Resources for 3rd grade teachers


Congratulations third grade teacher! Teaching third grade is such a fun experience. The kids are still excited about school & easily impressed by things like crayons. Yet, they can be quite independent, especially by mid year.

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Now that you know you will be teaching third grade, you are probably starting khổng lồ wonder what resources you might want lớn have in your classroom.

I have compiled a menu of my very favorite resources for third grade. I hope it helps!


I’m starting with my book recommendations because I think that books are the most important part of ANY classroom! A good classroom library is a must.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune though. You can get books from garage sales, used book stores, và even from your friends. I highly recommend putting a post on your personal Facebook page asking if any of your friends have books that their children have outgrown. It’s a great way khổng lồ grow your library.


ClickHEREto read more about organizing your classroom library.

Chapter Books

Here are some of my favorites (most are part of a series):

Wimpy KidWayside SchoolHumphreyLemonade WarEver AfterThe One & Only IvanWho Was/Is

Picture Books

I use these during read aloud or as mentor texts during writing.

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Wordy BirdyPig the PugAfter the FallThank You, Mr. FalkerEraser

Math Resources for Third Grade

Math Centers

Using math centers & small groups completely changed the way that I taught math. I would NEVER go back lớn completely teaching in whole group! Math centers and small group instruction make it much easier khổng lồ differentiate my instruction. Every student doesn’t need the same thing, so why waste time teaching everyone exactly the same way? Plus, math centers are engaging!

If you are looking for more info on how to start and run successful math centers, check outTHISvideo series that I created.


I highly recommendTHESEmath centers. They are consistent. The centers will look very similar all year & this means that you don’t have to spend nearly as much time teaching the expectations & directions. Also, you can use the centers in any order that you choose because they aren’t specific to any month or holiday. I love this because we don’t all have the same pacing guide!

ClickHEREto read more about these centers.

Interactive Notebooks

Interactive Notebooks are a FUN way to lớn teach and practice math! They are so much better than traditional note-taking, because instead of just copying notes from the teacher, students are interacting with the material, which leads to lớn a deeper understanding.

My Interactive Notebooks involve inserting and moving around flaps, foldables, wheels, charts, và more và students love all of the different visuals. But don’t worry, I designed these for notebooks for busy teachers like you. So the cuts are super-simple, and there’s no unnecessary coloring. Your kids can quickly cut, glue, và go!

I have a total of 10 interactive notebooks to cover all the math skills your third grade students need.

Click HERE to read more about the Math Interactive Notebooks.

Math Curriculum

My third grade math curriculum is your one-stop-shop for math lessons that are fun, engaging, và easy lớn prep. Thesecomprehensiveunits haveeverythingyou need khổng lồ teach all of the third-grade standards. The full curriculum includes ten units:

Back to SchoolPlace ValueAddition & SubtractionMultiplicationDivisionGeometryFractionsMeasurementsDataReview và Test Prep

Eachready to teach unit comes with instructional PowerPoints for each mini-lesson, daily student activities that are effective và engaging, key vocabulary, task cards, a math game, anchor charts, problems sets và homework, complete lesson plans, helpful resources lượt thích hundreds charts and number lines, và more! There’s no reason lớn look anywhere else.