The citrus orchard by nature & garden


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“Promise me you"ll always remember: You"re braver than you believe, và stronger than you seem, và smarter than you think.” ― A.A. Milne
Oh what to do with all those apples and oranges you find on sell & buy this time of year. If your family is lượt thích mine, I sometimes have so many, they all don"t get eaten! Whether yours eat them up as fast as you can buy them or not, drying apples và oranges for Christmas/Winter decorations is cheap and easy!! (My two favorite subjects)!I"ve been drying both for years. You can địa chỉ the dried slices to potpourri, flower arrangements, Christmas present toppers (tied on), string in a garland, hang as ornaments , or just sitting in a bowl or mason jar as a decoration.Below is a tutorial followed by pictures of the finished product!!Materials:Pizza pan with holes OR cookie sheetparchment paper1 medium sized táo bị cắn --6 slices1 medium kích thước navel orange--6 sliceslemon juice ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg (optional) Raffia in any color you like (I lượt thích the natural)1. Line the pizza or cookie sheet with parchment paper (so the slices won"t stick). My pizza pan is well worn! I lượt thích the pizza pan because it has holes on the bottom & aids in the drying time.

2. Slice the apple & the orange as thin as you are able making sure it is a whole slice, Arrange on the pan.

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3. Brush or dab lemon juice on the táo apple slices lớn aid in keeping their "white" appearance" as they dry. 4. Sprinkle lightly the tops of the slices with ground cinnamon, cloves, or nutmeg. This is optional. One of my bff"s does NOT lượt thích the smell of any of those spices so this step would be cut out for her!!

5.. Now there are two ways to lớn dry these: Air dry, which will take several days OR using your oven which takes about 6 hours phối at 150 lớn 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The air drying is cheaper of course. Turn after one day. Oven drying, turn over after a few hours & sprinkle with spices again.When you are finished drying, using raffia or jute string, string through the natural holes that the fruit makes & knot.

You can also add the dried oranges and apples khổng lồ potpourri, dried arrangements, or whatever you wish. Simple, cheap, easy. & they smell divine!!