How to make a schedule in excel

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Easiest: tải về a pre-made template from Microsoft Excel.Create template: Select A1:E2 > Merge và Center > type WEEKLY SCHEDULE > select Middle Align.Add borders & headings. In A3, type TIME. In A4 và A5, enter time > fill cells > add days > save template.

This article explains how to create a schedule in Microsoft Excel, either by using a pre-made template or creating one from scratch. Instructions apply lớn Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel for Microsoft 365, and Excel 2013.

How lớn Create a Schedule in Excel

Microsoft Excel provides templates for a weekly chore schedule, a student schedule, a daily work schedule, và many more. You can download the one you want & customize it with your own data, or you can learn how to lớn create a schedule from scratch.


Enter "Daily Start Time" into F1; "Time Interval" into G1; và "Starting Date" into H1. Choose the Select All icon (between 1 & A on the worksheet), then double-click the line separating any two columns to resize all cells khổng lồ fit the contents.

Select cell A4 and enter the time you want your schedule to begin. To lớn follow this example, enter "7:00."

In cell A5, enter the next interval you want to các mục in the schedule. To follow this example, enter "7:30." Select A4:A5 and drag the fill handle down to lớn fill the time increments for the rest of the day.

If you want to change the time format, select the column, right-click, then select Format Cells. Select Time in the Category list of the Number tab and choose the time format you wish khổng lồ use.

In cell B3, enter the day of the week with which you want your schedule lớn begin. Khổng lồ follow this example, enter "SUNDAY."

Drag the fill handle khổng lồ the right to automatically fill the remaining days of the week on the schedule.

If necessary, select the Select All icon (between 1 và A on the worksheet) & double-click the line separating any two columns to lớn resize all cells lớn fit the contents once more.

Select the Select All icon or press Ctrl+A and select Center in the Alignment group of the trang chủ tab.

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Select cells A1:H2. Select the Fill màu sắc drop-down from the font group of the home tab và choose a fill màu sắc for the selected cells.

Choose a unique fill màu sắc for each of the following cells or ranges:

A3B3:H3A4:A28 (or the range of cells containing times on your worksheet)B4:H28 (or the range of cells making up the remainder of your schedule)

Select the toàn thân of the schedule. Select the Borders drop-down in the font group & select All Borders.

Save the Schedule as a Template

Saving the schedule as a template allows you lớn reuse it without making a new one each time or clearing the contents of your existing schedule.

To use the template in the future, select the Personal tab on the New screen và select the schedule template. It will mở cửa as a new workbook.

If you want lớn use a hardcopy version of the schedule, set up the print area before printing it out.

In Revit, select File > Export > Reports > Schedule, then choose a save location & select Save. Choose appearance export options và how exported data will display, then select OK. In Excel, select Data > Get và Transform Data > From Text/CSV. Then choose the exported Revit schedule và select Import.

First, create a new spreadsheet or open an existing one and enter the necessary loan, interest, and payment data. In cell B4 (assuming the other relevant information is in the B columns above it), use the equation =ROUND(PMT($B$2/12,$B$3,-$B$1,0), 2). This will automatically calculate your monthly payments.

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