Annotate powerpoint slide


You can giới thiệu your Visio diagrams in PowerPoint for 365 by creating slide snippets of your diagrams & then exporting them to PowerPoint. It"s never been easier to lớn get your diagrams into PowerPoint.

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The ability lớn create slide snippets and export them to lớn PowerPoint is only available with Visio Plan 2. If you"re not sure what version of Visio you"re using, click File > Account > About Visio. The top-left corner of the dialog box tells you which version of Visio_generic you have:


Note: In order to use this feature, you must have a 365 subscription. If you are a 365 subscriber, make sure you have the latest version of Office. If you are an IT professional managing the 365 update process, kiểm tra out the channel releases page khổng lồ learn which updates are provided in each channel.

Create and export slide snippets to PowerPoint

With your Visio diagram open, click View > Slide Snippets Pane. The Slide Snippets pane appears on the right side of your thiết kế window.

Click Add in the Slide Snippets pane và a snipping frame appears over your diagram.

Move the snipping frame over the portion of the diagram you want lớn show on a slide.

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If necessary, drag the corners of the snipping frame until you have the form size you want.


Enter a title for your slide in the text box beneath the slide preview.

To địa chỉ cửa hàng another slide snippet, click Add again và then position and kích cỡ the new snipping frame over the intended area of your diagram. If you need lớn delete a slide, select it in the Slide Snippets pane & then press Delete.


Click Export in the Slide Snippets pane to lớn export your prepared slide snippets to a new PowerPoint slide deck. You can also export the slide snippets by clicking File > Create PowerPoint Presentation > Create Presentation.


If you overlap the snipping frame between different slides & then export khổng lồ PowerPoint, the images use the morphing slide transition in PowerPoint. If you don"t have the latest subscription version of PowerPoint or overlap slide snippets, the slides use the normal default slide transition.