Can dogs eat pomelo? is it safe for your dog?


We have found ourselves in the second week of January — hooray, we made it! Last week may have been the first week back on the job, but this week just seemed to draaag.

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If you are anything lượt thích us, you most definitely deserve a drink! For those of you that have not declared this month “dry January,” we have a cocktail that won’t have you feeling shameful as you drink along side your detoxing, juice-cleansing friends!

The Pomelo Citrus Salty Dog is here to save the day (at least until Saturday arrives). It’s one lip-smacking drink that is equal parts salty, sweet, and tart, aka the perfect balance after all those heavy, cloying drinks over the holidays. We still love you eggnog, but we had our fill!

Pomelo Citrus Salty Dog


2 parts fresh squeezed pomelo or grapefruit juice1 part fresh tangerine juice1 part fresh orange juicecourse salt


Add salt khổng lồ a plate. Run a slice of pomelo around the rim of a glass. Place the glass in the salt to lớn coat the rim of the glass. Squeeze all the juices into a cocktail shaker. Keep squeezing! add the vodka to lớn the shaker & mix.

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Pour over ice and địa chỉ cửa hàng a wedge of pomelo for garnish.

Fresh juices are our favorite, but they can be a bit unpredictable when making cocktails in regards to the tartness of the fruits (thanks, Mother Nature). If you find the juice to lớn be a bit puckering, địa chỉ cửa hàng a 1/2-1 oz simple syrup. You can also omit the vodka if you are abstaining, but then where’s the fun in that?!

Greyhounds traditionally have grapefruit juice & vodka (or gin), simple dimple. The Salty Dog just has the addition of one important, obvious ingredient. Salt provides a nice zing that cuts the the sweet-tart juices.

A bright, sunny drink is just what we need this time of year to lớn pull us out of a mid-Winter slump! We added in some pieces in vibrant shades to give a energizing dose of màu sắc amidst the sea of Winter white’s and gloomy black’s that are everywhere. A cheery dash of pink, peach & hints of gold shouldn’t just be reserved for Spring time! Winter citrus are guarantee to put you in a good mood, despite the lack of vi-ta-min D. It’s a little bit of sunshine in a glass!