How to create a unique instagram aesthetic that fits your brand


Many bloggers will tell you that Instagram doesn’t really drive a lot of traffic to their blogs. Technically, this is true. The rate of people viewing your Instagram page and then clicking the links in your bio lớn your online cửa hàng or blog is lower than maybe the conversion rate from your Pinterest or your Facebook.

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But this doesn’t mean your Instagram account isn’t good enough or isn’t helping. It’s just lượt thích this because Instagram is for looking at pictures.

Instagram is going to lớn help you bring people to lớn your site. Sure they might not click the liên kết in your bio, but they’ll see that picture of you in the cutest jumpsuit telling them to come to your blog to lớn learn more about how you scored it on mega sale. Most people will have that in their minds all day, và then remember to open up their browsers & visit your site.

So, all in all – Instagram is a marketing tool. Brand yourself, market yourself, and take better Instagram pictures.

I’ve shared some tips on how I take my photos before, but I really want to dig deep today và give you my no-fuss, no-nonsense guide lớn creating a beautiful Instagram page. Hopefully you’ll have some Instagram ideas cooking up in your brain by the time you reach the over of this post!

Hold your phone up 



Look at the difference between these two photos. Which is more aesthetically pleasing khổng lồ you?

It’s totally your opinion, but if you said the second one, you are correct. (Heehee.) Now these aren’t in my usual aesthetic since I prefer light backgrounds và more natural light, but this example will do.

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Photos like this look more….I don’t want to lớn say artsy, but…artsy. There is more trắng space to your picture (which is something you really want) và less sharp, awkward edges. Phone up at your head, camera hovering over lượt thích a bird’s eye view, và SNAP.

Turn off lamps 

When I take pictures in my room, I xuất hiện the blinds to my window and turn off my ceiling fan hâm mộ light. It’s a bit dark in my room at this point, but it resembles a cloudy day which is optimal for taking pictures. You can always brighten the photo after you take it, which is usually what I do in VSCO cam.

Shoot in 3’s


It’s better to lớn take a picture of 3 items strewn on your comforter, than 4. It’s scientifically proven that pictures of objects in groups of 3 are more aesthetically pleasing. Obviously, if you’re taking a picture of your desk, there’s going lớn be more than 3 objects, so this picture really applies lớn more flat lay options.

You kinda vị need a theme

I’ve said this before, but I hate saying “Instagram theme” because of the negative connotation with it. People just don’t want khổng lồ have to stick to lớn one type of picture – it’s really limiting. I think there’s a healthy balance with this “theme”. I think you want lớn take & edit your pictures similarly and maybe opt lớn include a few key colors as branding. However, not every picture needs to be exactly the same.


I love clean, white background photos and most of the things I photograph are in soft tones. But if you’ll look at my feed, every now & then, I need a burst of color to stay sane.

Find your Instagram inspo và hang on tight

If you find an Instagram trương mục you *love*, follow them! Take notice of how they take their photos. Maybe they shoot their food on a picnic blanket. Maybe they seem khổng lồ edit to a certain rhythm. Draw inspiration from that lớn help your feed!

Insta accounts that I love:


Engage people in your captions

Congrats! You took a beautiful photo of your latte art…but why should your followers care? Instagram captions are crucial. Engage your audience and they are more likely khổng lồ respond positively lớn your picture. Ask them what their Starbucks order is, ask them if they’ve checked out your blog post that day, ask them what they’re having for dinner. Instagram isn’t a collection of your pictures – it’s a marketing tool and a way khổng lồ build relationships!

Let me know some of your favorite Instagram accounts below và follow me on Instagram for more tips on how khổng lồ make your feed as pretty as can be! (