Have you ever needed to find someone’s address? When it comes to businesses and stores, a quick Google search will suffice. But what about someone’s home address? Not many people are aware of this, but you can actually find an address with a phone number through a method called the reverse phone lookup.

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Select the Search button.


The site will also tell you if it’s a cell phone or landline associated with the number. If the phone number you entered is a landline, then you’ll see some information about the owner’s name, address, associated businesses, or even related addresses.

However, if you enter a cell phone number, the information you’ll get is much more limited. For example, you can see which mobile carrier is providing the number and see the location. If you want to find out their address, you’ll have to subscribe to Whitepages Premium.


Enter the phone number in the Phone (required) box.


AnyWho will immediately tell you who the phone number is registered to. You’ll be able to review all the available information on the results page. Keep in mind that AnyWho will only provide you with this data if you use a landline number. You won’t be able to find out the address with a cell phone number.

How to Find an Address with AllAreaCodes

You can use the AllAreaCodes website to search for addresses in the US and Canada. It also offers a list of all area codes by state and country. There are over 80 million registered phone numbers on this website.

Here is what you need to do to find an address with AllAreaCodes:

Enter the area code and phone number in the search box.


Review the results page.

AllAreaCodes will provide you with their name and address with someone’s phone number. If the phone number you entered isn’t listed on this website, you’ll still learn the most likely city they live in, their service provider, time zone, and map of the telephone number.

How to Find an Address from a Phone Number in the UK

You can also use someone’s phone number to find their address in the United Kingdom. The most popular UK reverse phone lookup websites are Free-Lookup and Who-called. Both of these websites use the reverse phone lookup method to help you identify your caller. While they do offer free services, finding out someone’s exact location usually comes with a fee.

Free-Lookup allows you to identify a phone number for a landline or a mobile phone. This website doesn’t require you to register or provide any personal data. You can even use this website to identify phone numbers from other counties.

All you need to do is go to the Free-Lookup website, type in the phone number, and search for it. What’s also great about Free-Lookup is that it also lets you know how many times this exact phone number has been searched. If there are any records of that number in their database, you’ll be able to see the last time it was searched. In addition, if you want, you can report it as spam.

The full report includes the residential address, social media profiles, related phone numbers, and more. However, this type of data requires you to pay a fee.

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You can also use the Who-called website to identify a UK phone number. It’s very useful for spam calls since it lets you view comments from previous call recipients.

How to Find an Address from a Phone Number in Australia

Reverse phone lookups weren’t always legal in Australia, but today, there are many websites that you can use to find someone’s address in Australia. The best website you can use for this is Reverse Australia.

Unlike other websites mentioned so far, you need to log in with your Facebook account to use this reverse phone lookup service. While you can skip this step, you won’t be able to get the address. To find someone’s address with Reverse Australia, follow the steps below:

Go to the Reverse Australia website and sign up for the website with your Facebook account.


Click on the Search button (magnifying lens) on the right side.


Under Search by Phone, type in the Canadian phone number.


That’s all there is to it. You’ll be taken directly to the results page, where you’ll see the address you’re looking for.

Another excellent website for this is Canada411. Here is how you can use it to find someone’s address in Canada:

Go to the Canada411 website and choose between the Find a Person and Find a Business sections.


Enter the phone number.


You might need to register for this website with your Facebook account to get more detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve included this section to answer more of your questions.

Should I pay for the detailed results?

The answer to this question depends on how badly you need the information and if you’re using a reputable website. There’s no lack of scam websites online today, so be sure to use one that you trust before providing any payment details.

How accurate are the results?

Based on our tests in January 2022, the results on WhitePages was spot on for landlines. But, the city and state were incorrect on some of the cell phone numbers we used. Ultimately, as mentioned previously, these techniques are better for landlines than cell phones.

Find Out Your Caller’s Identity

Reverse phone number lookups are great tools for when you’re receiving calls from an unknown number. There are hundreds of reverse phone lookup websites to choose from, and some of them are completely free. Using these methods will give you the address and other information as well.

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Have you ever tried to find someone’s address with their phone number? Which reverse phone lookup tool did you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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