Minicraft: Block Craft World


Mini World: CREATA is one of the best không tính tiền to play game in the phầm mềm Store.Developed by SHENZHEN MINIWAN technology CO. LTD., Mini World: CREATA is a Adventure trò chơi with a nội dung rating of 9+.It was released on 2nd March 2021 with the latest update 1st November 2022

Whether you are a tín đồ of Adventure, Simulation, games, you will find this trò chơi interesting và will absolutely like it.

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What is the rating of Mini World: CREATA ?

4,416 people have rated 1.0.82

What is the price of the Mini World: CREATA ?

It is không lấy phí for tải về on iOS.

When was the Mini World: CREATA released ?

Mini World: CREATA was released on 2nd March 2021.

When was the Mini World: CREATA updated ?

The latest updated date of Mini World: CREATA on 1st November 2022.

Where can Mini World: CREATA be downloaded ?

You can download the trò chơi Mini World: CREATA from apple Official tiện ích Store.



Updated on 1st November 2022

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Mini World: CREATA Review

We lượt thích the trò chơi because its kind of lượt thích Minecraft but more realistic & magic & its really cool so you should definitely get it made in 2022 October 30.

Bro the game is cool & very good and all but THERE ARE SO MANY mobile BUGS FIX THAT MAN ITS SO ANNOYING we CANT EVEN MOVE IN ANY GAMES.

So we are a old player this trò chơi is our favorite it has skins và puzzles, parkour,and many fun other stuff you can even make friends on this ứng dụng The only problem is that the mini coins cost money Anyways we totally recommend this app.

This trò chơi is kinda good và kinda bad but we lượt thích how you can create your own world.

We love mini world but there are really xinh đẹp skins that arent free but mini world is still so fun và we vị recommend it!

Us và our friend were playing it we didnt have a problem at first bc we dont have a dark skin màu sắc Im Asian và our friend isnt & she asked us how to change your skin we searched YouTube twitter tiktok instagram we even checked mini world but it didnt have a skin tone page you could not change your skin màu sắc and no one wants to lớn get white washed right?

We love playing it but when trying to lớn join sometimes it will say the player(my bf) is in single mode when not và wont let us join at all & the screen will get stuck sometimes.

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This trò chơi is a copycat version. Minecraft is the real genuine version.

Trong ch mo him,c h vt b ra m l nht li trng th n c b lp li rt nhiu ln,nu tnh trng ny k khc phc th chc cui cng trò chơi cng thnh 1 bi hn n.

We cant join our maps or make multiplayer, the plugins doesnt work, and we cant join multiplayer servers too, we are rating -10/10 it makes us super angry because our mạng internet is good too & the models never show, that makes it -infinite/10 this is the dumbest game we ever played.

Read the title thats our opinion.

We’ve been playing this game since 2016. Trust us it’s fun Plus It’s definitely better the Minecraft.

Let us put it this way we played this game long time ago and nothing has changed about this trò chơi we understand most of the nhận xét is people who maybe help make this game to say good things about this khổng lồ say positive thing its broken we really vị understand but stop please game is still broken still since years ago non stop dropping items another getting outfits is so wrong its a Minecraft knock off but its own thing but at the worse ever we thought hey why not since we seen updates omg they didnt even matter its updates that dont even help fix the game until you care about the people who wanna play without frustration or trying lớn fix the problem themself all we say we would give a big fat 0 star rate but its not possible lặng not hating on the devs or if staff of this trò chơi Im just saying its lượt thích spitting in faces & saying shut up và here is your game dont care to care is khổng lồ listen to lớn the peoples answers this is worse the pixel ark và that game is the most broken và money grab game ever so stop what your doing & listen.

Can you please địa chỉ cửa hàng a update & the update is a steam punk update.

Hin ti th mc vng game gim xung 1 t, ti hy vng vào tng li nh pht trin c th sa hon ton c li ny,ti chc mini world s ngy cng pht trin mnh m hn.

First of all we were going on our ipad and then we wanted lớn play this game but when we tried khổng lồ type it doesn’t work! Plss fix.

How vì chưng you give a negative rating to this **** game.

So when the sand worm ate us then we die but then we were flying so mini world pls fix the bug pls we would be happy.