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The NC State nhatroso.com is based on clear, straightforward messaging. Use these downloadable assets as you craft your communications, and be sure to kiểm tra back often as this toolkit will continue khổng lồ evolve with new assets và examples.

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Read through the entire nhatroso.com site to make sure you understand rules, guidelines and how everything works together before using these assets to lớn create university-related promotions. These assets are only to lớn be used for official university communications. Bởi not use them lớn promote private businesses or for individual purposes.

If you have any questions or problems as you use these assets, contact University Communications at ncstatenhatroso.com


Digital & Vector Logos

NC State logotype files are font-independent. The prescribed Univers fonts vày not need khổng lồ be loaded on your system, and no license is needed. The PNG files of the NC State brick for web uses are available in several sizes, from the smallest allowable lớn the largest. The EPS files have been created as line-art vector files and are the only logos that should ever be used for print because vector files will print cleanly at any size. The JPG logos should only be used for PowerPoint or Microsoft Office documents.

Download trắng text on red brick 4x1
Download white text on black brick 4x1
Download red letters only 4x1
Download black letters only 4x1
Download white text on red brick 2x2
Download white text on đen brick 2x2
Download red letters only 2x2
Download black letters only 2x2
Download trắng text on red brick 2x1
Download trắng text on đen brick 2x1
Download red letters only 2x1
Download black letters only 2x1

Color Palette

Our màu sắc Palette (PDF)
Our Tints và Shades (ZIP)

Software-Specific màu sắc Palettes

For easy access khổng lồ the correct colors, import the following palettes into your Adobe Creative Suite programs. Lớn use the files, xuất hiện the Swatches palette in your program và click on the top right menu. Select “Open Swatch Library” & then select “Other Library.” Navigate to lớn where the downloaded swatch file is located on your computer.

Adobe Swatch Libraries



Use our phối of on-nhatroso.com icons to địa chỉ visual interest và illustrate important facts & figures within your web và print content.

Icons can be changed to lớn any color in NC State"s màu sắc palette. Either place a trắng icon on a field of color, or convert an icon"s màu sắc for use on a trắng background. Only use one màu sắc per icon. Icons should not be altered or combined.

The EPS, PNG and SVG files are available below. For print projects, use the EPS files to lớn ensure that icons print clearly at any size. PNG files should only be used in PowerPoint & Microsoft Office. SVG files are for web purposes.

Bootstrap Framework

To make it easier lớn stay on nhatroso.com, use the NC State flavor of Bootstrap for web styles, including fonts, colors and more.

GitHub (requires NC State login)DocumentationVisual Reference

Web Fonts

Because we’re creating a consistent visual identity across as many mediums as possible, all NC State websites must use the university’s fonts family — Univers — exclusively. We have these fonts centrally hosted, and we’ve created an easy-to-use code snippet for embedding them on your website. The following are font-family names for Univers và Glypha typefaces.


Three different font-weight are available in each family.

Light: 300Roman: 400Bold: 700

If you use the NC State flavor of Bootstrap, website fonts will already be included on your site. You do not need lớn include this code as well.

Web fonts are only available on nhatroso.com.edu domains. For developmental purposes, website fonts will also load on localhost, *.local, và *.dev.

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nhatroso.com Utility Bar

The NC State nhatroso.com utility bar offers a simple way lớn connect our thousands of websites and let web users know where they are at all times. This element must appear at the đứng đầu of all official NC State sites. No content or padding of any kind may appear above this bar. The utility bar is available in various màu sắc combinations (black, gray and red) consistent with official university colors, but it may not be edited or altered in any way beyond the options presented when embedding. The utility bar should only be used if the NC State biểu tượng logo is prominently displayed in the upper portion of your site or if the brick option detailed below is used.


For certain entities operating under quality circumstances, the utility bar might not be required. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Website Communication will provide support for the utility bar but will rely on each unit’s internal web or IT staff to implement the bar. If you have questions about implementation or exceptions, e-mail Web Communication at web_feedback

The search box within the utility bar can tìm kiếm both your own site và the entire nhatroso.com.edu domain. Search results from the campus directory will also be added at a later date. To search your own site you must create a search engine through Google Custom Search. Khổng lồ hide ads on your custom search engine, follow the steps outlined in this OIT article. You will then need to insert your engine"s key in the googleCustomSearchCode variable. If this variable isn"t set, the utility bar will only perform a global nhatroso.com.edu search.

To better accommodate custom searches, you can specify the search box"s placeholder text using the placeholder variable. Spaces can be represented by "+" signs.

The utility bar is responsive. The maxWidth variable should be set khổng lồ your site"s maximum breakpoint to enable a fluid container width. If no maxWidth is set, the bar will align its contents to lớn the mặc định Bootstrap container sizes & breakpoints. The màu sắc of the utility bar can be changed by setting the màu sắc variable. Current màu sắc options include gray, red và black.

Additionally, the official 2x2 NC State brick may be used in place of the default black và white "NC State Home" button by adding the showBrick=1 variable, or by selecting the "Use NC State Brick?" option in the WordPress plugin settings. The brick option may be used in lieu of prominent display of the NC State logo in the upper portion of the site. Keep in mind that the brick will hang an additional 30px further than the bottom of the utility bar và should be reasonable accommodated by the site"s design.


Two options are available for implementation of the utility bar: installation via WordPress plugin or manual inclusion of the following script code:

The WordPress plugin is available for download here(.zip). Log into the WordPress Dashboard, & navigate to the "Plugins" tab. Select "Add New" khổng lồ upload the downloaded zip file and activate as normal. The utility bar will work without any further customization, but additional options detailed above are available under "Settings" -> "NC State Utility Bar".

To provide additional flexibility when meeting accessibility requirements, you can use the code below lớn specify the injection point of the utility bar. This is helpful when creating "Skip to lớn Main Content" links. The utility bar should be the first visible element on your page. If the div is not provided, the utility bar will be inserted as the first element inside of your tag.

Sites that were developed under the old nhatroso.com guidelines may continue using the old nhatroso.coming bar. These sites are grandfathered in for the immediate future, và you can liên hệ web_feedback

NC State web Platform

The NC State website Platform provides robust functionality for building all types of websites.

Two tiers are available. The free Tier is geared towards smaller groups with more basic communications needs. The Premium Tier includes additional functionality that facilitates higher-level marketing communication.

The NC State web Platform comes with a wealth of additional resources such as a thorough documentation guide và monthly workshops that are available to lớn all users. For more information, consult our breakdown of features within the free and Premium Tiers or our page layout schematic.

You can begin using the free Tier of the NC State website Platform today by requesting a site through OIT"s website Publishing service. If you are interested in using the Premium Tier, please liên hệ University Communications and marketing for more information và next steps.