How do i log into my router?


NETGEAR Router Login – – sign in to lớn access admin panel, setup new wireless connection, change mặc định WiFi password settings.

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Not working? Try:

It is the configuration panel for your router & you can access it any time using your website browser to lớn make the required changes for your router. Update its firmware or troubleshoot of your router – all of this can be done.

How lớn access NETGEAR Router Admin Page?

Logging into NETGEAR wireless router admin page is an easy process and before you continue, make sure that you are connected lớn the NETGEAR Router’s network. Once that is done, follow these steps khổng lồ access NETGEAR Router Admin Page.

Launch your default Web Browser that you use lớn access the Internet.Press Enter.Type in the user name & password in the given fields. The default username is “admin” and the mặc định password is “password”. (Both username & password are case-sensitive.)Click on Log In.You will now be logged in into your NETGEAR Router Configuration Panel/

Troubleshoot common router admin page errors

Q1 – How lớn use the router password recovery feature?

By default your username is admin and password is password. However if you have changed the mặc định settings và have previously set “Password Recovery” feature on then –

Open your login interface at or Alternatively you can use or
When prompted Authentication Required dialog box click “Cancel”.You will be now on Router Password Recovery page where you require to enter the router’s Serial Number which you will find at the back of your router.Click Continue và in the next page answer two of the security questions you have previously set. (If you haven’t set, refer to lớn Q5).Click Continue và your password will be recovered.

Q2 – I am unable lớn gain access khổng lồ router admin settings page.

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There can be several reasons why you may not be able khổng lồ access the router admin page. Below we discussed some of most common questions và answers.

Try clearing your browser cookies & cache.Google Chrome: Click on
at top right > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data.Mozilla Firefox: Click on menu > Preference > Privacy & Security > Cookies và Site Data > Clear Data.Safari: open the browser > from top Menu click History > Clear History.Instead of or, try logging in via IP Addresses – or & even if it don’t work your internet service provider (ISP) may have assigned a different router gateway IP address. Learn how to find your Router IP Address.If you are unable to access wirelessly over WiFi then try connecting the Ethernet Port directly lớn your device và try again.
If you are connected lớn a VPN or corporate network the router login page may not work. Disconnect any such network & try accessing only being connected lớn your NETGEAR router.

Q3 – How lớn update my wireless router firmware?

New firmware version comes with latest security updates và bug fixes which is why it is always recommended to lớn keep your router software up-to-date. 

Whenever a router firmware update is available it will notify you in the settings page. Lớn perform an update –

Go to ADVANCED > Administration > Router Update.In firmware update assistant page, if an update is found > click YES.
Now it will automatically tải về and update the new software from NETGEAR server.

Note: The whole process takes about 2 minutes, vị not turn off nguồn or reset the router meanwhile. Your router will reboot once successfully updated.