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by Iris LeungPublished on April 26, 2022August 23, 2022 · Updated on August 23, 2022 · 15 minutes

It’s a full-time job, and standing out in a sea of identical-looking resumes requires a bit of effort.

You might have a lot of relevant experience, but if your resume is not eye-catching – you run the risk of getting passed up. You need to lớn find a way to stand out.

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And if you’re applying for that dream job without fulfilling all the required qualifications, there might be a different way to lớn leverage what you’ve got.

This guide to resume thiết kế highlights expert tips from hiring managers, recruiters, & HR professionals.

Whether you’re applying for your first job or planning a career change, keep reading for resume thiết kế ideas and professional resume templates that you can edit and download in minutes.

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The truth is that recruiters và hiring managers won’t know about your extensive work experience, impressive portfolio, or educational background unless you find a way to lớn stand out from the rest of jobseekers.

You need a visually interesting resume that will get the recruiting team’s attention and prompt them to đánh giá it.

Check out the recruitment yield pyramid from Workable below. It visualizes the standard recruitment process that most companies have.


A personal brand is a way of marketing yourself through a number of avenues – which is usually done by crafting a cohesive persona through social media accounts and a website.

The idea here is lớn create an online identity that helps you put your best foot forward, especially when it comes to landing professional opportunities. So why can’t your resume also be a part of your personal branding strategy?

Consistency is key. Make sure that you set rules for the layout of your resume, whether it’s in font choice, text sizing, & alignment. Choose a color scheme that reflects your personal brand.

For example, Matteo in the example below, is using bright colors such as yellow and orangeas a part of his personal brand as an illustrator & designer.

If you are applying for jobs in creative industries, you will be competing with a sea of candidates that will be thinking out of the box when it comes to their application.

In order to lớn stay ahead of the pack, you should consider designing your resume in a way that is spot on with graphic thiết kế trends to avoid looking outdated.

For instance, flat kiến thiết is currently right on-trend with website và apps. Using this type of kiến thiết in your resume, like in the example below, will communicate lớn hiring managers that you are on top of your design game.

While you want to lớn make sure your resume is legible, you also want to stand out while everyone else is playing safe with the likes of Arial or Times New Roman.

The right phông can help you stand out, & also keep eyeballs from bouncing away from your resume. So what should you keep in mind when selecting a font?

Keep your fonts sizes between 11 & 13 points. You want a happy balance between being able lớn fit enough items into your resume, while it still being legible. Keep fonts sizes consistent – headers should be all the same size for example. Serif fonts work well for digital fields or roles that involve creative work, while sans serif fonts are a better fit for more conservative industries. This is because serif fonts generally have an extra design & stroke embellishment at the over of letters, while serif fonts keep it simple.

To make sure that your resume gets picked out of the crowd, và keeping those seven seconds in mind, why not place a lot of visual emphasis on your contact information section?

Use trắng space to draw the recruiter’s eye into your liên hệ information.Use màu sắc – you can change the color of the text itself, or create a new background màu sắc just for your tương tác info section.

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In the example below, Paolo Pettigiani uses a pop of màu sắc and white space for his contact info page.

Make your content as easy as possible to skim through so that readers should be able khổng lồ pick up your strengths & essential information as quickly as possible.

Use columns khổng lồ organize your resume that is bursting at the seams with info. You can also experiment with using columns that are different sizes. Format your nội dung by using headings, subheadings, bullet points, & white space.

Despite dressing up your resume with a handful of kiến thiết elements, visuals, and colors, it would be a good idea to make your resume printable.

A printable resume is important for those interviewers that lượt thích to avoid using their laptop during the interview.

It also makes your resume as user-centered as possible, and making it printable is one way to lớn focus on the user experience of your resume.

Make sure that your resume can be printed in black and white.Use a phông that is legible; 11 to 13 points will work. Minimize the number of pages of your resume – 1 khổng lồ 2 pages is fine, but 15 is not. Having a personal branded logo on your resume is a nice touch, but make sure your name is still on it. Save your printable resume in PDF.

It is still possible to make your resume visually appealing while making it also printable, like in the example below.

While kiến thiết elements such as flat icons, images, and bright colors could help your resume stand out from the pack, using too many can cause a visual overload for the viewer & could actually distract from the actual purpose of the resume. To avoid using an overwhelming amount of design elements, here are a handful of tips to lớn be mindful of:

Use only a small handful of colors, as too many can be distracting.Work with the basic shapes that can be found within your word processor.Consider using graphic lines to showroom personality.

The example below uses just one color and graphic lines khổng lồ create a neat & organized resume.

13. Consider your layout

Layout is an important factor when putting your resume together.

Whether you’re after a role at a creative agency or a bank, keeping your resume organized và tidy should be your number one priority. Here are a handful of things to consider when it comes to your resume layout:

Try using text boxes, which you’ll be able lớn easily drag and drop around your resume page – making layout creation a lot easier. Keep your audience in mind while thinking outside of the box if possible. While traditional roles will expect a fairly standard resume, jobs in creative fields will allow you khổng lồ roll up your sleeves a bit more.

The landscape layout of the resume below makes it different from the others, helping it stand out in a sea of poorly designed resumes with portrait layouts.

The general rule here is that the most important information in your resume should go towards the top, with the more non-essential information in the bottom. When it comes to lớn hierarchy of your resume design, here are a few things lớn take chú ý of:

Create a profile at the top of the resume, under your liên hệ information, which summarizes your job history, skills (technical/soft), và where your expertise lies. Don’t forget to lớn include an eye-catching header.If you have a lot of work experience, create two sections for your các mục of past và current jobs & projects. Label one “relevant experience” which pertains khổng lồ the new job you’re applying for, & one that is “work experience” which will house the remainder of your roles. Also worth considering is where you place your “education” section. If you are a fresh grad (bachelors, masters, or PhD. Even), you definitely want to lớn put your education near the đứng đầu of your resume. If your work experience carries more weight, then you can keep your education near the end.

The resume below is an example of a clear và succinct CV, along with a well-thought-out data visualization of the resume’s skills section.

If you think of your resume as something to lớn be built, then you’ll understand the important of structure.

A great way khổng lồ approach structuring your resume is by using a “grid structure,” which introduces columns, rows, visual dividers, và white space.

A grid keeps all the data that you’re presenting organized và makes skimming a lot easier. The example below shows a resume organized with a grid structure.

Now that you’re an up-and-coming expert in resume design & writing, it’s time to apply this new knowledge to lớn your CV và make your best resume ever.

Our designers have created a batch of professional resume templates to lớn help you put your best foot forward when it comes lớn applying for your next job.

Whether you’re a marketer, data scientist, or financial analyst – we’ve got the perfect resume template for you.

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