How To Make A Simple Birthday Card In Minutes


I love taking a simple one layer card và adding dimension & fun with ink. These handmade cards turn out beautiful every time.

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You don’t always need to lớn layer and layer your cardstock lớn make your cards. Have you tried a ONE LAYER card? I promise you this is a creative card idea that you’ll be hooked on!


Keep it simple with these one layer cards, yet add some dimension with ink by using your Blending Brushes. It’s so easy and the results are great.

Simple One Layer thẻ | đoạn phim Tutorial

I love teaching this simple one layer thẻ technique that doesn’t require a lot of supplies. The ink blending brushes bởi vì the heavy work for us. This is also sometimes called a masking technique but the focus today is on the fact that you don’t have to layer with a bunch of cardstock.

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Simple One Layer thẻ Details

For some, this might seem a bit simplistic, but sometimes you just need lớn go for the quick và easy. But that doesn’t mean it has lớn be a boring card. Or at least, I don’t think these cards are boring. I also love that the supplies you need are so minimal.

MeasurementsBasic trắng THICK: 11″ x 4 1/4″ OR 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″

That’s all!!!! Oh, and some scrap paper khổng lồ make your mask for the sponging.

Supplies Used

If you’d lượt thích to see the complete các mục of all the supplies I used on this card, just click the button below. While checking them out, if you’d lượt thích to order any of them, it’s easy peasy to add to your shopping card. Don’t forget to lớn use my HOST CODE to earn points towards a không lấy phí STAMP SET!

Don’t forget khổng lồ stamp the inside of your cards & the envelope!


What vị you think? Is this a technique you might try???


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