How to effectively use powerpoint slide titles to engage your audience

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There are multiple ways to showroom titles to your slides in PowerPoint. Use the Layout option lớn create a standalone title slide or to showroom a title lớn a slide that contains other text. You can also use the Outline view or the Accessibility ribbon to lớn create and update the titles of your slides. 

Select a heading below to mở cửa it and see the detailed instructions.

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You can use the Accessibility ribbon to địa chỉ cửa hàng or edit slide titles & to make sure your slides are accessible lớn everyone.

Select Review > Check Accessibility. The Accessibility ribbon is displayed, & the Accessibility pane opens to lớn the right of the selected slide.

On the Accessibility ribbon, expand the Slide Title menu by selecting the dropdown arrow.


Select one of the following options:

Note: The available options depend on whether a title placeholder exists or not, and what type of element is selected on the slide.

To move the cursor to lớn the title placeholder, select Edit Slide Title.

To địa chỉ a title placeholder to the slide và move the cursor to lớn the placeholder, select Add Slide Title.

To địa chỉ an off-slide title placeholder và move the cursor khổng lồ the placeholder, select Add Hidden Slide Title. Because the title is positioned off-slide, it will be invisible during a slide show, but the title is available lớn help users navigate or select the slide.

If there is no title placeholder on the slide, khổng lồ let the Accessibility Checker select the text box or shape that seems most like a title, select Set as Slide Title. This makes the selected object your slide title. If there is another text box or shape you want lớn use as the title, select the object, and then choose this option. Only objects with text that aren"t in groups can be made into a title.

Selecting the Slide Title button without expanding the dropdown menu does the following:

If an object that can be set as the title is selected on the slide, that object is phối as the slide title (Set as Slide Title).

If there is a title, but no object is selected, the cursor moves to lớn the title placeholder (Edit Slide Title).

If there is no title và no object is selected, a title placeholder is added và the cursor moves to the placeholder (Add Slide Title).

Type or edit the slide title.

Tip: To đánh giá your presentation for missing or duplicate slide titles, run the Accessibility Checker, & then kiểm tra the Accessibility pane to find them.

You can name or rename a slide by using a slide layout that has a title placeholder.

Select the slide whose layout you will change so that it can have a title.

Click Home > Layout.


Select Title Slide for a standalone title page or select Title & Content for a slide that contains a title và a full slide text box. Many other layout options include titles, too. Pick the one that’s best suited for your presentation.

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Select the Click to địa chỉ title text box. Enter your title for that slide.


You can also create a slide title in Outline view. This view also shows the titles for any other slides in your presentation.

Click View > Outline View.

A slide without a title will have no text to the right of the slide number.


If your slide already has a title, it appears next to lớn the slide number.


Click khổng lồ the right of the slide number.

Type your new title here, or update an existing slide title. Your text will appear on the slide as you enter it.

You can position a title off the slide. That way, the slide has a title for accessibility or sorting reasons, but you save space on the slide for other content.

On the View tab, select Zoom & then lower the zoom percentage khổng lồ about 50% so that the margins outside the slide are visible. 

Type a title in the Title placeholder box.

Point the mouse at the border of the Title placeholder box so that the pointer becomes a four-headed move pointer.


Drag the Title placeholder upward or downward and then drop it outside the slide boundary. 


You can confirm that the title will be invisible during a slide show by selecting Slide Show > From Current Slide

If you want all or many of your slide titles to be hidden, use Slide Master view khổng lồ achieve it. Duplicate the slide layout for which you want lớn have hidden titles. Then on the duplicate layout, move the title placeholder off-slide. Then apply the new layout khổng lồ the appropriate slides.

For example:

On the View tab of the ribbon, in the Master Views group, select Slide Master.

In the slide thumbnail pane on the left side of the PowerPoint window, right-click a slide layout (such as Title and content Layout) that you want to alter, và choose Duplicate Layout.

Select the duplicated layout.

Select the title placeholder, drag it upward, và drop it outside the boundary of the visible slide.


If PowerPoint doesn"t allow you khổng lồ drag the placeholder that far, use View > Zoom to lớn make the slide surface area appear smaller so that there is adequate room lớn move the placeholder fully off-slide.

Close Master view & return to lớn Normal view.

Select a slide whose title you want lớn hide. Right-click it, và apply the "hidden-title" slide layout that you just created.

The title moves khổng lồ an off-slide position, but it still exists. You can see the title of the slide by switching khổng lồ Outline view.