How to get rid of mosquitoes: 15 proven methods from the experts

Mosquitoes can spread viruses leading khổng lồ illness và diseaseRemoving still or stagnant water can repel mosquitoesMosquito repellent plants can help prevent mosquitoes

At your wits end wondering how khổng lồ get rid of mosquitoes in the house or apartment?

Anyone who lives in an area where mosquitoes are prevalent understands the constant struggle of keeping them under control. These insects can cause numerous fatal diseases, such as malaria, dengue & yellow fever, but, fortunately, most people just suffer the typical symptoms, which are itchy mosquito bites. These are both annoying và irritating, but pretty low-risk.

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Are mosquitoes dangerous?

For most people, mosquito bites are just a nuisance. However, there are some mosquitoes that spread viruses that result in disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control và Prevention, West Nile virut is the most common virut spread by mosquitoes in the continental United States. Therefore, it"s important lớn get rid of mosquitoes to lớn reduce the chances of contracting any vi khuẩn that could lead lớn illness.

Why am I getting so many mosquitoes in my house?

The biggest draw for mosquitoes is still and stagnant water, so if you have water sitting in a sink or pet bowls, collecting around plants or standing in a tub, these could attract mosquitoes. If you don"t remove stagnant bodies of water, the more likely you"ll have indoor mosquitoes. Therefore, the first step in how to get rid of mosquitoes in the house is to lớn make sure you have no still or stagnant water in the house.

How lớn repel mosquitoes with natural mosquito repellent

It"s easy lớn learn how to lớn get rid of mosquitoes in the house. Mosquito traps and chemical mosquito repellent products can help reduce your chances of getting bit. However, those chemicals aren"t good for you or the environment. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy, natural repellents lớn turn khổng lồ instead of using chemicals lớn repel mosquitoes.

Try using these natural mosquito repellent options next time the little buggers start sniffing around your space. Then, sit back và cackle maniacally as they start dropping lượt thích flies. No one will judge. In fact, we"ll cheer you on.

1. Camphor

You probably know camphor better as a salve that people rub on their chests when sick with a cold. This pungent substance helps to xuất hiện up the nasal passages lớn allow for easier breathing. The same quality makes it helpful in keeping mosquitoes at cất cánh because they"re easily overwhelmed by the scent.

Camphor comes in a few forms that are effective at eliminating mosquitoes. If you choose the version that burns, all you have to vì chưng is close all of the doors & then, light the camphor. After about 30 minutes, you"ll notice that you won"t find any mosquitoes.

The easier way to vị it, however, is probably to lớn buy camphor tablets. Place it in a bowl of water (out of reach of pets and children because it"s toxic when ingested) & then, replace it every few days. The scent should drive them away & keep them that way!

2. Garlic

Garlic has several properties that help keep mosquitoes away. They don"t lượt thích the sulfur in garlic, so mosquitoes try to lớn get away from it. Also, garlic juice is deadly khổng lồ mosquitoes, so if they get a hold of that, it"s the end of the road. To chạy thử this method out, you can crush a few cloves of garlic và boil them in water. Then, pour the solution in a spray bottle và spray it around your room, garage, etc.

This solution made up of garlic should kill mosquitoes instantly. And, the scent will dissipate lớn your nose within minutes, so no need khổng lồ worry about your trang chủ reeking of the stuff. Don"t have time for all that? Eat some garlic, và the scent on your breath will keep mosquitoes at cất cánh in the short term.

3. Coffee grounds

You won"t have to lớn look too far to find this mosquito-repelling ingredient! Almost everyone has coffee grounds in their apartment, and it"s one of the best natural ways in how lớn get rid of mosquitoes in the house.

Coffee grounds are a great option if your trang chủ has a problem with standing water. This is because stagnant water increases the number of mosquitoes around, so all you need to do is pour coffee grounds into it. Mosquito eggs will come up khổng lồ the surface and die due to lớn not having any oxygen. Coffee grounds also repel existing mosquitoes và many other types of pesky bugs!

4. Oải hương oil


Next on our danh mục of how khổng lồ get rid of mosquitoes is a popular essential oil. A far more pleasing scent (for humans, anyway) is that of oải hương oil, another effective natural mosquito repellant. Mosquitoes hate the scent of oải hương oil, so use this lớn your advantage!

Keep mosquitoes away by spraying oải hương oil around your trang chủ and surrounding areas. Fun fact: You can also put some on your body toàn thân to repel mosquitoes and avoid getting bit! A few drops of lavender oil also go a long way toward soothing an existing bite, too.

5. Mint

Similar to lavender oil, mosquitoes also hate the smell of mint. Once again, use this Achilles heel khổng lồ your advantage. Take fresh mint leaves or mint oil & place it strategically around the home. Bonus points if you create a homemade sachet or two! You can also consider growing mint shrubs in pots on the patio to lớn keep them away for good.

6. Dry ice

This is a more time-consuming mosquito repellent method, but it works exceptionally well. Simply place dry ice inside a container or trap, and, eventually, it will attract mosquitoes due khổng lồ its carbon dioxide emissions. They"ll get trapped & die inside of it.

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Note: Wear gloves or an oven mitt when handling dry ice. It"s extremely cold và can freeze your skin if touched for too long. Definitely take steps to lớn keep it out of reach of pets, children and adults, who really should know better.

7. Tea tree oil

One of the rock stars of essential oils, tea tree oil contains numerous anti-bacterial properties that are beneficial in treating different injuries và illnesses. Plus, it"s nice & smelly (in a good way for humans), so a little bit is all it takes khổng lồ keep mosquitoes from being a nuisance.

It"s easy enough to lớn concoct a homemade tea tree oil spray. Just mix a few drops of tea tree oil in some water and showroom it to lớn a spray bottle. Spritz the solution around your trang chủ and it"ll quickly become mosquito-free!

8. Basil leaves


Basil isn"t just a savory herb, it"s also a great ingredient in how khổng lồ get rid of mosquitos in the house. The leaves of this plant actually are toxic khổng lồ mosquitoes & other bugs, so when mosquito larvae chow down, they quickly die! You can simply plant a basil plant or two at the entry points of your trang chủ to effectively reduce the number of mosquitoes that make it to maturity. Bonus — snap off some basil leaves và concoct your own fragrant, mosquito-repellent spray!

9. Pinion wood

If you"re one of those renters who"s blessed with an outdoor fire pit or fireplace space at your property, consider stocking up on pinion wood before the next evening out. Mosquitoes can"t handle the smell of this particular wood và will die pretty quickly. Just be sure to purchase authentic pinion wood khổng lồ get the job done because some brands will label it as such, but it"s really just pine wood.

10. Citronella plant

Citronella is a popular ingredient in all sorts of mosquito-repellent products, and many people keep them on hand in candle form. However, citronella is also one of many mosquito-repellent plants. Lớn increase the mosquito-fighting oomph of your space, pick up a citronella plant or two, & keep them near mosquito-prone areas. They should go a long way in the fight lớn get rid of mosquitoes.

11. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of a few natural ingredients that, when mixed together with other specific ingredients, creates a shockingly effective mosquito repellant spray. Simply combine one-quarter of a cup of táo cider vinegar with one-quarter cup of witch hazel. Then, địa chỉ cửa hàng some essential oils for scent. Ideally, use one with anti-mosquito properties, lượt thích eucalyptus or citronella. Once mixed, put the concoction in a spray bottle. Be sure to shake it up before every spritz. Spray where needed lớn stop mosquitoes.

12. Sage and rosemary

Mosquitoes also detest the scent of burning rosemary và sage, making it a great addition in how to get rid of mosquitos in the house. If the community grill area has a problem with the insects, just place a sprig or two on the coals & enjoy a mosquito-free cooking experience.

13. Attract some birds


Birds love khổng lồ nosh on mosquitoes, so attract feathery friends lớn keep bugs at bay. Simply địa chỉ cửa hàng a bird feeder or two khổng lồ the porch or balcony. This will bring them to lớn the area, where they will hopefully pick up a few mosquitos as an appetizer.

14. Use a fan

If mosquitoes make it hard lớn enjoy the apartment balcony, pick up a fan! The aggravating insects are not strong fliers và will do whatever they can to lớn stay away from a serious breeze. As an added bonus, you"ll stay nice and cool during those hot and humid mosquito-riddled months.

15. Get rid of standing water

Here"s one all-natural way lớn get rid of mosquitoes that don"t require any sort of purchase. Everyone knows that mosquitoes love standing water, and adult mosquitoes lay their eggs there. Stop them in their tracks by cutting them off at the source. Eliminate any standing water in and around your property.

For example, old potted plants without proper drainage on the balcony tend khổng lồ collect rainwater that serves as an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. Also, notify the property manager if there are any drainage issues on the ground outside. Be sure khổng lồ submit the maintenance request in writing.

How to treat mosquito bites

Treating mosquito bites is quick và easy. Follow these steps to lớn alleviate mosquito bites.

Start by washing the affected area with soap và water. Dry thoroughly.Place an ice pack on the affected area khổng lồ reduce itching và swelling. Reapply as needed.To help reduce itching, make a paste of 1 tablespoon of baking soda và enough water to create the paste. Apply lớn the affected area. Wash off after 10 minutes.If the paste doesn"t help alleviate itching, apply an over-the-counter anti-itch or antihistamine medication according lớn the product"s directions.

See ya, skeeters

Sure, mosquitoes are an essential part of the world"s ecosystem, but that doesn"t mean we have khổng lồ keep "em fed. So, try a few of these proven, natural ways to lớn get rid of mosquitoes. What have you got to lớn lose?