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Because pearls are coated with a layer of nacre is organic matter should use you should avoid to liên hệ with perfume, lotions, water wipe nail polish, và hair sprays, lemon, vinegar ... & detergents or other volatile chemicals. As if exposure khổng lồ these substances will pearls gradually eroded. Best use of time, you should soak wash with warm water (not a brush), then wipe gently with a soft cloth, the pearl cốt tông will naturally shiny.

JEWELRY WITH ASSOCIATED gemstones / SELL YOU AS: RUBY, SAPPHIRE, SPINELL, Tourmaline, Garnet, Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine, TOPAZ ...

When using vị not let jewelry gemstones, semi-precious stones & other hard objects touching khổng lồ avoid scratches or blemishes will cause no longer beautiful stones và decrease in value.

Cleaning products should gemstones, semi-precious stones with a soft brush & warm soapy water. Khổng lồ increase the sheen of precious and semiprecious stones, you can wipe with oil or beeswax colorless.

You should be preserved products such as precious stones, semi-precious stones on. However, due to lớn special characteristics of the rocks are soft and need to lớn get out drive seed in the cleaning process, so when demand refresh of jewelry, you should go khổng lồ the store of lớn his jewelry was the most perfect care.

Diamonds can not wear normal due to impacts since it has very high stiffness, but need lớn keep clean khổng lồ get permanent brightness. You can soak in warm soapy water for about 30 minutes then rinse with clean water & wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Since kim cương has a hardness is highly recommended diamond jewelry should be stored separately from other jewelry to lớn prevent scratches.

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White gold with ivory should be processed when the jewelry often have coating a substance called Rhodium lớn create bright white like Platinum.

White gold when used under the influence of factors such as time, sweat and even the nature of the trắng gold so it can be stained, so to jewelry trắng gold always bright at intervals of 4 to 6 months, you should bring the product to a new system lớn make the

When used in gold jewelry, you should note:

Do not get gold exposure to mercury, drugs hairdressing, hair dye & some cosmetics because these substances will make gold fell color.

To always bright yellow, each week should use soft toothbrush dipped in soap or toothpaste brush wash in & out trinkets khổng lồ remove dirt and sweat clinging to. When jewelry is wet, vị not dry themselves lớn jewelery which have elastic cotton cloth or soft paper wipe dry.

Over long periods of use, the jewelry can be reduced gloss levels, was pale yellow, translucent. To lớn return to the original state only shiny only way is clean, new cement, polishing the jewelery specialized instruments. All stores are service polishing, ultrasonic cleaning permanent free products, private services xi new product wedding rings are free, while the other sản phẩm lines the customer will pay one reasonable fee, depending on the product category.

Wearing long silver jewelry can be dimmed. Silver is oxidized when exposed lớn air, strong light & chemicals such as hairspray, perfume, bleach, seawater, ...

For silver jewelry is always bright, you should soak và wash gently in mild detergent water (water Washing dishes, cups) mixed with clean water. Then rinse with clean water & use a soft cloth khổng lồ thoroughly dry. Absolutely no water use detergent strong detergent properties.

To ensure & maintain the beauty of silver jewelry, should be kept & avoid collision while wearing or using any device that directly impact the jewelry.


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