Simple ways to log into pokemon go

Official imagery for Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Pokemon GO is one of the most accessible titles in the franchise. This is due lớn the platform it is available on. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days which bridges the gap between the clip game industry and the everyday person. The same can also be said for social truyền thông rather than gaming.

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Given the shared demographic between the two industries, many online sản phẩm điện thoại games give players a way to link their Facebook accounts khổng lồ a game. This is done lớn give players an easier way lớn log into their accounts rather than having khổng lồ remember a username and password. However, this isn"t without its issues.

Occasionally, this method of logging in khổng lồ an online tài khoản can have a few hiccups. Why this happens so often is unknown. However, they usually have some relatively simple fixes to lớn help remedy the issue khổng lồ get players back out to lớn continue filling their Pokedex. So how can players fix the Facebook login glitch?

Logging in to Pokemon GO via Facebook

Of course, many speculate that this issue occurs due to lớn a slight issue with the servers for either Pokemon GO or Facebook. Regardless, the fix for this connectivity issue is a relatively simple one. This could be as simple as closing và re-opening the ứng dụng or it could be an issue with the player"s internet.

The first thing players should always check when encountering this issue is that the applications for both the game and Facebook are up khổng lồ date. Conflicting versions of an application can often cause issues if they are a version behind what live servers support. This can be checked via the player"s respective ứng dụng store.

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If both applications are up khổng lồ date, restarting the application should be attempted next. Fully close out of the Pokemon GO application and open it again. This should bring up the prompt to sign into the player"s profile again. Simply request khổng lồ sign in via Facebook once again & it may start working.


It is also entirely possible for the servers for one or both of the apps khổng lồ be down in the player"s area. Many websites can be found online as khổng lồ allow players to kiểm tra the statuses of various servers for online services. If players cannot log in after a few attempts, checking the status of the applications" servers may offer insight.

If the servers are down for the player"s area, wait an hour or two before trying khổng lồ log in again. Though it may be unfortunate for players wanting to lớn play Pokemon GO right now, this is the only option available. However, it may also be an issue with the player"s internet or thiết bị di động data provider. What should someone vị in this case?

A quick restart of the player"s router could solve this issue. If there is a problem with the internet, players should check with their provider khổng lồ see if the online services are down. The same goes is applicable if they are trying to lớn sign in using their điện thoại data. If the services are down, wait a while before trying again.