Powerpoint 2003 tutorial creating a new presentation 2003 & xp microsoft training lesson 2



By the over of this lesson, you should be able to:Apply an animation schemeAdd an effectSet animation direction and speedAnimate text and bulleted lists

Animating slides

Animating slides involves adding movement and sometimes sound khổng lồ text or khổng lồ the slides in a presentation. Animation can help create a livelier & more interesting slide show. PowerPoint provides some preset animation or allows you lớn customize the animation to fit your needs.

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To animate slides using animation schemes:Open the PowerPoint presentation you want khổng lồ work on.Select the slide you want khổng lồ animate.In the task pane, click the down-pointing arrow và select Slide kiến thiết - Animation Schemes.


Choosing animation for your slides

PowerPoint offers several options for animating your slides.

Once you click SlideDesign Animation Schemes, the Slide thiết kế pane appears with a danh mục of options.


Click an animation scheme that you think might work well in your presentation. (To preview your choice, make sure the AutoPreview option is checked).Preview different schemes to see which one best fits your slides.You can apply different animation to lớn each individual slide or click Apply to lớn All Slides.Once you have applied your animation, you can click Play or Slide Show lớn view it.Remove animation by selecting No Animation in the white box.

Adding custom animation

You can also decide how text and other slide elements perform by using custom animation. You can showroom effect, mix speed and direction, & animate text on your own.

For example, you can decide how words or graphics enter or exit a slide. You may want khổng lồ begin by adding an effect khổng lồ the titles in your presentation.

To add an effect to text:Open the presentation you want to địa chỉ cửa hàng an effect to.Click the down-pointing arrow in the Task PaneCustom Animation.


Click the text you want to địa chỉ an effect to.The Add Effect button will be activated. (Note that the button is inactive until you select a part of the slide to lớn work on.)


Click Add EffectEntrance.A danh sách of options appears for the entrance, including Blinds, Box, Checkboard, & Fly In.Decide how your text will appear on the screen, & choose an option.You can easily remove the effect by clicking Remove. Or you can modify it by setting direction and speed underneath Modify. (PowerPoint lets you know the specific effect by listing it next khổng lồ Modify. For example, Modify: Blinds).

Emphasis và exit

If you want to địa chỉ an effect to lớn make text or graphics grow, shrink, or change in another way, click Add EffectEmphasis. Then choose an effect. If you want to add an effect to have text or graphics exit the slide, click Add EffectExit. Then choose the effect.

Setting direction & speed

Once you choose an effect, decide the direction for that effect. For example, you may want text khổng lồ Fly In from the bottom. (Make sure your animation doesn't cross over important graphics or text in your presentation).

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To set direction:Underneath Modify in the Custom Animation pane, click the down-pointing arrow beneath Direction. (Note that direction options vary depending on the type of effect.)


Choose the side of the slide from which you want the title to enter.Underneath Modify next khổng lồ Start, select With Previous (Animation starts automatically) or On Click (animation starts when you click the mouse).

Decide the speed at which you want effects to lớn happen in your slides. You can choose very slow, slow, medium, fast, or very fast to lớn fit the rhythm of your presentation.

To set speed:Click the down-pointing arrow underneath Speed, và choose an option.

Animating a bulleted list

A bulleted danh mục may be another area you might want khổng lồ animate.

To showroom animation to lớn a bulleted list:Open the slide with the bulleted list you want lớn animate.Click the text box that contains the text you want khổng lồ animate.Click the down-pointing arrow in the Task PaneCustom Animation.

Controlling your text

With the Add Effect button active, you can control the text in your bulleted list:

To phối animation in a bulleted list:Select the line of text you want khổng lồ animate.Once a line is selected, the Add Effect button becomes active.Select whether you would lượt thích to địa chỉ Entrance, Emphasis, Exit, and/or Motion Paths.Using the downward-pointing arrow to lớn the right of each category to:Decide if you want this animation khổng lồ occur On the Click, With Previous, or After PreviousSelect the Direction the animation will occur (direction options will differ depending on the animation)Choose a Speed for the animationTo make changes to lớn an animation, simply locate the number of the animation you wish khổng lồ change & use the downward-pointing arrow lớn the right of that numbered animation.To phối the direction/timing, you can select Effect Options from the menu.
The default option is By 1st level paragraphs. This is the level for the main bullet points. Bullets points will enter one at a time on the slide.If you want the bullet points lớn enter as a group, choose As one object.

If you have multiple levels of bullets in a slide and you want to lớn animate all levels, choose by 2nd cấp độ paragraphs if you have 2nd cấp độ bullets, và choose by 3rd cấp độ paragraphs if you have three levels of bullets.


In this series of challenges, you will complete one of the PowerPoint presentations you have been working on. Decide whether you would lượt thích to continue working on your My Hobbies presentation or the Where I Learn presentation.

Open the presentation you would lượt thích to continue working on.Add an Entrance effect khổng lồ the title on the first slide of your presentation. Have the text Fly In.Set the speed & direction. Have the text come in from the left, very fast. Save your changes.Select the second slide.Apply the same Entrance effect to the title of this slide as you did for the first slide.Animate the bulleted các mục by having all of the bullets Fly In as one object from the left at medium speed.Save your changes, & close the presentation.