The 12 best reference apps to look up anything while on the go


You could also use your phone (if you have service!) to go to lớn a dictionary website.

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Or…you could download a dictionary app và always have definitions when you need them.

Dictionary apps are convenient (they make things easier for you).

There are many dictionary apps available for iPhone and Android.

Of course, you really only need one.

But how vì chưng you choose which one to lớn get?

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How lớn Choose the Right English Dictionary ứng dụng for You

Which English app you choose depends on what you need it lớn do.

What are you looking for in a dictionary app? Answering the following questions can help you decide:

Do you need your dictionary to lớn be available without a connection?Does it matter if the phầm mềm takes up a lot of space on your phone?

Let’s say you spend a lot of time reading on the subway, and you don’t have a lot of space left on your phone. In this case, you should get a dictionary phầm mềm that is small và has an offline option.

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See how easy that was?

Besides being convenient for looking up words, dictionary apps can be a great way to add to your vocabulary. Some of them even have special features that help you learn.

Study Buddies: The 9 Best Dictionary Apps for English Learners


Price: $2.99 Available for: iOS, Android


The dictionary ứng dụng is excellent for English learners because it has very easy-to-understand definitions. The site says it’s “as if your favorite teacher were explaining it to you.” Each definition has explanations of what the word means & also when (and how) you would use it. isn’t just a dictionary—it’s also a vocabulary building app. The phầm mềm can be customized (made to fit) for the way you learn. It gives you questions for vocabulary words based on how you và millions of other users answered past questions. It even turns learning into a game by letting you earn points.


Price: không lấy phí (with premium options) Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android


If you’re looking for a regular dictionary ứng dụng that still looks nice, has one for you. This phầm mềm is easy lớn use. It works offline, and lets you save words if you’re making a vocabulary danh mục (or just lượt thích how they sound!).

The phầm mềm has a word of the day. It also comes with very interesting blogs about words (and where they come from) that are written in an easy-to-understand way. There’s a lot lớn learn from this app!

3. English Dictionary – Offline

Price: Free Available for: Android


This dictionary app is not as modern-looking as the rest, but it’s a very useful tool for android users. Of course, it has definitions—and as the name suggests, they are all available offline. But there are a few other options that make this a great tiện ích for an English learner.

You can create flashcards in this dictionary, and study them whenever you need to. You can look through a list of grammar lessons và listen to sample sentences. You can play “Hang On, Man,” a Hangman-like game that tests your knowledge of vocabulary.

This app has American and British spellings. So if you’re looking for a British dictionary, this is a good one.

4. Merriam-Webster

Price: Free Available for: iOS, Android


Have you ever had trouble finding a word because you didn’t know how khổng lồ spell it? No problem—Merriam-Webster lets you search for words by speaking them! This awesome feature is perfect for when you hear a word you don’t understand. You can look it up even if you’re not sure how it’s written.

Merriam-Webster is a well-known dictionary, and has high-quality definitions—all available offline. It lets you save favorites, has a word of the day and keeps track of recent searches you did.

5. Google Translate

Price: Free Available for: iOS, Android


Google Translate might not be the kind of dictionary you’re used to, but it can be a very useful tool. It’s perfect for when you need to lớn know which word khổng lồ use in a sentence. You can also use it to translate a word (or even a sentence) from or into your native language.

This ứng dụng supports voice-to-text. That means you can say something in English (or another language) và see it turn into text right in front of you. One other awesome feature of Google Translate is image translation: If you see a sign in English & you don’t know what it means, just point your camera at it. Google Translate will tell you what it says! This feature is only available in a few languages right now, but Google is always working to địa chỉ cửa hàng more.

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Price: see current rates on pricing page Available for: Browser, iOS, Android is primarily a language learning immersion program. This program teaches English through authentic videos lượt thích movie clips, music videos, interviews, vlogs, commercials & much more. The contextual video clip dictionary is one of its most powerful features.


Each video clip has interactive subtitles: Hover over any word for a quick meaning or click on it to see its full definition flashcard. In this flashcard, you’ll see the grammar information of the word, an audio pronunciation, example sentences (also with audio) & clips from other videos that show the word in use.

All of this is contextual, which means that you’ll only see the specific meaning of the word as it’s being used in the sentence where you clicked on it.


You can showroom words as flashcards directly from these definition cards without leaving the video player. These flashcards can be reviewed at any point through personalized quizzes that change to lớn suit your studies. You can also search for words in the powerful tìm kiếm engine to lớn find flashcards for its individual definitions, as well as any phrases where it commonly appears.

7. Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Price: $0.99 Available for: iOS


The word “concise” means “short & to the point.” This dictionary is exactly that. If you find most definitions are too difficult for you to lớn read, this might be the app for you. It has short và easy-to-understand definitions.

It includes a thesaurus, a tool that shows words that are close to or the opposite of a word you look up. There are also references lớn learn more. So you can look up the word “diesel,” and also see who “Rudolf Diesel” was.

A great resource khổng lồ use together with the thesaurus on this tiện ích is Visual Thesaurus. Visual Thesaurus is an interactive tool that lets you type in and click on words to see other, related words. This is useful for understanding the exact meaning of a word, và also for choosing the exact right word to lớn use in a sentence.

8. Urban Dictionary

Price: Free Available for: iOS, Android


Not all the words you hear in public can be found in a dictionary. Sometimes people use made-up words. Sometimes they give different meanings khổng lồ words when they’re speaking with their friends. This is called “slang.” Urban Dictionary is a dictionary that explains these slang words.

Now, I said that you only need one dictionary tiện ích on your phone, but Urban Dictionary is an exception (it’s different). This phầm mềm is a great second dictionary khổng lồ have, khổng lồ go along with your regular dictionary.

Urban Dictionary does have definitions for regular (non-slang) words, but they’re funny ones. For example, a regular dictionary would tell you that a oto is a vehicle that people drive. Urban Dictionary tells you that it’s “man’s best companion.” This phầm mềm is perfect for more advanced English learners who want to understand English-language humor and culture.

Urban Dictionary is created by users. This means it contains some rude language and descriptions. So use it carefully! If you avoid the vulgar (rude) parts, this tiện ích can be fantastic for understanding words in a casual setting.

9. Wolfram Words Reference App

Price: $0.99 Available for: iOS


Wolfram might seem a little scary—it is a more advanced kind of dictionary. But this tiện ích has a lot more than just definitions. If you’re a more advanced English learner, you’ll find it useful.

Like the others, this app lets you find the definition of a word. But it also tells you how to use it, where it’s from & the first time it was used. You can find the word used in famous movies or books, and you can see how often it’s used. You can use Wolfram khổng lồ help you play Scrabble. You can even translate into Braille (the written language used by blind people).

So, have you found your new favorite dictionary app?

Download one of these awesome apps and try it out.

From now on, you’ll always have the meaning of a new word…right in your pocket!

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient & portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here lớn get a copy. (Download)




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