How to track viber messages, calls and locations remotely quickly 2022


You want track other people’s Viber Messages, calls.

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The secret is not afraid of being discovered, don’t miss 10 minutes khổng lồ read the tutorial below.

Viber messaging application is developed by Japanese corporation Rakuten. The company’s national headquarters is in Japan. Rakuten has been classified by Forbes among the đôi mươi most innovative companies in the world. Và company becomes the club Barcelona main global partner. Viber was developed khổng lồ help people connect with each other quickly by texting or calling. More features & convenience than facebook messenger or whatsapp, telegram.


Track Viber Messages, Call

Viber says that conversations, voice messages or clip calls, whether with one person or in a chat group of hundreds of people, need khổng lồ be kept private and completely secure. Khổng lồ make sure, Viber uses end-to-end encryption. No one can see, read và listen to them – not even Viber. When sending a Viber message, the data goes from the user’s device khổng lồ the recipient’s device in the khung of a random code that only the recipient’s device can decrypt. Once the message has been sent, no data is stored on Viber’s servers.

Because viber is 100% sure not lớn be hacked. Don’t believe online advertisements. They will cheat và take your money.

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So you want to lớn spy other people’s viber. No need khổng lồ install tracking software?

Yes, let’s start!

First, you need to lớn download the software và install Viber on your computer or PC. Click install to the step that shows the QR code on the right hand side as shown below, then stop.

Download link:


QR code here


Next step, get their phone and scan a QR code on your tablet or your PC.


Next, move the camera lớn the QR code on PC


Just a few simple steps. You have already used their Viber tài khoản on your computer. All information of calls, messages you can see easily and immediately.


Note: When successfully logged in, Viber will display a login warning on their phone. You need to mở cửa the message và delete it. So they won’t know you’re track their viber.




This is the fastest way for you to track viber messages, calls. If you want khổng lồ find information in Vietnam. Please liên hệ :