20 ways to make your kitchen look more expensive


Liz Lynch is a contributing home décor expert for nhatroso.com. She runs her own interior design business & contributes ideas khổng lồ Consort kiến thiết as a Senior Designer. 

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Kitchen renovations are the most expensive of all rooms—period. But if paying for new counters, updating your backsplash, and switching out appliances fall outside of your budget, there are other ways khổng lồ give your space a sense of luxury without spending a fortune. From upgrading your cabinetry hardware to swapping out an outdated light fixture, or even hanging an affordable piece of art, you"d be surprised at just how many budget-friendly kitchen styling tricks there are for creating a chef-worthy space on a dime. Even if you vì chưng just one of these things, your space will instantly look more luxe—trust us.

If you"d lượt thích to take your kitchen"s design up a notch, keep scrolling for đôi mươi kitchen design ideas that will transform your space from standard to lớn special & ho-hum to high-end in no time.

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tăng cấp Your Hardware

Alyssa Rosenheck

If your kitchen has both large drawers and cabinets, consider using different hardware for each khổng lồ bring additional details into your décor. Use both pulls and knobs, but keep the finishes the same khổng lồ prevent the look from clashing. Upgrading khổng lồ high-quality hardware can make your cabinets feel revamped without splurging on brand-new installations.

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địa chỉ Greenery

Fantastic Frank

add some greenery lớn your space to give it a lived-in, luxurious feel. Windowsill herbs are a safe bet—and they"re not only beautiful, but also functional. Place small pots scattered throughout the space and around the windows, or opt for a single large planter placed prominently on a counter or island.

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Update Your Light Fixtures

Sarah Sherman Samuel

We"ve often said lighting is like jewelry in a design because it adds the perfect finishing touch khổng lồ a room. With this in mind, switch out your light fixtures lớn upgrade your kitchen. Choose unexpected shapes and designs for items with a little more personality lớn give your space a custom, designer-inspired look.

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Personalize With Accessories

Sarah Sherman Samuel

to create a rich, special space, consider how you can make your kitchen stand out. Layer unexpected và unusual elements lượt thích wall ferns, decorative accessories on shelves, personal mementos, and interesting textiles to create a quality design. Your trang chủ should feel lượt thích a place that reflects your own style & personality—so extend it to the kitchen for a completed look.

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Lay Down a Rug

Alyssa Rosenheck

By adding a runner or area rug lớn your kitchen, you"ll add warmth to lớn your space while also keeping your feet comfortable as you cook. This will make the space feel just as decorated as the other areas of your home. An outdoor rug is a safe bet to withstand the beating it will likely take, và it will also help ensure easy clean-up in case of spills.

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Opt for Stools

Tessa Neustadt; Design: Katherine Carter Design

Many kitchens lack the space to lớn have additional furniture items, so counter stools are often the only way to địa chỉ cửa hàng personality to lớn the room with furnishings. Opt for barstools in interesting shapes and materials to add an unexpected element to lớn your décor. If your space doesn"t allow for an island or bar area, tuck a single small stool into a corner to not only create a spot lớn rest while cooking, but also to add another layer khổng lồ your design.

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Swap Out Your Faucet

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Faucets have come a long way. Many large manufacturers are now offering them in a variety of shapes, finishes, và configurations. Swap your standard version for a unique kitchen faucet with a decorative finish that matches your cabinet hardware to give your space a high-end look.

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Hang Artwork

Alyssa Rosenheck

If you feel like your walls are lacking personality, hang an interesting piece of artwork in the kitchen to introduce màu sắc and texture into your space. Break không lấy phí of traditionally accepted subject matter, lượt thích fruit and vegetable still-life paintings. Hang vintage oil works or modern portraits khổng lồ create a sophisticated vibe.

Paint the frames of your artwork in the same color as your kitchen cabinetry for a unique, cohesive look that feels intentional.

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Get Organized

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Piles of mail, dirty toasters, và wet sponges definitely make a kitchen feel less-than-special. Keep your counters organized by corralling necessities that you can"t hide in cabinets in decorative trays & baskets. Make room in cupboards or high cabinets for small appliances you don"t use every day, and hide cleaning supplies in a caddy beneath the sink.

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Paint Your Cabinets

Amy Bartlam; Design: Allie Boesch

This simple kitchen design thủ thuật is a great way to lớn completely revamp your space at a low cost. Remove your cabinet doors & hardware, sand down your cabinetry, and địa chỉ cửa hàng a fresh coat of paint to lớn the cabinets and doors. Choose a paint color that complements the rest of your décor and reflects your personality for a chất lượng touch.

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showroom Open Shelving

Amy Bartlam; Design: Kate Lester

xuất hiện shelving is a staple of many high-end kitchens, & it"s actually easy lớn install yourself. If you have an unused wall that could use some attention, find an affordable style of shelves that suit your room"s design to lớn fill the space. If you have extra cabinets filled with beautiful kitchenwares và dish sets (but don"t want to lớn break the ngân hàng on brand-new cabinetry), mở cửa shelves are a much more budget-friendly option khổng lồ upgrade the room and display your favorite items.

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Unify Your Décor

Naked Kitchens

If your kitchen is currently designed with a phối of modern, boho, eclectic, or traditional décor, an easy way khổng lồ upgrade the space is by choosing one style. Make a commitment lớn your favorite type of design. If you"re a fan hâm mộ of modern finishes, opt for stainless steel storage containers, hardware, & utensils. If you"re going for a cozy, inviting vibe, choose wood and woven materials that make the space feel warm.

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Style the Counters

Amy Bartlam; Design: Katie Hodges Design

Many expensive kitchens look complete thanks lớn interior designers taking care to style each corner beautifully. Create the look in your own space by adding intentional décor: Fresh flower vases, knife và utensil holders, or cutting boards on the room"s counters can make a high-quality statement (even in an outdated kitchen).

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Deep Clean Your Space

Calimia Home

This simple tip doesn"t cost a dime. If your kitchen is starting to lớn feel dated or you"re tiring of its design, it might just need a good deep cleaning—and all of those beautiful designer kitchens that catch your eye are sparkling with clean, fresh vibes. Edit down the items in your space lớn remove any unnecessary clutter, then deep clean from floor khổng lồ ceiling. You"ll be surprised at the difference it makes to lớn scrub your cabinets, polish your sink, và clean the grout on your backsplash and tile floors.

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địa chỉ an Island

Amy Bartlam; Design: Jenn Feldman Designs

Kitchen islands don"t have to be built-in—or come at a high cost. If you"ve got extra space in the center of your kitchen, opt for a rolling island that can be moved around easily. Many styles start at less than $200 for high-quality materials, & you can even find brands that use butcher block on the surface (so you can say goodbye to lớn clutter in your cabinets with cutting boards).

For an extra expensive-looking touch, remove the wheels from your rolling island & style it in a dedicated space. It'll make the furniture look more built-in, and it will also stay still on the floor when you're using it for chopping vegetables, preparing meats, or laying out freshly-cooked dinner plates.

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Style a Wine Rack

Naked Kitchens

vày you have a collection of wine glasses taking up space on your kitchen"s open shelving? Opt for a wine rack instead lớn remove clutter from shelves (and make your space look elegant at the same time). Many modern styles come in metal finishes that can suit a sleek kitchen, and a farmhouse kitchen looks beautiful with a natural wood rack hanging above the island or installed below the cabinetry.

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Personalize Pot và Pan Storage

Becca Interiors

Pots & pans scattered about various shelves can make your kitchen look unorganized, so personalize your storage to complete the room. If you prefer a pot rack over a wine rack, for example, try hanging a high-quality style from the ceiling. On the other hand, if you"d rather hang them on the wall, a simple utility rail can make it easy to lớn arrange pots và pans on an unused wall (and save valuable shelf space).

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Display Spices và Teas in Matching Containers

Becca Interiors

We"ve all picked up spices & teas from various brands that come in very different containers—and they don"t display well on the same rack. For an affordable thiết kế upgrade, find a phối of glass tea or spice containers that suit the style of your kitchen (like wood lids versus metal, or handwritten labels versus a modern font). Switch over your spices and loose-leaf teas from their old containers for an attractive rack that you"ll be proud to use each time you cook.

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Style a Baker's Rack

Rikki Snyder

Baker"s racks are a classic kitchen staple, và on top of looking attractive, they"ll also địa chỉ cửa hàng extra space for stowing away items in style. Unlike built-in cabinetry, baker"s racks are an affordable option to địa chỉ a pop of personality lớn your kitchen without breaking the bank. Choose styles that come in high-quality wood finishes, or paint a standard wood rack to match your cabinets for a cohesive look.

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nâng cấp Your Storage Solutions

Breathing Room Organization + Styling

Rather than displaying snacks, oats, flour, coffee grounds, pasta, or other daily food items on the counters in their original packaging, opt for a unified mix of storage containers. By standardizing the kiến thiết across your kitchen, you"ll be able to keep these necessities on hand while upgrading the look of your space. Many heavy plastic containers can also replicate the look of glass on a budget (and without any worry of damage if one gets dropped by your family members).