10 handmade art journals you'll want to make

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Want a More Aesthetic Bullet Journal?

If you're hoping lớn create a more aesthetic bullet journal, then you've come to the right place! In this in-depth guide, I'm going lớn give you some creative inspiration, ideas, và themes for helping khổng lồ create an aesthetic bullet journal.

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Creating a visually aesthetic bullet journal doesn't have to lớn be difficult, & once you know the main themes to aim for, then that'll help you on your journaling journey. Hopefully, you'll find some ideas or themes that resonate with you, & inspire you to lớn try them out too!

Let's get started!


Try adding some pastel tones khổng lồ your journal, such as with pastel highlighters or pens. Pastel sticky notes are also beautiful too!

1. Make Use of Pastels

When working on your bullet journal, you could địa chỉ cửa hàng pastel colors lớn your layouts, however only if you feel this would work in your journal. If you're not a tín đồ of the pastel aesthetic, you can always go for brighter, more vibrant colors too that said!

I would suggest lemon yellows, sky blues, và gentle pinks, as these pastel hues would look lovely in any journal!

I've also added some pastel màu sắc inspiration in the image below, so you can get a feel for the types of pastel colors that work well together, or to lớn take some inspiration for your own bullet journal too.


You could use pastel highlighters, địa chỉ sticky notes, & other stickers in order lớn achieve this aesthetic. There are several options for you to choose from, so make sure khổng lồ take a look at all of them! For example, you can search for the "pastel aesthetic" on shopping sites, & many kits will be returned containing pastel bullet journalling supplies. Or, if you want to lớn make your own, simply try looking for pastel highlighters and pens in your local art supplies store. Adding pastel highlights is great for Spring and Summer bullet journal spreads, including April và May! Since cherry blossoms are in full bloom during May, pastel pink spreads would look lovely!

For even more pastel layouts, make sure to check out Pinterest boards and follow them for future inspiration too! One Pinterest board that I lượt thích is this one, which focuses on the most aesthetic layouts out there including pastel layouts. I think that subtle, pastel tones can really make a bullet journal layout look amazing!

I get a huge amount of inspiration from Pinterest, so it's always well worth checking out the various possibilities there. Some posts even have video clip tutorials within the pin too, which can be great if you're hoping to recreate various doodles & so forth.


Pastel Items You Could địa chỉ to Your Journal

No aesthetic journal is complete without including some pastel highlights, & there are a variety of ways you can vị so.

For example, you could địa chỉ some lovely brush lettering to lớn the header of your journal, using a watercolor so that the header is in a subtle, pastel hue. Or, if time allows, you could also try dabbling watercolor painting such as in the example below which features a gorgeously painted flower!

Pastel sticky notes can also be added throughout your journal too. These are also exceptionally useful when you need to địa chỉ indexes to lớn pages, since you can easily keep track of where everything is also. I've provided an example of cute, pastel sticky notes and index tabs in the image above, for inspiration!


2. Make Use of Gradients

Gradients have also been very popular in the past year, with mesh gradients, và radial gradients being used by websites và social truyền thông media influencers across the globe. Why not địa chỉ some gradients khổng lồ your site for a cool touch?

Try taking a look at some of the example gradients below. There are several gradient generators out there lớn help you create your own gradients too, you can then print these out & cut them into strips to add borders khổng lồ your journal pages. Or you could cut them into squares, and create gradient collages also. You're only limited by your imagination!

3. Try Adding Some Pastel Photos

Pastel photos are fantastic for creating aesthetic journals, as they can evoke beautiful feelings of calmness và serenity. Take a look at the images below, & you'll see what I mean! With subtle, gentle hues và tones, pastel photos really showroom a beautiful touch lớn any journal.

You can find free photos to use and print out on Unsplash, for example, as these photos are không tính phí for everyone lớn use. However, if you look for photos on other sites, make sure that you have permission to lớn use the photo first, as some photographers may not want their work to lớn be printed out unless it's purchased. So that's why I'd recommend không tính tiền photo sites such as Unsplash & Pixabay.

You could include photos of a variety of aesthetic & pastel subjects, from serene clouds khổng lồ delicious macarons. Sunsets, gradient-inspired images, and gentle beaches can also look great too.

Where khổng lồ Find Aesthetic, Pastel Photos

If you don't want khổng lồ print photos out, many stationery shops on sites such as Etsy actually sell affordable "journalling packs" including lovely photos you can add to your journal. I've always been a fan of these packs, as I could just start using them immediately.

However, by printing your own, you also get full creative freedom too, but it can be quite useful to lớn know what options you can consider when needing lớn source these images!

4. Add Cute Stickers

Cute and creative stickers will always look amazing, no matter where you place them! However these days you aren't just limited khổng lồ regular stickers, there are all sorts of themed stickers available from vintage stickers khổng lồ aesthetic planets & everything-in-between. You can find these stickers in art supplies stores, as well as online Etsy shops too. Several Instagram accounts và blogs also host stationery giveaways, which provide everyone with a chance lớn get some không tính tiền sticker sets or supplies. One trương mục that does this is Stationery Weekly, but there are plenty of them out there. I thought I'd mention this since it can be a fantastic way to get some stationery or stickers for your bullet journaling.

See an example below of some lovely watercolor stickers of ice lollies. I think these would look amazing in a journal page dedicated khổng lồ the summer months! The watercolor aspect adds a lovely, refreshing touch và overall, these stickers would địa chỉ some great personality to any journal page.

5. Try Brush Lettering

Many bullet journallers across the globe have been adopting brush lettering as part of their journaling routine, và I'd wholeheartedly recommend giving it a try! While it can take a small amount of time to fully master the art of brush lettering, once you have it mastered (and it gets much easier once you've practiced a bit!), you'll be well on your way lớn adding lovely headers and artistic titles to your journal.

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You could địa chỉ brush lettering titles to your journal pages for example, & the lettering will really make your layout stand out!

6. Make Use of Highlighters

A dash of highlighting here and there can work wonders in your journal, you'll be surprised by how simple yet effective this trick is! Simply highlight some words in your journal using a pastel highlighter, preferably, & the layout will have some magic added khổng lồ it as a result! Or you could write the title in highlighter too, as shown in the image below.

You can find pastel highlighters in stationery shops, as well as regular supermarkets these days too, since they are gaining popularity across the world! If you can't find them, then you can also try looking in online shops on Etsy or on Amazon too, they're widely available online so you're likely khổng lồ find a siêu thị that delivers khổng lồ your country hopefully! If pastels aren't really up your alley, then you could try using regular markers instead; there are so many lettering designs possible, và I'm only skimming the surface of what's possible here!

7. Try Theming

Creating cohesive, thematic layouts is central to lớn creating an aesthetic journal overall. While many pages don't have to have a central theme per se, it can still help to lớn have a few pages here and there which embody a single theme. Plus, it's a whole lot of fun too, and isn't really constraining your creativity either, but it does help in making the visual aesthetic a whole lot more cohesive!

A theme can be as simple as working with geometric patterns on one page, & creating a summery, fruity vibe on the next page. It's all up to your imagination, of course! One of my favourite themes is creating the pastel aesthetic, as shown above!

Other themes can include:

Space, galaxies, constellationsStripes, polka dots, and geometric patternsSpring, floral patternsVintage travel

8. Showroom Washi Tape

Washi tape can be a fantastic addition khổng lồ your bullet journal too. I like to địa chỉ cửa hàng washi tape khổng lồ the borders of my pages, in order to lớn give them a cảm biến of magic! Geometric polka dots and other geometric patterns often look great, but I'm also a huge tín đồ of watercolor washi tapes too. Make use of whatever washi tape you have, & be as creative as you lượt thích with this! For examples of dễ thương washi tapes you could make use of, I've found this great resource on aesthetic washi tapes which details some of the prettiest washi tapes out there. I also refer khổng lồ it whenever I'm looking for new washi tapes to use.

There are several other creative ways lớn use washi tape too, and I've detailed some of the best ways in this article on washi tape ideas. It's such a versatile crafting material, & I'll always love using it in my bullet journals and planners for years khổng lồ come!

You can try adding xinh tươi handwriting or calligraphy in styles lượt thích those above! They địa chỉ cửa hàng for a lovely touch!

9. Combine Highlighter & Cursive Writing

For some added inspiration, try out this cool combination which you can use for your journal headers & titles.

Simply địa chỉ some cursive handwriting lớn your journal, preferably as a title such as the month or a category, & then highlight the word with a pastel highlighter. It's one of my favourite techniques, and it always looks great!

You can see an example below, with the months of the year và cute highlights added to them. These month titles would look amazing in any bullet journal, & I think that there's real potential in the style overall. You could try experimenting with various pastel colors, & make use of pastel highlighters khổng lồ highlight over the text. Be wary of using gel pens however, as those can smudge, so try writing the title with a ballpoint instead. Or you could try using a brush pen too, & then painting over subtly with a watercolor too!

Some of the best techniques lớn help you create an aesthetic bullet journal.


Make use of pastels

Pastels can evoke feelings of calmness and serenity, & they truly embody such a lovely aesthetic overall.

Try using washi tape for added effect.

Washi tape is a versatile crafting tape that never leaves any residue; try using it on the borders of your bullet journal pages, or as highlights khổng lồ certain aspects of pages too.

Try adding photos or stickers.

Aesthetic photos and watercolor stickers also look amazing in bullet journals also, try photos with gentle, pastel tones or photos of the sea and ocean!

Recreate themes also, lớn maintain consistency overall.

Themes can help you recreate certain moods and atmospheres, or evoke fond memories, from vintage travel to lớn space themes, there's sure to be a theme for you!

Hopefully You’ve Found Some Creative Ideas for Your Aesthetic Journaling!

Thanks so much for reading this article, I hope that you've found it useful for your journaling endeavours. Bởi you have any comments or suggestions? Make sure to lớn let me know down in the comments section below, as I'd love to read them! Also, what is your favourite technique for creating aesthetic journals? I'd love lớn hear your thoughts on this too, so bởi vì drop a phản hồi down below to nói qua your techniques with others. We're all here to learn và keep inspiring each other, after all!

I wish you all the best with your journaling, & would like to thank you again for reading!

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