How to use facetime on iphone, ipad, or ipod touch

How cool is the world today — we get khổng lồ travel on a scale never known khổng lồ people before, we work from home, and clip chat with loved ones from work. Wherever we decide to be today, we stay connected. Luckily, Mac has a built-in video clip and audio calling app just for that.

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FaceTime for Mac is completely không tính tiền and as long as the person you’re calling has an táo device supporting FaceTime (iPhone 4, máy tính bảng ipad 2, & macOS 10.9.2 or later) — you’re good to go.


How khổng lồ use FaceTime to receive calls on your Mac

You will see a pop-up window. If FaceTime is closed, you’ll see a notification in the top-right corner.The notification will tell you who’s calling if you have their details in the Contacts appIf you want khổng lồ speak with them, click AcceptOn macOS Monterey, if you receive a FaceTime link, you can join by clicking the linkWhen you want to end the call click the red handset icon.

Tip: Use Meeter app to schedule recurring FaceTime calls. The app is also a huge time-saver if you use more than one đoạn phim conferencing service (say, FaceTime and Zoom). Meeter brings all your scheduled meetings into one spot in the menu bar, & sends you notifs with clickable meeting links so that you can join instantly.


What is FaceTime for groups?

Group FaceTime is, naturally, for times when you need to get a group of people together, be it a family gathering or business meeting. The FaceTime ứng dụng allows for up to lớn 32 participants in the same active video chat.

To make a Group FaceTime call on Mac:

Open the FaceTime tiện ích > New FaceTimeEnter contact details (either name, phone number, or thư điện tử address) of all the people you want to lớn Group FaceTime separated by commas. Or select each one individually from Contacts.Click the green clip button to begin the Group FaceTime video clip chatTo địa chỉ cửa hàng more people lớn an active Group FaceTime call, click on the lower-left corner of an active Group FaceTime window lớn show the sidebar, then địa chỉ Person to enter their information, and select showroom to invite them.

On macOS Monterey, the videos of people who join a group FaceTime hotline will appear in same-sized tiles in a grid view. When someone is speaking their tile is highlighted. You can also benefit from Monterey’s Portrait mode (click your tile > video clip Effects).

How lớn stop unwanted FaceTime calls?

FaceTime allows you to instantly block any caller at any time should you wish to bởi vì so:

Open FaceTimeSign in with your táo bị cắn IDSearch for a particular caller you want khổng lồ blockRight-click on their number > choose Block This Caller.

How to lớn stop receiving FaceTime calls on Mac?

If you no longer wish to receive FaceTime calls on your Mac at all, you could either turn FaceTime off or sign out of the app:

Open FaceTimeSelect FaceTime in the menu bar > Turn FaceTime Off or Preferences > Sign out.

To make or receive calls again, just turn FaceTime on or sign back in.

Sometimes you just want to lớn minimize distractions while working or doing other important tasks on your Mac. In this case, try Focus. This app temporarily blocks all disturbances for as long or as short as you want. It also lets you create your own productivity schedule with built-in “work & relax” times to easily get back lớn work when your break is over.

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Focus allows you to lớn precisely fine-tune your blocking: entire apps and websites or just a single page on a specific website. When you try lớn visit a blocked site or application, you’ll see a gray screen with motivational phrases to lớn stay productive (you can choose from an extensive catalog of quotes or create your own).


Replace FaceTime with a solution for async video calls

Even with SharePlay available on Monterey, FaceTime remains a poor solution for remote team collaboration. It takes too much time to địa chỉ cửa hàng people khổng lồ group calls, screen sharing is very limited, and there’s no way khổng lồ exchange information in an async mode. This is why, for everyone who works remotely, we recommend trying Yac instead of FaceTime.

Yac lets you send async video clip messages —with screen shares và participant videos. You can draw on screen shares, annotate, record your voice, & send those messages anytime, no matter the time zone, because your team will be able to watch/play those messages at the time when it’s most convenient for them.


What to do when FaceTime for Mac is not working?

There are a few things to kiểm tra when you experience a glitch with FaceTime. First, check that your apple ID is valid, & make sure both the caller & you have the correct contact details (emails or phone numbers must be associated with your hãng apple ID for a FaceTime điện thoại tư vấn to go through).

If that didn’t help, kiểm tra that your thư điện tử address is verified in FaceTime ➙ Preferences (if not — look for a verification thư điện tử and follow the instructions). Also ensure that you’ve selected all the checkboxes next khổng lồ the thư điện tử addresses & phone numbers in Preferences.

Update to the latest macOS version and kiểm tra that the person you’re calling is running at least macOS Mojave (10.14.1) or tiện ích ios 12.1.

Sometimes, the problem might be hiding in your time zone. Make sure you choose the correct country in FaceTime Preferences. Check your time zone in System Preferences: the region where your FaceTime trương mục is registered should correlate with the location on your Mac — otherwise the wrong phone number might be used. To fix this, go System Preferences > Date và Time > set Automatically > click on Time Zone > choose the nearest city.

Finally, kiểm tra that you’re connected to the internet và your tốc độ is sufficient enough (at least 128 kbps, or 1 mbps for HD FaceTime clip calls)

If you bởi vì have problems with the internet connection, try WiFi Explorer, a network analyzer that helps identify và fix common network problems with your connection without involving a professional. WiFi Explorer scans your network environment (band range, signal quality, security status, etc.), identifies channel conflict and coverage issues, và gives you recommendations to lớn improve your WiFi.

Visual graphs in WiFi Explorer make it easy for you to assess the situation at a glance without diving deep into the numbers.


How khổng lồ fix SharePlay not working in FaceTime?

It’s obviously best lớn use FaceTime on macOS Monterey và later. Starting with Monterey, users get access to the SharePlay feature — the capability to giới thiệu screen, watch movies, & listen to lớn music during group calls in FaceTime. If SharePlay doesn’t work for you, here are a few things khổng lồ check:

Make sure you’ve enabled SharePlay: FaceTime Preferences > SharePlay.Check if the ứng dụng you’re trying lớn use for a SharePlay session actually supports SharePlay. Right now, only a limited number of apps such as táo bị cắn TV+ và Apple Music work with SharePlay.Make sure all the participants have a subscription. If you want to lớn watch a movie over FaceTime, for example, all the participants need khổng lồ have a valid táo bị cắn dở TV+ subscription.

Summing it up, FaceTime may be a great tool for daily interactions with your loved ones, but it lacks nguồn with video clip conferencing. As the world shifts towards remote và async work, it makes ever more sense khổng lồ replace pre-pandemic clip conferencing software with tools lượt thích Yac and Meeter, which would allow for more flexibility và easier remote collaboration.

Yac, Meeter, Focus, PliimPRO, & WiFi Explorer mentioned in this article are available on a không lấy phí trial through, a platform of more than 220 useful Mac apps và tools that could improve every interaction you have with your Mac. Time to hotline an old friend?