Chilled Coconut Rice Pudding With Rhubarb Jam


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coconut rice is a versatile side dish

This creamy, tropical rice is subtly flavored and has a dreamy texture ~ it’s wonderful with Asian and Southeast Asian foods, as well as Hawaiian & Polynesian recipes. It’s definitely something you want to lớn have in your recipe file, in fact, why not memorize it, because after you’ve tasted it you’ll want khổng lồ use it all the time. (I always have a couple of cans of coconut milk & a bag of jasmine rice in my cupboard.)

what is coconut rice?

Coconut rice is rice (jasmine rice works best,) that is cooked in a combination of water và coconut milk along with a pinch of sugar and salt.

what does coconut rice taste like?

You might be surprised khổng lồ learn that coconut rice has a very subtle flavor, and it doesn’t taste like dessert!A dash of salt & a pinch of sugar serves khổng lồ bring out the coconut flavor, but it’s still a background note.Coconut rice will not overpower or compete with your main dish.Coconut rice has a very appealing moist creamy texture which is just as important as the flavor.

the best rice for coconut rice


canned coconut milk is a pantry staple

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garnish suggestions

sliced or chopped jalapeño pepperschopped cilantrotoasted coconutlime wedgessliced green onionssliced almonds

what goes well with coconut rice