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With the Wells Fargo ExpressSend service, you can send money from your eligible Wells Fargo checking or savings accounts lớn your family or friends (beneficiaries) in Asia at the following Remittance Network Members:China – Agricultural bank of China†India – ICICI Bank†, HDFC Bank†, Axis Bank†Philippines – ngân hàng of the Philippine Islands, BDO Unibank, Metrobank, Philippine National Bank, M. Lhuillier*, Cebuana Lhuillier*Vietnam – Vietinbank, Vietcombank* Cash pick-up remittances only

† Credit to account remittances only

To learn more about the transfer limits to each Remittance Network Member, visit ExpressSend transfer limits.

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Fees and exchange rates vary by remittance network member, and/or the amount sent.

China – U.S. Dollars lớn U.S. Dollars

India – U.S. Dollars to Indian rupees

Philippines – U.S. Dollars to Philippine pesos

Vietnam – U.S. Dollars khổng lồ U.S. Dollars

Estimate how much it will cost to send money to lớn your family và friends around the world with the ExpressSend Remittance Cost Estimator.

Step 1 – Contact us. Talk khổng lồ your Wells Fargo banker khổng lồ learn about the options available và select the one that best fits your needs.

Step 2 – Provide your beneficiary"s information.

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Tell us who should receive the money (beneficiary) & how you want your beneficiary to receive the money (cash pick-up or deposit to your beneficiary’s account).

You must be the sole owner, a primary or secondary joint owner or have power nguồn of attorney on the funding tài khoản to use ExpressSend. If you are using a joint trương mục to send Remittances, you should be aware that the Service Agreement is opened on an individual basis in your name only. If the other joint owners wish to lớn send Remittances using the joint account, each joint owner must complete a Service Agreement.

Information required

When completing the ExpressSend Service Agreement, you must provide:

The name, address, & telephone number of your beneficiary, và the Remittance Network Member(s) khổng lồ which your funds should be sent.Your beneficiary’s full physical address, which must be located in the country to lớn which your remittance is being sent. Post office box addresses are not allowed.Your beneficiary’s telephone number, which must either be a number in the country lớn which your remittance is lớn be sent or a U.S. Telephone number. You must also indicate whether the number is a thiết bị di động line or land line.

We will be unable lớn establish your Service Agreement if you vày not provide this information. 

Customers who are minors are not allowed khổng lồ enroll in the Wells Fargo ExpressSend service. Many countries have restrictions that limit the ability of a minor khổng lồ be the Beneficiary of a remittance transaction. The Sender must ensure that their beneficiary is eligible to receive the funds sent to the designated Remittance Network Member.