How to change password wifi and name in router fpt telecom


To access your FPT Telecom FP804W you will need the IP address & the login data (username và password). Important: This is not the login data for your internet service provider.

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You can find this information in the Manual of your FPT Telecom FP804W router.If you don"t have the manual at hand or don"t want to search the complete manual for the login credentials, you can use the Quick install guide which you can find below.To access the router login page it is important that you are connected to lớn the router. Tip: If you have Wi-Fi problems and it is not possible to lớn connect to lớn the router, you can connect your computer và the router with a LAN cable.

Login Guide for FPT Telecom FP804W

Then you will see 2 fields where you can enter the router username and password.


According to lớn our database the mặc định username of your FPT Telecom FP804W router is admin
and the corresponding password is admin.Enter the username and password, click on the login button & now you should have access to lớn the user interface of the router.

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If the credentials do not work, try the following method

In the danh sách below you can find some of the most commonly used username/password combinations of FPT Telecom routers. Try the following combinations. If you have problems logging in to lớn the router or you have forgotten your password.


The most common IPs used by FPT Telecom routers

You have tried several different IP addresses và still none of them work? Then you should try the IP addresses from the following list.

Default Router IP

Nothing of the methods worked for me and I still not get access lớn my FPT Telecom FP804W!

If nothing helped & you really need access khổng lồ your FP804W router, there is also the possibility of a factory reset.In most cases you can perform a factory reset by pressing a small button on the back of the router for 10-20 seconds.After that the router lights up và needs some minutes khổng lồ reset all settings.After a factory reset the router loses the connection to lớn all other connected devices and some devices have khổng lồ be reconnected to the router after such a reset. If you are unsure, you should consult an expert lớn help you phối up the router again.