Find the dictionary to look up words in office 2010

There are many words out there, as you may have noticed. Long words, short words, a thousand synonyms và antonyms for each one of them, leaving you feeling confused & a little bit illiterate. Luckily, whether you’re browsing the Internet, reading a PDF or working in a Word or Google Docs document, it’s actually quite easy khổng lồ look up words by definition on your PC.

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Here’s how.

While this article is focusing on Windows 10, most of the methods used are applicable for various operating systems

Look Up Word Definition in Chrome, Edge & Firefox

Most of the reading you vày on your PC is probably in your web browser. The good news is that all the major browsers have extensions that you can install, letting you look up any word you read with a simple double-click.

In Chrome, your best bet is Google Dictionary, which when installed will let you look up the dictionary definition of any word with a simple double-click.

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