The Hammock Hut: A Easy To Make Hammock Rain

How to make a DIY Camping Hammock Tarp: MYOG

Follow these easy steps to make a DIY hammock tarp for your camping hammock, ultralight backpacking, cycle camping, canoe or kayak camping, Scouts or various other uses.

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Updated June, 2017

Where lớn get the stuff lớn make a hammock tarp

Other hammock projects you might like:

I have made a few hammock tarps. The first was a copy of the Hennessy Hammock Hex tarp (Amazon link).


Jeff’s DIY Silnylon Hex tarp


WinterDream v2 by BWDD

The second is based on the Ogee concept that Gargoyle Gear produced a few years ago. The Ogee also shares some shape characteristics with the ENO Dry Fly (click for info).


A sketch of the basic Ogee tarp shape & layout

Update: I have now also made a third tarp, a long asymmetrical tarp. You’ll find details of that tarp in the article: How to make a DIY Asymmetrical hammock camping tarp: MYOG

You can use these methods khổng lồ make a simple square or rectangular hammock tarp, a curved edge hammock tarp, or something a bit more complex like the Ogee hammock tarp. You’ll find other hammock tarp ideas & info at the bottom of this post.These can be challenging projects if you are new khổng lồ gear making. If you would rather purchase hammock stuff than make it, has a wide selection here.

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Outside the DIY Ogee hammock camping tarp with the doors closed

Materials used for the Ogee hammock tarp:

Update: I have found that I usually can’t gather all the stuff to make a hammock for less than a kit from Ripstop By The Roll. Besides, a kit can be a good start khổng lồ any DIY hammock, hammock tarp, top quilt, under quilt, bug net or backpack project.

Ridgeline and tie outs of the DIY Ogee camping hammock tarp

Also used:

The old Singer 15-91 workhorse that has made hammocks, tarps, underquilts, và even a backpack!

Steps: 1. Determine the desired dimensions.I chose an 11 foot main ridgeline khổng lồ give good coverage over my hammocks. Total length with the integrated end “doors” is 13 feet. Width is the full 60″ width of the SilNylon, plus the triangles added to each side. If you make a standard square tarp you will likely need to join two pieces of fabric together along their long edge khổng lồ get the desired width. My HH Hex DIY tarp is 12′ long & 10′ wide. The 10′ width is from joining two 60″ wide sections with a flat felled seam lớn get the 120″ = 10′ width.

2. Measure, mark, và cut the SilNylon fabric.The old “measure twice, cut once” adage comes in handy here. Don’t ask how I know.