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By mặc định the Component Builder shows the most common Joyo kanji components (ie, components which are themselves Joyo kanji, or which are used in at least 3 other Joyo kanji). Select an alternative mix of components below.

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Most common Joyo kanji components Standard radicals (and their variants) All components và radicals
To find any kanji, first try khổng lồ identify the components it is made up of. Once you have identified any component, tìm kiếm for it in any of three ways: Draw it in the drawing area Look for it in the list
Notice that 漢 is made of several components: 氵 艹 口 夫 Draw any of these components (one at a time) in the drawing area, & select it when you see it Alternatively, look for a component in the list. 氵 艹 口 each have three strokes; 夫 has four strokes If you know the meanings of the components, type any of them in the text area: water (氵), grass (艹), mouth (口) or husband (夫) Keep adding components until you can see your kanji in the danh sách of matches that appears near the top.
The nhatroso.com Component Builder can recognize any of the 416 components listed in the chart below the drawing area. Tips:
Draw a component in the center of the area, as large as you can Try to draw the component as it appears in the kanji you"re looking up Don"t worry about stroke order or number of strokes Don"t draw more than one component at a time


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Search the most comprehensive miễn phí Japanese dictionaries available, with 14,000 kanji (including nearly 4000 with mnemonics), 260,000 words, 155,000 example sentences, 915 grammar points, và over 600,000 names. All entries are prioritized according to lớn their usefulness.
Quick search provides the most likely candidate results for your search across key search types (words, kanji, grammar points, names & example sentences). You can also use Quick tìm kiếm to search for features và pages on nhatroso.com. Category searches (such as word tìm kiếm or kanji search) provide more in-depth results và functions, including translations of whole sentences.
You can access Quick tìm kiếm at any time by clicking the tìm kiếm icon at the đứng top right of every page. Type your text in the tìm kiếm bar that appears, và then either click a category or just press enter to use Quick search. Once you"ve run a search, you can use the tìm kiếm switcher in the navigation bar to run the same search in a different category. Quick search and category searches can also be accessed from the bottom menu.
Enter Japanese, romaji or English, or use the Component Builder 部 to enter kanji. Quick tìm kiếm will display the most common kanji, words, names và examples matching your search, together with links for more detailed exploration by category.
The nhatroso.com usefulness level shows you how useful a grammar point is for you to learn. Grammar point has a nhatroso.com usefulness cấp độ of . You can view a summary of your mastery of grammar points at different usefulness (or JLPT) levels here.
Grammar points in our system are rated from 1 to lớn 6, where 1 is the most useful. A usefulness màn chơi of 1 roughly corresponds to lớn the first level of the JLPT, màn chơi 5 - i.e., you would be expected to know this grammar if your Japanese was at JLPT 5 level. A usefulness màn chơi of 5 roughly corresponds lớn JLPT 1 (the highest JLPT level).
Some grammar points also have a JLPT badge, indicating they appear in standard lists of required JLPT grammar. Some useful grammar points vị not have a JLPT badge. These means that you would generally be expected to lớn know the grammar if your Japanese was at that level, but the grammar point does not appear in standardized lists (which are not necessarily comprehensive).