The 7 best ways to get rid of mosquitoes


Hate mosquitoes? Hate mosquito bites more? Join the club. Giảm giá khuyến mãi with these annoying insects with everything from DIY bug spray to garlic water.

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As the saying goes, “If you think you’re too small to lớn make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” These pesky creatures are the bane of our skin’s existence, but there are plenty of methods you can use to effectively repel them when the need arises.

How lớn Get Rid of Mosquitos

DIY Bug SprayAnother DIY Bug SprayLemon EucalyptusPeppermintRosemary và SageEgg Cartons và Coffee TraysGarlic Water

Let’s dive further into each.

1. DIY Bug Spray

Use this (almost) all-natural insect spray to lớn repel mosquitoes as well as other insects like flies. Chop one small opens in a new windowonion and one head of garlic. Phối together with four cups of water, four teaspoons of cayenne pepper, và one tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Spray around your deck and in places where your children play (rather than on the children themselves). This mixture will last a week or so if stored in a jar with a tight-fitting lid và kept in a dark, cool place.

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2. Another DIY Bug Spray

If you’re uncomfortable with all of the unpronounceable ingredients in commercial bug sprays, try making this natural version. Mix together a quarter cup of táo cider vinegar, a quarter cup of witch hazel, & around 20 drops of a combination of any the following essential oils: rosemary, citronella, tea tree, cedar, eucalyptus, or lemongrass. Transfer the mixture lớn a spray bottle, & shake before each use. Spray directly on exposed skin và the bugs will stay away!

3. Lemon Eucalyptus

When shopping for a natural mosquito repellent, look for one that contains oil of lemon eucalyptus. It’s extremely effective & provides long-lasting protection.

4. Peppermint

Looking for an effective, yet natural way to combat mosquitoes? Try peppermint! Combine a few drops of peppermint opens in a new windowessential oil with one cup of water in a spray bottle, shake well, & spray onto skin. Not only will the chemical compounds in peppermint help repel the blood-sucking beasts, but you’ll also smell minty fresh!

5. Rosemary và Sage

Do mosquitoes hover over the grill when you barbecue? Next time, place a few springs of rosemary or sage on đứng đầu of the coals. They’ll repel mosquitoes, leaving your meat in peace.

6. Egg Cartons & Coffee Trays

Mosquitoes are a pain each summer, but you don’t have to lớn buy citronella candles, mosquito coils, or the latest gadget—you can just use cardboard egg cartons và coffee trays (the kind you get when you order more than a couple of coffees to-go). Light them on fire, then blow them out and let them smolder in a fire-safe location. The burning smell they produce is pleasant, but keeps mosquitoes away.

7. Garlic Water

Citronella candles are great for repelling insects, but they can be pricey. Get the same effect for much cheaper by mixing opens in a new windowgarlic with water & spraying it near all your outdoor light bulbs. As the bulbs heat up, they’re spread a faint garlicky scent across your yard, which will keep mosquitoes và other bugs away.

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