13 diy mouse trap ideas using common materials you can find at home


We"ve all seen it happen. The mouse comes out to the DIY mouse trap you strategically placed in the corner where it was forced to walk. It takes a minute to lớn breathe in the fresh aroma from the cheese you placed gently on the trigger switch. Then, it makes its move. You are sweating, your heart races. You don"t have any fingernails left. You"re reminded of that one time one of the most significant Pope và Young whitetails came into bow range. Only, you"re in your kitchen. Suddenly, the mouse reaches out, grabs the cheese, steps off the trap, looks at you, và gives you a wink, then heads on his merry way.

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It"s happened too often. More times than not, we even find ourselves without a mouse trap while the little critters infest our cellars, attics, garage, cabins, you name it. They waltz in like your crazy aunt và uncle- no heads up, no doorbell. One day you lock eyes with a mouse while you"re washing dishes, and it says, "Oh, hey, didn"t see you there." The marketplace is full of many different types of humane traps. They all promise khổng lồ tackle any mouse infestation. But all the glue traps and bait cups in the world really can"t stand up lớn the efficiency & cost-effectiveness of homemade mouse traps. Don"t waste your money on state-of-the-art traps when ten minutes and some glue get you the humane results you"re looking for.

If you need some pest control, here are a few simple DIY mouse traps you can make out of several items you probably already have around the house.

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Spin the Bottle (or Can)


Shawn Woods

When I first found this one, I gave it no mind. I then decided to investigate it a little further. At first, it looks as if there is just a bowl upside down held up by a curved piece of wood. Looking closely, you can see there is bait on the kết thúc of the piece of wood.

This DIY mouse trap gets an A+ for simplicity. Although I haven"t used it yet, it"s obvious it would work and therefore gets the award for operability. The concept is the mouse scurries under the bowl lớn get the bait while knocking the stick loose, ultimately causing the bowl khổng lồ fall onto the mouse. You don"t over up with a dead mouse, but you"ve completed a big part of the task.

I do have only one question, however. When it traps the mouse, who is brave & quick enough khổng lồ reach under and grab the little critter? Uh, wear gloves, ok? Hopefully, each type of trap mentioned here helps address any mouse problem you may have & cut down on the mouse activity from the first night you mix traps.