50 classroom activities for 4th grade


Are you new to teaching fourth grade và looking for inspo? Or have you been doing this for a while and you’re looking for ways to revamp what you’re already doing? We’ve got you! We’ve looked through our nhatroso.com HELPLINE group on Facebook và the website for some of the best tips for teaching fourth grade. We’ve organized the các mục by topic to lớn make it easy to lớn cruise for ideas. Let’s vị this!

Getting Your Classroom Ready

1. Classroom Setup

Need ideas khổng lồ make sure your classroom is ready for your kids? Here’s an excerpt from the book Responsive Classroom: “What Every Fourth Grade Teacher Needs khổng lồ Know About Setting Up and Running a Classroom.”


2. Try different classroom layouts

Long gone are the days of straight rows of desks lining the classroom. Throw out your seating chart và try one of these ideas instead.

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3. Fill your classroom library with these classic fourth grade books


Teaching fourth grade involves a lot of reading! Here is a big danh mục of our favorites.

4. Create interactive bulletin boards


Have you ever heard of or tried interactive bulletin boards? Here’s an article from Brittany Jeltema and her tips for bulletin boards students can use. Plus, here are our favorite interactive bulletin boards for inspiration.

5. Get a jump start on lessons

Teacher planning và prep time are precious! It makes life a lot easier when you can purchase existing lessons, bundles, books, & pages. And why not support other teachers while you bởi it! check out our favorite Teacher Pay Teachers sellers for fourth grade.

The First Days of School

6. Introduce yourself creatively

Make day one memorable by introducing yourself in a creative way, such as sending postcards over the summer! Here are our favorite creative ideas.

7. Make “Big Plans”


We love this start-of-year activity from Write On, Fourth Grade! Start by reading Big Plans by Bob Shea and Lane Smith. Then on construction paper, have students create their own plans for fourth grade, for their school career, and for adulthood. Hang ’em up and label the wall “Our Big Plans”!

8. Set goals with your students

Have you ever heard the phrase “a goal without a plan is just a wish?” Let’s support our students in turning their wishes into actions with this goal-setting activity.

9. Establish an anti-bullying culture from day one

Download không tính phí and kid-centric anti-bullying printables from Kid Pointz to help your students understand the importance of avoiding peer pressure and handling bullies constructively. Plus check out our anti-bullying videos and anti-bullying books to chia sẻ with your students.

“I also went lớn the dollar store & got these đáng yêu little ‘pledge’ cards that kids can sign at the beginning of the year khổng lồ pledge that they won’t bully each other & will report bullying when they see it. It’s a great way to lớn start the year!” —Jen B.

10. Establish a culture of kindness

Print these free, downloadable classroom posters to remind your students that kindness matters most of all.

11. Build your students’ social-emotional skills

Teaching fourth grade means building SEL skills. Use these read-alouds to talk about everything from kindness khổng lồ courage to lớn trying your best.

12. Create classroom jobs for your students

Here are some creative classroom job ideas from our teacher community: tech support, environmental support, organizer, textbook coordinator, sanitation engineer, librarian, substitute, chief in charge, messenger, paper passer, supply clerk, IT technician, human resources officer, administrative assistant, waste management. Plus check out these creative classroom job charts.

13. Make a class time capsule

At the beginning of the year, have students write down their thoughts, expectations, goals, feelings, & predictions. Put them all in a decorated jar, seal it up, & then read them all in the last week of school.

14. Keep your students linked into the big picture of the lesson


We love this kid-friendly version of a teacher’s lesson plans. Put day-specific “Today I am …” “So that I can …” và “I’ll know I’ve got it if …” posters on your board.

15. Get rid of the boring worksheets

Instead, engage your fourth graders with:

“Thinking maps that students create.” —Aimee V.“Interactive notebooks!” —Shanna J.

16. Use the walls for anchor charts instead of premade posters


You can kiểm tra out our  vị trí cao nhất fourth grade anchor charts  for inspiration here.

17. Ground your teaching in ABAR work

Learning for Justice is a website that offers không lấy phí educational resources for all grade levels in order khổng lồ engage và focus our learners and ourselves in community, collective action, và social justice. Bookmark this website so you have it all year long.

Ideas for Language Arts

18. Incorporate daily writing prompts


We’ve gathered 50 fourth grade writing prompts that you can download and use khổng lồ have your students practice their writing skills.

19. Use paint chips to lớn inspire sensory poetry


Let màu sắc work its inspiration for your fourth grade poets. Check out other educational uses for paint chips here!

20. Teach apostrophe usage with a strong visual


We like this one from Write On, Fourth Grade!

21. Teach the difference between tone và mood with a helpful anchor chart


Practice applying the definitions by reading passages in class & asking students lớn identify the difference between tone and mood in each passage. Kiểm tra out this helpful anchor chart.

22. Teach how khổng lồ use context clues to lớn bridge into larger close-reading skills


We love this context clues anchor chart.

23. Teach the difference between literal and figurative meanings through writing và drawing

Take sentences from your class’s current text that use figurative language and have students (literally!) illustrate & explain the difference in the literal và figurative meanings of the expressions.

24. Try a vocabulary activity … or 15

Use RAFTs, try vocabulary Jeopardy, và more with these vocabulary activities.

Ideas for Math

25. Practice math skills with the most mathematical icebreaker ever

This is a great first-day-of-school activity that doubles as both an icebreaker và a math đánh giá of last year’s skills. Students create a poster of math equations representing different aspects of who they are, and then they can get khổng lồ know each other by solving the problems. Bonus: You’ll have instant wall art for Back-to-School Night! From Fourth Grade Fun in Florida.

26. Reinforce math skills with fun games

Check out all of these fantastic không tính phí math thẻ games for fourth graders.

27. Learn about area và perimeter with robots


How fun are these ’bots? Students apply their understanding of area and perimeter by creating different robots based on mathematical specifications provided lớn them.

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28. Focus on fractions

If it’s not math fluency, it’s fractions. The better understanding fourth graders have of fractions, the better off they’ll be when the quantities get more complicated or the operations get sophisticated. We really love this pool noodle fractions thủ thuật for teaching fourth grade.

29. Teach the dreaded word problem


Use these word problem activities và strategies.

Ideas for Science

30. Get hands-on with science

Science is the perfect subject for kids khổng lồ get down and dirty. Try these fourth grade science projects  for inspiration.

31. Try daily STEM challenges


These STEM challenges are designed with your fourth graders in mind. Try one each day or each week khổng lồ get their minds thinking outside the box.

32. Teach the plant life cycle

Plant life cycle is always a fun science unit. You get to talk about growing, planting, & nature. Plus, students love digging in & getting their hands dirty when they plant seeds themselves. Here are our favorite activities for teaching plant life cycles.

33. Teach electricity

It’s electrifyingly good fun! Shock them with these science experiments!

34. Explore animal habitats


Ready khổng lồ explore animal habitats around the world, from rainforests to lớn deserts and everything in between? These fun activities are just what you’re looking for. Take a walk on the wild side!

Ideas for Social Studies

35. Try social studies inquiry circles

Address the required standards through inquiry-based learning! Here’s a how-to guide from the One Stop Teacher Shop. Watch your kids sink their teeth into the “thick versus thin” concept, & the Work Plan form will help students take control of their own learning.

36. địa chỉ cửa hàng social justice books lớn your library

Here is a danh mục of the Best Social Justice Books for Kids of All Ages! Reminder: Books don’t have khổng lồ be brand-new khổng lồ be valuable. Kiểm tra out your local library và Facebook groups, or buy used khổng lồ save some bills.

37. Remind students that “all means all”

Learn about ALL people by including LGBTQ+ inclusive picture và middle grade books khổng lồ your social studies lessons.

38. Learn about heroes

Read biographies about famous people in history. Match books lớn holidays, like Presidents’ Day or Black History Month.

39. Use online learning

There are some amazing websites out there for teaching social studies lessons. Check out this big menu of our favorites.

40. Take a field trip


The independence of nine- and ten-year-olds, coupled with grade-level focus on their state, makes for lots of fantastic options for fourth grade field trips.

Ideas for Classroom Organization

41. Check homework three ways

“Pick what’s most important about the lesson, not the small details, và grade that way. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. The important thing is, did they understand the content?” —Megan P.“For my gradebook, students receive credit for returning homework completed. I go around and mark them off, then I put the answers up và students correct it themselves. Then I go over any problems that the students request for me to explain.” —Montoya M.“I have a box of clothespins with each kid’s name on them. They đoạn clip their pin to their homework và drop it into the homework file up front. It’s easy to lớn tell who didn’t hand in homework because you just take a glance at the remaining clothespins! I phối a two-minute timer for them to complete this so it doesn’t take too long, and my fourth graders vày it in no time! You just have khổng lồ practice và train them. Make a trò chơi out of ‘beating the timer’ without pushing or shoving.” —Jamie S.

42. Set up interactive, exciting centers in your classroom

Having centers, or workstations, in your fourth grade classroom allows students to lớn work independently.

“When introducing a new independent activity, I usually bởi it in small groups first, so when put in the independent stations, they are able to do it without my help.” —Carol V.

“I have center folders that students keep their work in, and at the end of the cycle of centers, I grade the work as 100, 80, or 60 based upon what’s done & the quality. I give one center grade for each cycle.” —Gary F.

Ideas for Classroom Management

43. Quietly redirect


Looking for a way khổng lồ redirect your students without making it “a thing”? Hand one of these khổng lồ a student who needs a reminder lớn focus and you’ll be in the clear. Just be sure to explain the why and how of this activity before you hand out your first one! Here are không tính phí printables from Rock & Teach, or make a more discrete design yourself on PowerPoint, Google Slides, or with just paper & a Sharpie.

44. Establish classroom community in the first days of school with heart maps


Your fourth graders can express what matters most khổng lồ them by illustrating & writing in these heart maps. Download a không tính phí template from Fourth Grade Lemonade.

45. Affirm your students daily


We love this idea of leaving positive sticky notes for kids every day lớn encourage them & let them know you’re behind them 100 percent!

46. Teach students the art of note-taking


Fourth grade is a wonderful level for students to lớn begin taking their own notes. Using a handy anchor chart will help remind them of the different approaches to lớn note-taking they can use.

47. Remember that even big kids need lớn move


Even grown-ups can’t sit still & listen all day! Get your kids up & moving with awesome fourth grade brain breaks .

48. Keep track of where your fourth graders are without the aggravating sign-in/sign-out sheets


This genius idea from Teaching Excellence Program uses little magnets lớn make managing your class easy. Add in any typical places your kids may go on a given day. If you want lớn make it more personal (and have the time), you could also vì this with photos of the kids.

Other Ideas

49. Have a sense of humor

Teaching fourth grade requires a sense of humor, both for yourself và your students. Poetry from Shel Silverstein và Jack Prelutsky hit right at fourth graders’ funny bones. Or try one of our fourth grade jokes to start the day.

50. Build positive relationships with parents

Here are ten tips for making working with parents the easiest part of your job.

What are your đứng top tips for teaching fourth grade? Come giới thiệu in our nhatroso.com HELPLINE group on Facebook.

Plus, kiểm tra out our classroom guide for teaching fourth grade.