10 most effective ways to make your living room stand out


Farming is just one way khổng lồ earn a crust in the countryside. Here is our guide on working in the countryside with different career ideas to inspire you.

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Many rural areas have a shortage of childcare provision, & as a registered childminder, you can provide childcare lớn cater for parents that work office hours.

Pros: It’s flexible, rewarding and allows you khổng lồ look after your own children at home.Cons: You need qualifications và there is a cap on pay, as there is a limit on the number of children you can look after.

Useful resources

Further info: www.ncma.org.uk


In remote & isolated communities, many people work a patchwork of jobs – a few hours pulling pints here, a few hours as a receptionist there, plus a few hours doing something better paid related to their past professional life, such as the law or teaching.

Pros: Interesting variety và if one job disappears or is seasonal, you’ll have others on the go to tide you over.Cons: You’ll need lớn keep a careful tài khoản of your various income streams for tax purposes. Your free time may become limited.

Further info:www.hmrc.gov.uk/selfemployed


Many village shops are struggling in today’s financial climate, but those that have ditched the ancient tins of oxtail soup và replaced them with locally grown produce are thriving. For many people in the country, the village shop is a hub that offers a range of services that may not be found for miles, so you could become a valuable part of the community.

Pros: Get it right & you can help khổng lồ reinvigorate your local community.Cons: Get it wrong và you can lose all the time and money invested.

Further info: www.communityfirst.org.uk

If you have a degree or academic expertise in a subject, why not advertise your services as a tutor? Hourly rates range from £15-£30 for a subject that’s in demand, particularly if you have teaching or journalistic experience.

Pros: It can be flexible, because tutoring is usually offered in the evenings orat weekends.Cons: You’ll need to lớn research different exam board requirements & marking criteria before you start.

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Further info: www.hometutorsdirectory.co.uk and www.teacherstoyourhome.co.uk/tutoring-jobs

From conservation to land management there is a wide variety of jobs working outdoors. It's never too late to lớn retrain in a new field so why not explore some of the options?

Buff-tailed bumble-bee (Bombus terrestris) worker nectaring on scorpionweed (Phacelia tancetifolia) flower in conservation margin at RSPB's Hope Farm in Cambridgeshire. May 2011.
This could include working at a local vineyard, helping process juice at a commercial orchard or overseeing a farmer’s pick your own business for a couple of months a year.

Pros: Physical work in the great outdoors that doesn’t require long-term commitment and could lead lớn other farm-based jobs.Cons: Long hours, often poorly paid. Usually seasonal so you’ll have khổng lồ find something else to vị during the rest of the year.

More info: Ask stallholders at nearby farmers’ markets.

People who live in the country often have pets và livestock that need looking after should they go away. In addition, a family that lives in a particularly valuable property won’t want lớn simply phối the alarm, lock the door and head for the airport. There are agencies that specialise in placing house and pet sitters.

Pros: Flexible & varied placements.Cons: Only works if you’re confident with pets & bigger livestock, & happy khổng lồ live away from trang chủ for short periods.

Further info: www.homesitters.co.uk/

There are plenty of professionals that work away from trang chủ who don’t want to lớn spend their evenings in an anonymous khách sạn chain – your country abode would be a nicer and cheaper place for them lớn stay.

Pros: Under the government’s Rent a Room scheme, you can earn up lớn £4,250 tax miễn phí per year on đứng đầu of your personal allowance.Cons: This only works if your house is within easy reach of a reasonably sized town or thành phố or you’re near a big employer.

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