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Having friends over for a buổi tiệc nhỏ can be fun, but the hangover và the mess afterward are not quite. However, we’re aiming to lớn reduce one headache for you – empty beer bottles and cans!

The sole purpose of having a beer tower is khổng lồ make drinking easier. Everybody can fill their glasses as much as they like, whenever they want! But does that mean you have to spend a handsome amount of money on fancy store-bought beer towers? Absolutely not!

To your rescue, we’ve gathered 17 DIY beer tower ideas. Though not all of these are beer tower DIYs, each DIY’s purpose, however, is the same.

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1. Beer Tower Assembly

If you have a kegerator system, it can easily serve as your beer tower. All you need to vì chưng is add a draft beer tower on top for easy dispensing.

In this tutorial video, you’ll get lớn know how to lớn assemble a two-tap beer tower. The tutorial is quite detailed, & you’ll be guided step-by-step. The only downside of the đoạn phim is that the audio is quite minimal. So, keep your ears sharp!

2. DIY Stainless Steel Pipe Draft Beer Tower


Kegerator draft beer tower isn’t portable as opposed to lớn a beer tower. But, if you have a trang chủ kegerator system, why trouble DIYing a beer tower? Simply install a draft beer tower.

In this written tutorial by Instructables, learn to make a stainless-steel piper draft beer tower. The beer tower is two-tapped. If you’re more interested in such DIYs, Instructables is the perfect place for you lớn go!

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3. Draft Beer Tower Installation: Tripel Karmeliet

If you own a Tripel Karmeliet draft beer tower and are wondering how lớn install it, here’s the perfect clip for you. The video’s description also contains plenty of information; make sure you check it out.

If you’re searching for a channel with beer-related information, DIYs, & How-to videos, you might want to check out Leaders Beverage channel on YouTube.



The blogger from because beer saw a black, industrial, và rugged draft beer tower on Pinterest và decided khổng lồ build one for himself. All the supplies needed for the project along with their prices and link are listed in the blog.

If you want to lớn see the final completed version & the tools required as well as the future options for this project, make sure to kiểm tra out the final updated blog.

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5. Double Tap Jockey Box: A DIY Project

When in need, a jockey box can also serve you as a beer tower. What’s more, the beer will be served more chilled! Isn’t that even better?

Learn how to make a double tap jockey box that’ll come in handy during parties and picnics by following this tutorial by BEER-N-BBQ by Larry. All the supplies and tools needed are mentioned in the mô tả tìm kiếm box.

6. How to make a Watermelon Keg – Tipsy Bartender

In this tutorial, the Youtubers from Tipsy Bartender turn the watermelon into a liquor-filled keg. However, you can fill the watermelon with beer to lớn turn it into a beer dispenser, or in fancy words, a beer tower!

If you mind the watermelon scent in your beer, we have a solution for you as well! Take a wine bag, attach a clear pipe on the vị trí cao nhất of the bag, drill two holes in the watermelon, insert the bag, showroom the nozzle, pour the beer from the pipe, và you’re done!

7. The Best tiệc ngọt Keg Accessories for Serving Homebrew Beer (Fass Frisch)

Why make a beer tower when tiệc ngọt kegs themselves are easy lớn fill, easy khổng lồ chill, portable, và easy lớn drink!

You even don’t have to invest in an expensive kegging system as long as you own a few buổi tiệc nhỏ kegs. If you homebrew, you won’t even have to lớn bottle the beer to nội dung with your friends, as party kegs are easily portable.

Know about a few tiệc nhỏ kegs accessories that will step up your entire drinking trò chơi in this YouTube video.

8. Wooden fire hydrants


As a previous volunteer fireman, this blogger decided to make two wooden fire hydrants; one out of plywood that can be used khổng lồ store a bottle of booze và the other out of pinewood with functional access to lớn a beer tap.

If you’re a beginner at woodworking, this project might be a hard pass for you. However, if you can figure out the plans yourself, this beer tower will definitely catch eyes at your next party!

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9. How to lớn turn Pumpkins into a drinks tapping kit DIY Beer Keg

If you love pumpkin beer và don’t mind a slight pumpkin flavor và aroma in your beer, we’ve got an excellent beer tower idea for your next Halloween party!

Watch this đoạn clip tutorial lớn convert a pumpkin into a beer keg. The liên kết to the fruit tapping kit is mentioned in the video’s description.

10. How to lớn Fill A Beer Tower/Giraffe

Though not a DIY beer tower video, this clip will come in handy once you make or buy a beer tower. In this video, you’ll learn how lớn fill a beer tower.

If you want lớn learn exciting cocktail recipes, there are a few available on The Beer Giraffe channel.

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11. Industrial-style Pedestal Tower: Building a tap tower with đen pipe


Beer tower is great, but you might still have khổng lồ wait for your turn. With this 6-tap tower made using black pipes, you won’t have to!

Read this tutorial blog by BREW your own to make one for yourself. All the materials & tools required are listed at the beginning, followed by step-by-step instructions along with images of the DIY process.

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12. Types of Draft Beer Towers

Before you địa chỉ a draft beer tower to lớn your keg, you need khổng lồ know their types to lớn determine what type suits your needs the best. Watch this YouTube video to earn about different types of draft beer towers.

If you’re in need of a beer tower for your kegerator system, the purchase liên kết is also provided in the description section. Lớn know more about kegerator-related DIYs & information, you might want lớn go through Kegworks channel.

13. Beer Tower – Tipsy Bartender

You might have seen a champagne glass tower at some fancy parties. Well, you can make one out of beer as well. Use plastic glasses & build a beer tower for you và your friends by following this tutorial.

This DIY can be very fun, & once you’re done, you can simply pick the glasses and enjoy! However, don’t make it huge; as the bigger it is, the greater are the chances of spilling!

14. Jack O’Beer party Pumpkin Beer Dispenser


Forget about a beer tower & make a pumpkin dispense your beer! We’ve already discussed a pumpkin keg before. But what makes this DIY different is that in this DIY, you’ll be using a wine bag to lớn prevent your beer from touching the pumpkin.

You can also use a beer line cleaner to lớn clean the wine bag, as the blogger did. What’s more, you can even carve out the eyes in the pumpkin và use LEDs khổng lồ spice it up!

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15. AMAZING trang chủ Bar Build With COFFEE & BEER Taps in the Wall!

Do you know what’s more fun than dispensing beer out of a tower? Dispensing it from a wall! Yes, you read that right! Watch this tutorial video clip to learn how khổng lồ attach coffee và beer taps lớn the wall.

So, if you’re ready to bởi some elbow-greasing, convert your entire wall into a beer tower!

16. Arduino Controlled Beermachine/ Dispenser.


This DIY tutorial is relatively sophisticated as it requires knowledge of software & electronics. This blogger from Instructables designed and DIYed an automated beer dispenser that requires a coin khổng lồ be activated.

If you’re confident enough to bởi vì this project, all the supplies needed are listed in the first step. Moreover, the tutorial is quite elaborate, & all the necessary files and images are attached lớn the post itself.

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17. Mini Keg with Ball Lock Tap System

We know by now, as long as we own mini-kegs, we don’t need some fancy beer tower. Here in this video clip by Dre Smith, you’ll learn how to install a ball lock tap system lớn your mini keg.

Ball-lock taps are mostly used for standard kegs. However, you might have to tweak it a little to lớn install it into a mini-keg, và this Youtuber will tell you exactly how to.


The idea behind a beer tower is that you and your friends can serve beer ownself with ease. With all the 17 DIYs, you’d be able to vì chưng so. This 17 DIY beer tower danh mục is incredibly diverse; thus, choose any one that you think would be the best fit & DIY it.

However, if you’re looking for fun and unique ideas, making a beer glass tower or carving out pumpkins & watermelons khổng lồ make a DIY beer tower would be the best choices. Which idea did you like the most?


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