use it.

4. Appeal khổng lồ topics she understands

Learn what she likes và what her hobbies are. Sometimes it is good khổng lồ make dễ thương references, but make sure that she knows what you are talking about và what your references are to, otherwise it is not going khổng lồ feel as flirting. For example, you can send a song to her first & after a couple of days make a beautiful reference khổng lồ it và see what her reaction is going to lớn be (it also helps find out whether she listens & checks out the things that you send her).

5. Use emojis

Most girls love emojis. It is never too late khổng lồ start practicing if you have never used emojis before. Khổng lồ get what you want you should use emojis well while you are flirting with your girlfriend. Nowadays, it is not enough lớn put a standard smile after a joke. Try khổng lồ be creative và you will notice the pleasant difference in the way your girlfriend responds to your texts. She will see the context of your message by only looking at your message.

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6. Create sexual tension

But never ask for her nude pictures. This is the worst thing you can vị while flirting. If she wants, she will nói qua them by herself without you asking for it.

7. Be patient

You should never send too many texts without previous ones getting answered. If your girlfriend is not replying, it doesn"t mean that you should send more texts. Don"t ever try lớn explain your flirty texts. It is perfect when they are very subtle, so she will have the opportunity khổng lồ give you a nice answer or fully ignore it. These two tricks will make you look nice và cool. So, don’t send too many messages if she is not answering và be as subtle as possible. She may be just busy & will happily answer you when she will be không tính phí again.

What khổng lồ compliment a girl about in a text

Now when you have a clue how khổng lồ flirt with a single girl lets go further và see what kind of compliments should you give. Compliments are important, we all know it. But there are only a small number of people who know how to lớn give compliments properly. There are four main things that you should compliment when you are flirting with your girlfriend.

1. Her intelligence

You should let her know that you lượt thích or even love her for her intelligence as much as her beauty. Girls usually receive far fewer compliments about their brains than boys. She will feel way more open to you if you admire how smart & erudite she is. Any girl has a vibrant và multi-layered personality. Và she wants to lớn be appreciated not only for her cute và attractive face.

2. Her skills

Her intelligence is one thing, but her skills are another. If she is good at something, then don"t forget khổng lồ tell her how you lượt thích it about her. Remember, she spends hours lớn earn her skills & it is very important for her to know that her man appreciates her efforts. In your compliments, you may mention that you see the potential and possibilities for her.

3. Her beauty

This is the easiest way to compliment your girlfriend. Find something that you like about her và tell her how you liked it. It is important for you to lưu ý the changes in her appearance. After all, you are the one for whom she is trying to look good. So, examine her new photos closely & don’t forget to lớn mention how you like her new haircut or whatever she changed in her appearance.

4. Her personal traits

Compliment her personal traits, because they determine who she really is. Her personality is what you will be living with. You both will grow old, your appearance will change, you will learn different skills, but you are not likely lớn become a completely different person. It is crucial for girls lớn know that you lượt thích them for who they are, plus it is rather easy to lớn compliment your girlfriend for her openness, conscientiousness & other traits that she possesses.


Flirty conversation starters

Okay, now that you know how lớn flirt over text and your arsenal is bigger than before, you can try khổng lồ use what you have learned. But we must tell you one more thing. For the beginners, it is rather hard to lớn start flirting with girls because they have no idea how lớn start the conversations. But worry not. In order lớn help you with this problem, we created the list of flirty conversation starters that will give you a picture of how your first message should look like.

Can you remember when was the last time we spoke? Because I can’t. We definitely should change that.My cat wanted you khổng lồ know that he misses you.I have just played my favorite computer game và the main character looks exactly like you. Except, not nearly as cute.I was thinking about writing to lớn you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but I can"t wait that long khổng lồ talk to you.Did you smile when you saw my name pop up on your phone just now?I have no idea what we are going to talk about, but I still want to lớn talk lớn you, so… hello!I just saw the new picture you uploaded. Looking beautiful as always.I have iTunes on, but there is no one to lớn help me choose something. Feeling like advising something?I can’t find the way to start our conversation with an awful pick-up line, a modest compliment or a simple “Hi”. It is up lớn you.Do you have any plans for this weekend? Because I don’t.I just read a line in the book, and it describes our relationship perfectly.We are seeing tonight, just so you know.I have an extra ticket khổng lồ Scorpions. Interested?I am dreadfully bad at starting conversations. Would you lượt thích to help?Guess which emoji is placed next to lớn your name on my smartphone?Hey, stranger. Stop being a stranger.

Flirty good nights messages for her

Knowing how to lớn properly over your conversation is as important as knowing how to lớn start it in the right way. It is always nice when your conversation ends when one of you goes lớn sleep & perfect when you both go to lớn sleep at the same time. So we made a danh sách of flirty good night messages for her.

Even after chatting the whole day with you, I still can’t feel that I have got enough of you.You are the world for me & I can’t wait to chat with you again.When I fall asleep I imagine how you smile at me. It makes me feel happy.There is no place for anyone else, except for you in my heart.I have no doubts that you are even more beautiful when you are sleeping.This text message is an official invitation for you to lớn join me in my dreams.I can’t feel happy without you.I wish I could fall asleep with you in my arms.Goodnight, sleep well. Because we are having the whole day of chatting tomorrow.Goodnight, my dear, although we are very far from each other, I still see you in my dreams, & I miss you very much.Sorry for interrupting your dream, but you need lớn know that seeing you in my dreams feels really good.