Change the powerpoint background image


In case you need catchy PowerPoint presentations, then adding PowerPoint background images on slides will spice it up. PowerPoint background pictures visually depict the intended message at first sight. Side background images can be different depending on the information on that certain slide. Therefore, you need to lớn know how lớn insert background images in PowerPoint lớn make your presentation look creative & attractive.

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How to showroom Background Image in PowerPoint

Generally, using PowerPoint may require you khổng lồ get little knowledge about its features và interface. However, using this simple guide, you will be able to hack how to địa chỉ background image in PowerPoint without difficulty. There may be slight differences depending on the Office version you are using, & all are discussed. Follow these steps to showroom presentation background images using PowerPoint.

Step 1. Mở cửa the Format Background

Begin by opening the presentation and you wish to showroom background images. Then choose the slides to địa chỉ a background image. After the selection of slides, Right-click on the window and choose “Format Background.” & then, select the “Picture or texture fill” option under the Format background menu.

If you are using the version of PowerPoint 2010, you can select the "Design" > "Background" option. Then you can click "Background Styles" > "Format Background" và select the “Picture or texture fill” button.


Step 2. Upload Image lớn PowerPoint

There are three options to upload the image under “Insert picture from.”

Click the “File” option to showroom an image from your storage, either the computer or internet drive.Using the clipboard option, copy the image from storage or online và click “Clipboard” khổng lồ upload.Click “Online” to tìm kiếm and enjoy PowerPoint background images miễn phí download. You can also select the "Clip Art" option to upload the image in PowerPoint 2010.

Step 3. Adjust Images and Apply Changes

Apply your preferred adjustments on the image, including offsets, texture, rotation, & transparency. Finally, click “Reset Background” to lớn apply khổng lồ selected slides or “Apply khổng lồ All” lớn apply lớn all slides.

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A Powerful Software for You

Besides knowing about adding background images in PowerPoint, bởi vì you know how to showroom a background in Well, khổng lồ achieve this operation, it is necessary for you lớn possess a powerful software. nhatroso.comelement - Editor, a powerful editing tool, is the best choice for you because it is simple và easy to & deliver quality content for easy và efficient communication. It’s supported Windows & Mac, among other popular operating systems hence suitable for everyone. The following are the key features of nhatroso.comelement.

Edit nhatroso.coms easily either by adding images, backgrounds, text, or graphs.Convert multiple document formats to & from format easily without chất lượng loss.Secure nội dung from unauthorized access.Add comments and đánh giá to nhatroso.coms for other users to lớn review.Easily create and edit forms, either or online forms, with options lớn fill.Digitally sign documents khổng lồ authorize contracts remotely for your enterprise.Create documents by scanning or converting images to data from images or scanned using the OCR feature.

How lớn Edit the Background Using nhatroso.comelement

Using nhatroso.comelement, you can easily địa chỉ cửa hàng and edit background images lớn your document. Here is a simple guide on how to lớn edit the background using nhatroso.comelement.

Step 1. Mở cửa the

Open the document you want khổng lồ edit background using nhatroso.comelement. On the nhatroso.comelement window, click the “Edit” button. Then select the “Background” option & select “New Background” from the background menu.

Step 2. Select Background Image

Proceed khổng lồ select màu sắc or image lớn be the background of the Click “File” lớn upload the image from your computer.

Step 3. Adjust Image Appearance & Page Range

Make adjustments khổng lồ the image using the rotation, appearance, & opacity features. Then you can select the pages to lớn apply the background image using the “Page Range” or “Even or Odd pages” option. Alternatively, you can apply lớn all pages by checking the “All” option. Khổng lồ effect the changes, click “OK.”